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    Had soo much fun animating this, if you enjoyed make sure to check out my other animations on my channel!

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    I made a video for Cody

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    I love animations

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    how was this Minecraft vs real life

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    R.I.P Billy and lily

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    TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft, when I saw the thumbnail for this video, I was like “Oh my gosh, that’s freaky!”

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    Thanks for watching this minecraft logic vs real life logic! The kids are starting to take after their parents way of thinking and using real life logic with their minecraft tools!

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    The adpicalypse is here choose your weapon:minigun, AK-47,katana,deagle.wich one will you choose reply Wich you chose.i chose the deagle

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    I have an idea for a mod battle Chara undertale mod vs spartan general sparta mod

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    Your the best YouTuber ever cody

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    q the ps1 intro

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    Loved it, can’t wait for more animations!!!

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    See girls r better lol

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    Dude you guys are the best

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    I watched the whole thing… what the hell am I doing with my life. This channel used to be badass.

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    U should make more vids like these

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    If you ever do Good vs Evil, i would love to see Spartans vs Persians

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    What 3D Model did you used? This was amazing!
    I just want to know lol I want to make my own thumbnails etc; look good.

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    To me that made no sense at all!! Like if you are the same!

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    Hi sow cool

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    Yooo I haven’t watch Atlantic craft in a long time like 4 years. Now I’m 14 and I remember the Jurassic park series that was lit

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    I just came here to chat to be fast XD

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    Its good but I hate lilly

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    I love mincraft animations like this it feels so real the way the arms move the way they act it’s sssssssssssooooooooooooioooi ggggggggggggggggggggggooooooooooooddddddd

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    i daer you to go hentin for green Steve the seed is green66 look up for a vid to now what to do

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    and do not look at him daed in the eyes

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    EPIC 👏👏👏👏👏

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    cody i sin professor pikalus face

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    Hey Cody you should do another prison royal on roblox it was heaps good

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    This was awesome! Great job!😁

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    The thumbnail is a little to real for me (any other jacksfilms fans??)

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    Lol loves it!!!

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    I feel like Joe helped with the girl cuz she sounded British to me

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    Had a blast working on this 😀 came out pretty good

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    The voices sound like england

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