• Logdotzip 7 months ago

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    Which feature do you wish they DIDN’T CHANGE!? Comment below 🙂

  • Luckiestcobra678 56734 7 months ago

    The gravel was always like that that is gray concrete powder

  • GalaxyNote 7 months ago

    Shouldnt have changed the swamp….

  • The Great Mae Børøwski 7 months ago

    The old gravel texture is TV static

  • CARL ,GOD OF DESTRUCTION 7 months ago

    I appreciate ur effort to make this vids (rlly GD vids) how many time u took to make this video ?

  • ho2 edep2 7 months ago

    I have 1.2

  • Halo Hero30 7 months ago

    I realised I started playing minecraft at 1.3

  • Average Player 7 months ago

    Mathematically, 1.9 is more than 1.12

  • Kaine Cockerill 7 months ago

    Xbox still has roses

  • Alexis Dominique Donaway 7 months ago

    So funny is like ehhh i cant get in

  • MLG Ghost 7 months ago

    OMG no entity cramming anymore? I cant launch fifty chickens at people?

  • James Doyle 7 months ago

    cringemaster for dayz

  • Dawn duck 7 months ago


  • Jen_ Bunnieee 7 months ago

    im mcpe

  • Thuy An Le 7 months ago

    U sound like a dog that is crazy and is talking and the dog is a gamer.

  • Glamwolf 2006 7 months ago

    13:41 “Hi! I’m Poppy!”

  • Sam Warren 7 months ago

    What did he say? Smash the like PSHBBSHS.

  • HooDaVie Nightinhan 7 months ago

    Did i hear Pokemon sun and moon?

  • brooke seely 7 months ago

    I loved the old lapis. 😞💙

  • Jen_ Bunnieee 7 months ago

    btw… mcpe CHANGED TOO

  • Brian TheFireLord 7 months ago

    Nope us Pocket Edition players just have poppies 😢😢😢😢😢

  • FishyYT_ 7 months ago

    I remember ALL of these and I feel so old what the hell

  • SN1P3R V1P3R 20 7 months ago

    Potion range was decreased in an update.

  • Yva Atanasov 7 months ago

    On my tablet in mincraft the lava had those orange spots not yellow in it but orange and a dark orange

  • The Channel Craft 7 months ago

    My XBoX 360 version is 1.7 it has roses 😀

  • The Awesome Pie126 7 months ago

    Dude i feel like now he just wants money because theres so much ads

  • SCP-682 7 months ago

    i cant play minecraft anymore

  • CherryX 7 months ago

    20:33 press NUMPADO to dismount 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Kami Chan 7 months ago

    I started on 1.12

  • Vance Franklin 7 months ago

    it is very very fun

  • Loading. 7 months ago

    with new boats 2 people can sit in one

  • El Mysterio 7 months ago

    10 ads in video that revenue

  • acarriere30 7 months ago

    brewing used to be 30. well now it takes 30 sec (wrong) 20 sec it used to be 20 sec (used to be?) i mean it still does (it used to be 20 seconds now?) ARGN Moving on…….

  • CatRekt - intro 7 months ago

    13:45 i’m poppy
    i’m poppy
    i’m poppy
    i’m poppy
    i’m poppy

  • Definitely Not a duck 7 months ago

    Lava is still like that is pocket edition.

  • Kami Chan 7 months ago


  • Definitely Not a duck 7 months ago

    Lava is still like that!

  • zombie beast 7 months ago

    on ps3 they havent removed ender pearl cool down and sword blocking

  • Kiefer Ratledge 7 months ago

    Poppies are used to remember those who defend my country, they were the only things left growing in Flounders fields, so yeah, sure, hate poppies all you want,

  • Nokray 7 months ago

    Old Lava:
    Is that Cheese?

    Latest Lava:
    Definitely Ketchup

  • Elijah Masih 7 months ago

    Really funny video! Keep it up! I couldn’t stop laughing. Just subscribed.

  • Kami Chan 7 months ago

    Why is there 10 million ads???? how much money do you need????!!!!###

  • Grant Sutherland 7 months ago

    some of it was fake look closely the old gravel is called white concrete powder

  • Dava Agastya 7 months ago

    the dream craft

  • Wisdomn 7 months ago

    14:00 lol rose bushes are still there and look like actual flowers rather than just red blobs on top of a stem
    Roses don’t even grow like that ..

  • Kudle Speak 7 months ago

    i remember when i played the first time Minecraft 1.3 , it was just like you said

  • Eocina Q 7 months ago


  • michał ambrożkiewicz 7 months ago


  • username 666 7 months ago


  • John Ram 7 months ago

    I subscribe and like the video

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