• Rilakkuma Bear 4 weeks ago

    What the fuck did I just watch?

  • KimboSlice19 4 weeks ago

    roblox porn is better

  • EinDinHander 4 weeks ago

    We’ve gotta retake control of the education system now

  • James Savage 4 weeks ago

    I like this guy.

  • Bethesda Addict 4 weeks ago

    So… this is Criken’s first appearance on Cow Chop. Good start.

  • Remember me? 4 weeks ago

    fuck me in the ass and call me suzie there is a video in the recommended titled why it’s illegal to be named Brfxxccxxmpcccclllmmnprxvclr…. and the fucking thumbnail is a blue present with gold lining and a red bow is this purgatory god is dead the world as we knew it has ceased to be THE END IS NIGH REPENT I SAY REPENT!!!

  • GalvakzaMusic 4 weeks ago

    idk who Criken is but this vid was so fucking funny. He should do more on here

  • Email 4 weeks ago

    Avengers infinity war is the most ambitious crossover in-

  • RaptorsFlySolo 4 weeks ago

    Spent a fourth of the run time watching minecraft porn. Jeezus i love this channel.

  • Anime Mixer 4 weeks ago

    ALEKS would have gotten a big Russian boner if he was there

  • thisismecindy 4 weeks ago

    I love when James says “wowzers”
    Max taught him well.

  • Joe Smith 4 weeks ago

    Never actually seen a criken video but I like him! I’d be totally open to more videos with criken!

  • criken holy shit

  • Wood Jesus The space bear 4 weeks ago

    The way I look at criken now is different

  • CrazyJesse 4 weeks ago


  • not the alpha legion. 4 weeks ago

    Me: “everything up until this moment, all the pain, all the failures, it was all worth it. I am truly blessed.”

  • Paladin Prime 4 weeks ago

    WOAH Criken is here!

  • 4K Bahrami 4 weeks ago

    did alekz get a hair cut??

  • Triumph Returns 4 weeks ago


  • Jacob Chase 4 weeks ago

    what has this channel turned into?

  • xMANIACx 17 4 weeks ago

    I fucking love

  • Maikeru99 4 weeks ago

    dude. This criken guy. He looks like a fucking 80’s computer hacker.

  • Taylon Jolivette 4 weeks ago


  • dannahcloves05 4 weeks ago


  • noahlazer 4 weeks ago

    top 10 anime cross overs

  • James 4 weeks ago

    I don’t like Alekes new haircut

  • Wtf was this episode

  • Noah Jackson 4 weeks ago

    This show has just turned into porn smh

  • Alyssa Salinas 4 weeks ago

    I’m so happy that my favorite YouTuber is officially collaborating with one of my favorite channels! So proud of Crikboi.

  • Deltaleader6 4 weeks ago

    Criken looks like a make-a-wish kid that got better.

  • Oyster 4 weeks ago

    best video ive seen in a while tbh😂😂

  • Claudio Bereche 4 weeks ago

    criken smoked a fat bowl for this

  • CodyOnTheAir 4 weeks ago

    My two favorite gaming channels, brought together. This is great.

  • By Pass 4 weeks ago

    I’ve actually seen that minecraft video on pornhub before this video and yes it was one of my proudest faps.
    that slipperyt guy is pretty cool

  • ZILLA Perez Jr 4 weeks ago

    I am fucking done

  • Anon Ymous 4 weeks ago

    cubist but the bottom parts are round like the ones slipperyt does :3

  • Alec Abrahams 4 weeks ago

    I feel like Watching that pixelated stuff didn’t change the original content much

  • StillTrapped 4 weeks ago

    I imagine james’ mind just bouncing “7.7 mil” back and forth in his head during the wealth affirmation part

  • MEGAFRANKENSTIEN 4 weeks ago

    Top 10 anime crossovers

  • Quapin 4 weeks ago

    Edit: thank you. Hello. Goodbye

  • UnadvertisedGaming 4 weeks ago

    “Im sorry” im actually dying right now

  • Jon Henry 4 weeks ago

    Bro, why tf my ding-ding hard?

  • God’s Plant 4 weeks ago

    Those noises really upset me

  • LoneZtarGaming 4 weeks ago

    Is this WSOY or demo disk?

  • HeadHunterXxX24 4 weeks ago

    Most of the former creature member haven’t posted anything in months only a few even upload and a even smaller number plays the same games they played before the creatures split

  • Chase Rankin 4 weeks ago

    (You’ll have to find the pornhub videos on your own)
    This is a threat. I will sue. I cannot endure that journey.

  • The Skin Puppet 4 weeks ago

    I’m so happy Criken is more open to doing videos with others including Cow Chop. Since I’ve watched Criken and Nova for literally years.

  • WTFrankYT 4 weeks ago

    So is this Trevor’s replacement

  • Dustyn Trott 4 weeks ago

    So is criken joining cowchop?

  • Lucid Memer 4 weeks ago

    I need that vaporwave shirt

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