• TheAtlanticCraft | Minecraft 1 week ago

    Still working on that part 2 to the krusty krab vs chum bucket secure base challenge! Will release it tomorrow along with a real life challenge :DD

  • ACTIVE TNT 5 days ago

    I love your creations

  • سعد الهاجري 5 days ago

    This is the best shovel

  • Jenny Chirinos 5 days ago

    Team Cody

  • Sylvester Wildrunner 5 days ago

    how are you do water bright like this

  • Dawn Crosby 5 days ago

    Team Cody

  • Gavin Wagner 5 days ago

    They’re both s***

  • Liza 5 days ago

    Cool that’s cool

  • Liza 5 days ago

    I vote team coby

  • Giacomo Licari 5 days ago

    Code won

  • scott f 5 days ago


  • Super ninja of siver 5 days ago

    Got quit YouTube

  • Michelle Hall 5 days ago

    797th :3

  • Melissa Rhoades 5 days ago

    it is good so far how about you? and tell me about it so much stuff to do what ever you want to do B)$¢$$$$$$

  • H.R VLOGS 5 days ago


  • Dr. dinosaurs 1357 5 days ago

    I just started middle school and so far I’m an a-b student

  • Julie Bales 5 days ago

    op music

  • Dr. dinosaurs 1357 5 days ago

    Team Cody

  • The Sutton Gamer 5 days ago

    Love your vids keep up the good work!

  • Cody needham 5 days ago

    Cody Cody Cody

  • Stacey Armstrong 5 days ago


  • luis negron 5 days ago

    i dont know how to be youtuber

  • Teddy Tai 5 days ago

    Team Cody

  • kyleeplays gaming 5 days ago


  • Herbert Nelson 5 days ago

    what happend to joebuz

  • Alexander Gingell-Omeara 5 days ago

    I always wanted to be a YouTuber but that was not enough back then but u inspired me and if u can in about 2 weeks or your next video could u shout me out at pixel God?

  • Janessa asher 5 days ago

    I was laughing and then I was like ;-; that but now I am like this :()”chipsssssss” and I was laughing:P ;-;

  • Ghost 5 days ago

    Team Cody!!!!

  • Jack Wallace 4 days ago

    teamcody 🇦🇺

  • Strive fot Greatness 4 days ago

    team cody

  • Debra Barr 4 days ago

    I hated scooL

  • nick play,s np 4 days ago

    Pis of school 🖕

  • Kaleb Boykin 4 days ago

    team cody

  • Maklain Harrison 4 days ago

    Trim codey

  • Dan Mallett 4 days ago

    Your best can you do a 48 hour camping trip eating MRE in a box fort

  • Rachel Douglas 4 days ago

    I love you

  • Rachel Douglas 4 days ago


  • Gaming With Brysen Howe 4 days ago

    Team Cody

  • Charlotte Dimsey 4 days ago

    I get bulled at school and Im in choir because my family love music but I love … drawing and math 📖📚📒📔📓📓📕📗📘📙📝 and Im blind my brother Is writing this

  • Ryle Guiñez 4 days ago

    Your gf is Kelly the other YouTuber

  • the darkshark kingdom 4 days ago

    Atlantic craft or Cody I have a hard time in school to

  • amberlynn1019 4 days ago

    I love your channel

  • Kaleb Peuler 4 days ago

    No hero brine is real watch rage elixer to find out

  • Icevampire08 ice 4 days ago

    Team k raconteur

  • Matthew Geilar 4 days ago


  • Kayro Cardenas 4 days ago

    I like school but you don’t

  • Zackary Tolentino 4 days ago


  • Kayro Cardenas 4 days ago

    Team krakin

  • iDefeatToxicGamers Daily 4 days ago


  • KING DARK33 4 days ago

    Team cody

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