• TSMC - Minecraft 5 months ago

    diamond house anyone? 🙂

  • Bryan Ledezma 5 months ago

    Make a ufo like id you agree

  • ItsDjPanda 5 months ago

    i built
    it and made 2 floors

  • ItsDjPanda 5 months ago

    can u do inside of team ten house

  • CIKLOPAS 5 months ago

    why don’t you do the remaining family guy characters?

  • Brad Kelley 5 months ago

    make a backpack house

  • vicki lovett 5 months ago

    That Looks ClASSIE

  • Titus Showers 5 months ago

    you should try to make logan Paul’s apartment complex

  • Miguel Robles 5 months ago

    You should make jeffy and the rest of the characters like if you agree 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Karam Khamis 5 months ago

    Plz build an archer tower

  • Logan Wiesenbach 5 months ago

    Yo can u make A Wolverine statue next please

  • Dylan Puderbaugh 5 months ago

    What ere you making tomorrow

  • Nathaniel Curry 5 months ago

    please make a secret mountain base!!

  • Turtle Gaming 5 months ago

    TSMC, you should make the Yu Gi Oh logo! That would be awesome. Plus, you should do a Dark Magician and Blue Eyes White Dragon all in Pixel Art.

  • Myron Rice 5 months ago

    Gold house

  • nick santavicca 5 months ago

    Make iron home

  • Jorge Mota 5 months ago

    Tf is this

  • OS OS 10 5 months ago

    ikea plz plz

  • Anthony Moreno 5 months ago

    I subscribed

  • eddy stylist 5 months ago

    can you build oggy house from oggy and the cockroaches?

  • Max Kanner 5 months ago

    You’re videos are awesome. Have you ever tried making any more 3d pokemon

  • 3bros in house 5 months ago

    I mest up a lil but I love it♥

  • Bryan Stearns 5 months ago

    Do Yugi Moto

  • destiny fox 5 months ago

    Can you please make romanatwoods house

  • Harry Waves 5 months ago

    Make ricegum’s house

  • Angel Pelayo 5 months ago

    Can you make an office Building give a like if you agree

  • Manan Goel 5 months ago

    plz make Wayne manor or the batcave

  • Jayce Michael Wilson 5 months ago

    Plz try to do a video on how to build a roller coaster

  • ronaldo vs messi 5 months ago

    Meeeeee a will build it when I get home

  • ronaldo vs messi 5 months ago

    TSMC-MINECRAFT PLEASE can you build Emerald house

  • Pad a rad Gaming 5 months ago

    Make a star destroyer which people can live in 🙂

  • skyla shaw 5 months ago

    Can you make a TSMC hous

  • Disaster Kiddo 5 months ago

    Who needs an diamond house, when people got diamond builder (Aka. TMSC)

  • Isabella Abarca 5 months ago


  • STEAMPUNK 5 months ago

    That BIG ARROW isnt Needed in the thumbnail

  • Sammy Aguilera 5 months ago

    make ricegum house

  • Sammy Aguilera 5 months ago

    pls sub to me I want to show the haters something they can’t get

  • Jammy Nut 5 months ago

    Can you please make a video on how to make a red stone house? Or red stone traps?

  • Goliathslayer03 5 months ago

    What happened? You used to make such amazing, fantastic houses and builds. But this? this is just plain awful…
    What happened to the old TSMC, the one that made me subscribe to see his amazing builds everyday?

  • Mirnad Kuljancic 5 months ago

    Can you make unspeakablegaming statue please! Like so TSMC – Minecraft can see

  • Wendy Sheriff 5 months ago

    It’s alright it’s not your best of builds

  • The Paranormal Chicken 5 months ago

    nice job

  • The Paranormal Chicken 5 months ago

    iron bar house

  • lordwin bautista 5 months ago

    make my grandads aunties pet dogs nieces house pls tsmc

  • M Rana 5 months ago

    Tsmc I love your builds thay ar so createtive plz never stop your channel

  • Wanted to build this on survival but I couldn’t because I’d have a hard time finding it it’s so far underground

  • Leigh Kuykendal 5 months ago

    make an iron ingot house then a gold ingot and lastly a emerald house please it’ll mean alot to me

  • Prince Lance 5 months ago

    I do this on a server
    Me:omg so beautiful I’m gonna do this on a server, I left my house I was mining
    Griefer saw it and say :I will grief this house
    Then he grief it
    I come back the I saw {quiet 1 minute}
    Then rage

  • Keegan Featherstone 5 months ago

    can you make a mall or a day care plss

  • Dario Russo 5 months ago

    DO the wayne Tower Please!😍

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