Today we attempt to kill each other.
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  • Ville Holm 3 weeks ago

    Wanna hear a late joke?

    That dog probably has a terrible disease that is making it smile

  • The McLaren Lover 3 weeks ago

    Subscribe to me.

  • GoldPlaysYT 3 weeks ago

    Like if you realize that Jordan is actually terrible at pvp.

  • Luxudor 3 weeks ago

    Dont jump when you want to knock someone off… when you are in the air, you have shorter reach and get hit further. In normal pvp, you jump so that you crit. In knockback pvp, crits don’t matter…

  • MC King-Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Do Prop Hunt with Nick. Nick meaning NFEN, not EatMyDiction1

  • Netherknight 29 3 weeks ago

    Who else plays chess?

  • Kyle Nolan 3 weeks ago

    Are owls birds?



  • Onmesta 3 weeks ago

    TYPO On The Name u dumb dumb poopy head

  • Onmesta 3 weeks ago

    O opps

  • Andrew Horst 3 weeks ago

    Damn, that pizza outro maaaan, you made me hungry once i looked at the name of the awesome song!

  • LazyBrayden Yo 3 weeks ago

    In Arkan Sass England Is my City

  • Powerracer251 3 weeks ago

    Hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky.

  • JosherMosher 3 weeks ago

    Are birds owl?

  • FlamingEpicStar 10 3 weeks ago

    You jump way to much, are you trying to become a hummingbird?

  • Shivam Thakur 3 weeks ago

    Man! I want more CaptainSparklez and X33N collabs. Pls. Just play an adventure map toghether and do over 20 mins vids.

  • LittleWolf 3 weeks ago

    Dear Jardon, Stop jumping as it makes you get hit much farther. Crit attacks don’t matter when you can only get pushed off.

  • Yogi Bear 3 weeks ago

    “Are owl birds?” “Great Whites are the sharks of the sea””Humming Birds are the sharks of the sky.”-Jordan Maron

  • In the beginning the Universe was created. This angered lots of people and is regarded as a bad move 3 weeks ago

    A wise man once hold me….

    hummingbirds are the sky of the sharks….

    he was probably drunk.

  • connor k 3 weeks ago

    He spelled fire worng

  • Jelluu 3 weeks ago

    hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky haha hehe im so funny

    stop it isnt funny

  • bullet kin 3 weeks ago


  • DataDrainer7 3 weeks ago

    Jardon you fool! Jumping with a knockback stick adds Nothing to your swing, all it does is make you more prone to knockback effects yourself.

  • Denial Youtube 3 weeks ago

    I really jordans kinda a noob at these games don’t jump when u hit and the other guy has a knock back stick you’ll get launched farther away

  • CharmanderMC 20 3 weeks ago

    Jardon. Stop. Jumping. Also, are owls birds? I would also like to let you know that hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky my dood.

  • FearlyAnnoyingPunk 3 weeks ago

    Sharks are the humming birds of fire

  • Thieving Flygon 3 weeks ago

    “There’s something about me that gravitates towards edges.” … Xeen…. we need to talk

  • Cody Mullins 3 weeks ago


  • Forgetfulcandy2 3 weeks ago

    Make mote of these videos with X33N I love them all

  • BarnZarn 123 3 weeks ago

    I have an idea: Sparklez falls off map. X33N: Horray! Suddenly explosion apears below X33n

  • Hyper Copter17 3 weeks ago


  • richie derosas 3 weeks ago

    x33n dies to sparklez

  • YaBoii Seamus 3 weeks ago

    When does he say, “hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky”?

  • gay

  • gurillaradio 3 weeks ago

    When Jordan said “I’m fighting a foe I can’t see.” I immediately thought of invisible enemy by August Burns Red… Am I the only one?

  • Lazarus Edwards 3 weeks ago

    captainsparkelz is actually desiigner

  • BriBri Forever 3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or does Jordan sound like desiigner when he hits X33N

  • Ndosbeos Dshsksne 3 weeks ago

    Skys are the sharks of the hummingbirds

  • Jcshimada Reaper 3 weeks ago

    Owls aren’t birds~Jordan Maron 2017

  • Denise Sta. Ana 3 weeks ago

    Let play minecraft comment if you want

  • Quantum Animations 3 weeks ago

    I see why Trollcraft will never come back… It’s because Jordan has become more powerful than Xeen

  • Rosa Binnendijk 3 weeks ago

    Oh my God Jordan seriously? That’s not a checkerboard. It’s a chessboard. Checkerboards have 10×10 fields while chess has 8×8.

  • Murphy Schnauzer 3 weeks ago

    I miss Crainer and Ssundee but sadly Pixelmon will never happen and Trollcraft isn’t entertaining 🙁

  • Murphy Schnauzer 3 weeks ago

    My fav starter is Turtwig but sparklez not being much of a Pokemon fan has no idea that gen 4 exists

  • Georgi Ganchev 3 weeks ago

    “The Orthorhyncus Cristatus is the equivalent of the Carcharhinus Leucas in the aerial space above the surface of the Earth” – Jordan Ufool Maron, 2017

  • Caspar Lindsay- German 3 weeks ago

    plz sub to me guys

  • DankBoneDaddy 3 weeks ago


  • The Dome Lord 3 weeks ago

    Why did he say brat?

  • Keshav Shylesh 3 weeks ago

    yo Xeen u like a owl you fly wait… are owls birds?

  • Daniël Fuhres 3 weeks ago

    Hey Capt’n? Did you know that your voice is very~ similar to Ze’s? =3

  • EvilLiger 3 weeks ago

    Sharks are the hummingbirds of the ocean

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