• TSMC - Minecraft 1 month ago

    hey guys! let me know what sort of houses you wanna see :)!

  • Kristian Lauritzen 1 month ago

    Can you make a yacht

  • Edna Liliana Rochin 1 month ago

    you should build a burger stand

  • Sonofprimal 1 month ago

    Do a dojo

  • Reece Boothe 1 month ago

    Hey there TSMC! Do you think you could make a baseball/american football field? That would be awesome!

  • Sarah Fobert 1 month ago

    Can you build a zoo

  • Aiden Lion 1 month ago

    Harry Potter Castle please

  • lemon heads 1 month ago

    Can u build the team 10 house

  • Superheroes Fight 1 month ago

    TSMC – Minecraft
    Can you make a tutorial on how to make The Wayne Manor?
    I know it’s hard but you can do it, I trust you!

  • Boxerdood 1 month ago

    Can you make the house from “Rick And Morty” #BuildOn

  • mey the you tube be with you 1 month ago

    Make family adams House

  • jayden walker 1 month ago

    Make entity 303 plz

  • Rozina Nezam 1 month ago

    I did this with pocket edition I just changed some of the supplies like for the concrete I used grey clay or something like that

  • S0L0 HD 1 month ago

    please talk slower!

  • Akash Raveendran 1 month ago

    i know this will be really hard to make but can you please make the helicarrier and can you make it floating. BTW youre the best

  • Pabitra Karkee 1 month ago

    tcmc my brother destroyd that house i hate my brother

  • Dnieto Vlogs 1 month ago

    Build A 14×14 Starter 2 story house

  • Spring Bonnie 1 month ago

    TSMC can u plz make a FNAF when u have time thank you 😊

  • Preston Clark 1 month ago

    Team ten house next

  • RyanOHal 1 month ago

    Hey my name is Ryan i work for a server called LegacyMC i would love for you to join and maybe even help us grow we will pay you monthly according to your views per videos.If you do take the time to create a video for LegacyMC You will receive free donator perks. We will also happily supply you with items for giveaways. Contact me VIA twitter @RyanOHalPower

  • Olivia Evans 1 month ago

    Make Jake Paul’s TEAM 10 HOUSE PLEASE

  • sparks 1 month ago

    cam u do the interior and exterior plz

  • Stornmorror 2440 1 month ago

    Tsmc can you show us how to make a military base

  • K and A 1 month ago

    Build a donut house PLEASE

  • ILikeCake123 1 month ago

    its my birthday and i want to see a zoo I will show you my zoo if i can.

  • ILikeCake123 1 month ago

    The entrance is easy to build.

  • IPeridot 1 month ago

    make luigis mansion plzz

  • Noman Dar 1 month ago

    build a modern house 2

  • Scorpion boy 1 month ago

    I know this isn’t a house, but can you do Airport tutorial.

  • josie vicary 1 month ago

    This isn’t for a house can you build a multi story car park

  • Lynx Royal 1 month ago

    Make a new series and a new world on Minecraft but in the new world make a city. So basically the new series would be about how to make a city but every episode you build something then on the other episodes you’ll say how far away we have to do it from the last building and how you build it so after all the episodes you and us should have fulled a world and it looks like a city. But in every episode you have make roads and lampposts.
    Like if you want TSMC to do this

  • The Paranormal Chicken 1 month ago

    lab rats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isa Pineandi 1 month ago

    TSMC You should build the white house

  • Chloe XL 1 month ago

    Can you make the adventure time tree house pls =)

  • Zane Kalisiak 1 month ago

    can you make hijacked from black ops 2 in minecraft

  • Boxerdood 1 month ago

    It took me 2 days cause I was Building This In Survival it would be so cool if you could build the inside

  • Super P gamer 08 1 month ago

    Nice hose

  • Extreme gaming 1 month ago

    tsmc minecraft can you please make an airport

  • Isaiah2 Roche 1 month ago

    Hi cA

  • portia koebke 1 month ago

    this is perfect but can you do like more restaurant themes stores or has station stuff

  • Finn The Human 1 month ago

    can you make the stark mansion?

  • Tristan Waddington 1 month ago


  • SceptileUltra 1 month ago

    If you subscribe to me I will promise to subscribe back.And reply when you are done.

  • RainbowFox Gaming 1 month ago

    Isn’t this another house on YouTube but a little bit updated?

  • gamer luigi363 1 month ago

    Tako stand

  • thedeadman 850 1 month ago

    How about making a zoo

  • Kaydron Roan 1 month ago


  • Golden Freddy 1 month ago


  • Basher_bale_1 1 1 month ago

    Can you do the interea please

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