• don't click on my profile 1 week ago

    Soo nomore skybounds

  • Itamar Kapach 1 week ago


  • Pride Over Character 1 week ago

    Is butt face McGee a NCIS reference lol

  • ClockworkAvatar 1 week ago

    yeah, requiring viewing of a YouTube vidya would have made me drop this map like a hot turd.

  • jurrasenshuriken 1 week ago

    This map was really lacking, your very right not a whole lot of(good)content out there anymore.

  • Nia Ekimova 1 week ago

    While watching this I was eating 4 packs of ramen noodles

  • OutMagic 1 week ago

    That was cool C:

  • Egg Eggs 1 week ago

    The ending😂

  • BobLoveCookies 1 week ago


  • AP GT 1 week ago

    55,555 VIEWS OMG!

  • marksgv 1 week ago

    It’s cool they found a new map like this where they could make things work out with both of them playing like the scramble format parkour map they mentioned. That one was great. It’s a shame that maps are tougher to come by. They had fun with this, from Jordan throwing himself into the puzzles, to X33N doing his voices. That “boing” he always does is really funny. This was just super lighhearted. Plus, it was a cool map. Also nice to hear that Jordan is enjoying the memes coming out of Ages.

  • Robert Kennedy 1 week ago

    Looking for content? Try a mini-game map. I have a few TNT Wars maps you and some friends can play on.

  • PixelDew 1 week ago

    you should try the map called *the raid* !

  • Youngsher37 1 week ago

    Mission impossible commercial before this video smh.

  • Zev Sharma 1 week ago


  • Dario Cornette 1 week ago

    i love the vids, but would love to see you and xeen do an ULTRA MODDED SURVIVAL serie like u used to do!

  • Karl-Markkus Hiiemäe 1 week ago

    Eating before bed is not a myth, what do you think happns inside you when you are sleeping? Your digestive system works most of the time you sleep ;-;

  • Dogsteeves 1 week ago

    How do I get store maps on java?

  • pike194lp 1 week ago

    Hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky!!

  • Dogsteeves 1 week ago

    a human supposed to have 3 meals a day




  • Dio Grando 1 week ago

    Holy shit man, I just got back to this channel after 4 years and he’s still the same and havent transformed into a sesame street character like every other minecraft channel. Even though this is a new video this is really nostalgic for some reason. Thank you

  • Ashwin Date 1 week ago

    You know you could’ve opened the fence gate

  • josef benedict Echavez 1 week ago

    Hey captain can u play tf2 again

  • The Crazy Gamer GECKO! 1 week ago

    NOOOOOOO i wanted to know what x33n was saying bout elevators

  • Matiboux™ 1 week ago

    So meaaan, I wanted to hear X33N’s story ;w;

  • HaroCrow 1 week ago

    Here’s da minecraf…

  • HaroCrow 1 week ago

    2.7k like!

  • Kuick 1 week ago

    most canadian intro ever.

    also keep doing this

  • BenjaNiteYT - Minecraft For Fun 1 week ago

    (Screeching Like A 6 Year Old) WhEReS MIanITE SeaSOn 190,000,467 ?!??!?!? 😡

  • ItsNoahScott 1 week ago

    Yes Minecraft is back!!

  • Nova Fernandez 1 week ago

    I’d love to see you guys do ‘its better together’ since you can use past versions of minecraft so easily in the launcher

  • Ninon Barbier 1 week ago

    Cotton beat admit kitchen financial formula place viewer terrorist nomination hers barrier

  • TheBlueZYX 1 week ago

    Jordan you’re probably not reading this but, eventually you won’t be a famous youtuber and this won’t be ur job.. Ik ur rich and you good financially but what if you lonely.. I’m just saying maybe you should be a little open minded if a girl you like comes in your life.

  • Hamid Ali 1 week ago

    Damn captin died I remember when I was little and as soon as I came back home i’d watch this guy wow

  • ParrotDragon Timelapse 1 week ago

    that ending XD

    X33N: what about that elevator that cuts you in half?
    Jordan: and we are done! (instant NOPE)

  • FrostByteGaming 1 week ago

    1945 is the code lol i watched the video

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 1 week ago

    TTB 2 is coming out after 1.13 !

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 1 week ago

    Good Day Captain Sparkly pants!

  • Ben Brinkerhoff 1 week ago

    Hey people our captain needs us we must make maps for him to play!!!

  • Holy Krap 1 week ago


  • Jake Mansdorf 1 week ago

    play fortnite

  • The Gaming Cazador 1 week ago

    Anyone else skip past the part of the other kid’s video? It was annoying in my opinion.

  • Kid Fury 1 week ago

    Ven is naext vaedeo of saevtech ages

  • HakulBee S 1 week ago

    “an elevator that cuts you in half” Jordan: yep nope “And we’re done!” XD

  • Kitipat Aguirang 1 week ago

    Yey Minecraft!!!

  • Fenekie 1 week ago

    Ou god I had a motion sickness from your impatient moves and guys you really shouldn’t to butt each other… xD
    I think I will watch these kind of videos in half speed… xD

  • PluralFrog 1 week ago

    Who wants to see more of the Code

  • IceMetalPunk 1 week ago

    A Minecraft map? What is this, 2015? 😛 I found you from your maps, I love these <3

  • Purin1023 1 week ago

    “If you want the code, like comment and subscribe”

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