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  • Snofl8k playz 3 months ago

    Just stay in single combat and punch each other

  • O O D 3 months ago

    Pin me and I will be your slave

  • Callie Jones 3 months ago

    would anyone else prefer if jordan left the entire mining world in?

  • Jayro Rodriquez 3 months ago

    I am so early man

  • Simon K. 3 months ago


  • Hannah, professional Fangirl 3 months ago

    It was funny to watch them do the same quest I just did and make the same mistake I did (redstone blocks not redstone dust) XD

  • Kevin Ayoub 3 months ago

    Who doesn’t know da wae

  • TaZeR duck 3 months ago

    Hey jordan if you use pixel measurement, as a block is 1 metre squared a bottle is almost a metre squared

  • Alex Wix 3 months ago

    Can you do another episode where you include the entirety of your game play in the mining world, my 6yr old nephew keeps asking me to please make “The TV Minecraft YouTube Man” include it and I said sure…plz halp

  • Mr.Fluffy 3 months ago

    Quality Content

  • Brady Schulenberg 3 months ago

    He’s wearing a jacket…thx for the style change for once

  • Martin V. 3 months ago


  • Yabloody Wombat 3 months ago

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that you can’t spell “advertisements” without semen between the tits.

  • Bryan Beasley 3 months ago

    I know you enjoy the PVE Mining World, but please cut it entirely. If you don’t that’s fine but I really don’t need to see it anymore. Otherwise great:)

  • R134eS2o 3 months ago

    Still just waiting to see Jardon in Sonja’s tub. MPH needs to hurry up with this. Almost reminds me of the time Sonja was in Jardons tub… Hot Tub…. time machine.. go back in time to mianite season 3, so it will… become.. a reality! Ohhhhhhhhh

  • Kiwi_ Dont_fly 3 months ago

    Jardon be rocking that jumper!

  • Isabelle Rodriguez 3 months ago

    You have so much money why don’t you make an ig farm it’s like end game stuff

  • KiddIcarus014 3 months ago

    Lol The guy X33n saw ran past you while you were running down the hill from the guy hitting you. 😂

  • Mr.Fluffy 3 months ago

    Did anyone else notice the Warcraft III orc saying “work complete”

  • Justified Gamer 3 months ago

    I was playing a mobile game, and there was an ad for lineage 2 and you were in it sparklez

  • Savva Moser 3 months ago

    Somebody toucheda ma spaghet

  • Javier Rodriguez 3 months ago

    Du u noe de wei?

  • Cali Cat 3 months ago

    the episodes are just getting shorter and shorter :l

  • Cali Cat 3 months ago

    I like seeing the mining world parts, you should consider leaving them in

  • Kyle L 3 months ago

    Mad I killed X33N rancher than Jordan ughhhhhhhh

  • Luke K 3 months ago

    Jardon play subnautica

  • Maxwell Eichman 3 months ago

    You can stack your bottles of xp by clicking them on eachother

  • BBOY King 3 months ago

    Hey captinesprklz can u please make more episodes please and longer episodes

  • Nfl Kicker18 3 months ago

    Do a hungry games

  • FatherKronos888 3 months ago

    It’s funny x33ns name was johnnymike and my name is John-Michael

  • Swynfly 41 3 months ago

    Can the jacket be a usual thing now?

  • : ]

  • Jonathan Johnson 3 months ago

    You should start making a god set

  • SteamPlayer 3 months ago

    Jordan, you have to right click on the immortal chest to open it. It doesn’t have a timer.

  • Daniel Wolf 3 months ago

    I like how he almost used trans mog 3 for challenge

  • Westandgone 3 months ago

    Is the buzzing noises the audio track???

  • Zamiesthedragon 3 months ago

    Do whole mineing world plz

  • Ray Cortez 3 months ago

    CaptainSparklez you do realize that you can do an infinite amounts of player arenas with no prize and you can kill people with a bow using the archer kit xD

  • Tainted Matic 3 months ago

    sparklez will always be noob tier, even in the end

  • Kookie Kommander 3 months ago

    Went from like 30 min videos to 15 :'(

  • Muamar Collection 3 months ago

    Da wae??

  • zachery Phillips 3 months ago

    Please do another live stream of sky bounds 🙂

  • Amnekoa 3 months ago

    hey dudebro not to rush or anything but still waiting for dat mianite season 3

  • hamad bhatti 3 months ago

    Can someone tell them that the pvp mining world is easier as you don’t have multiple mobs spawning on top of you and players are harder to encounter pls like so the can see

  • paulpingaz 3 months ago


  • marksgv 3 months ago

    Maybe one of the best moments of this game and series so far. Wow, Oh man,This was the first time you could really feel true tension before they tried to use the immortal star. Then with what happened, after. Freakin’ close call there for Jordan. Geez, it was great to watch to be honest, so close to disaster. The plan was solid, it was really funny though about the combat level req. Because, of course it was. The running theme. I think these past couple of episodes have shown off the game very well, as something fun and challenging.

    I think the nicknames were fun when they were kind obvious. But, I will say the ones they had were really good for anonymity. Still puzzled by the mining world. It’s good that the bedrock glitch wasn’t an issue. Still, it’s crazy how difficult is has been. X33N had a story in his last episode, about someone trying it out, realized it truly isn’t easy. That was kinda important to hear.

    I was kinda concerned that they had reached a point where momentum and purpose would be lost. But, with what’s been happening in these, it’s all good. They have some fun for us, things to do. And, they’ve progressed on challenges like Brewing, which may make things easier to progress in total. They have shown how much depth there is to Skybounds. Jordan and X33N have done good.

  • WarheaddVids 3 months ago

    Stop editing out the mining world!!!

  • SKETRIS Gaming 3 months ago

    In 5 mins he missed 2 chests in islands to jump across to the big ones

  • Rayan Shaikh 3 months ago

    twenty one one one one one

  • romwil 3 months ago

    Please stop editing out the mining world segments – it is a ‘minigame’ we enjoy within the world building

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