Today we play Modded Battledome!
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  • Lemon Kitty 7 months ago

    Where’s tweity? I know I spelled it wrong

  • Andrew Yu 7 months ago

    Jerome FYI just type in wand and u see the diamonds n wands stone wand wood wand or unbreakable wands and those are the builders wands hope this helps

  • Carissa Hawkins 7 months ago

    has anyone played a game on iPhone called goblin sword

  • Jordan Dyck 7 months ago

    don’t toke so much

  • Alex Tompkins 7 months ago

    Underground base

  • Alex Tompkins 7 months ago

    No it is as many obsidian as people on your team

  • Michael Ba Tin 7 months ago

    Jeromeasf unbreakable wand is the builders wand

  • bob rebello 7 months ago

    contact the mod creator or add a ad on for the ims to be able to put ceartin entities to atack and not atack just trying to help in any way I can and if you can’t cover the walls and floor in water just so it less of an explosion and just to make them mad

  • Luke Lee 7 months ago

    Jerome the creeper pet would be so op because you are immune to explosions

  • Noah Diamond 7 months ago


  • Jonathan X - Treme 7 months ago

    I love how they started building up with mines 😅

  • Beans Dibby 7 months ago

    Some times I get overwhelmed by the ohhhhhh buddddyyy at the start that I click off and take a breather then click back on

  • Hunter Dufault 7 months ago

    Add liquid enderpearl

  • Jack Voorhees 7 months ago

    Jerome got a cloud pet on his second try and it tool Lachlan like 10 episodes

  • wolfie plays 7 months ago

    Ok that was cool Jerome you need to play Minecraft on a tablet

  • Braden Cosier 7 months ago

    …when the wands Jerome was looking at do the same thing as builder’s wands bit he doesn’t know… SMH

  • Ben Moreton 7 months ago

    Where’s part three?

  • Saberdo Gerald 7 months ago

    Jerome alex is flying you dont set up a trap to kill him

  • LoneSoul 7 months ago

    You know those wands are builder’s wands right?

  • CyrenArkade 7 months ago

    “They dont have builders wands,” says Jerome, staring at the builders wands.

  • georges kalouch 7 months ago

    what minecraft version are they using? pls anyone tell me

  • Samuel Kroe 7 months ago

    I’d suggest using coal blocks to look like obsidion

  • Declyn-James Fourie 7 months ago

    Do a no flying rule
    Also Jerome you messed up the build

  • MinerPlays Minecraft & more 7 months ago

    the intro is so loud rip headphone users

  • Matteo Calderon 7 months ago

    Jerome if you want to funny (funnier) take some artificial intelligence munitions into battle and place them while in combat so everyone dies to troll them.Like if you agree.

    P.s you guys have a previous batteldome that has no part 3 about a week and a half ago.

  • Matteo Calderon 7 months ago

    And Jerome I recommend blocking off the obsidian hallway with ghost blocks

  • Ruth Bijn 7 months ago

    You should cover the dispensers with ghostblocks

  • Ruth Bijn 7 months ago

    Are there portal guns?
    Yes: make a portal (to the moon, to spawn or above lava) hiddenneath ghostblocks
    No: just sad😢

  • Braden Cosier 7 months ago

    Jerome: It’s safe in terms of mobs setting them off, but not for you guys.

    Bean: Ok, sounds good. I’m TPing to you


    Bean: You said it was safe!

  • theseptiplier BOB 7 months ago

    Eff Yaaaaaay

  • Eslot Takenis 7 months ago

    if you don’t have wings drink a red bull

  • That's A Problem 7 months ago

    Jerome I’ve been here since 12k and I can’t believe how much you’ve changed but also still the same fluffy I loved years ago.. love your content still, even as a 16 Yr old, stay groovayy

  • Logan Crabtree 7 months ago

    Can you make a vid on how you download your mods?

  • jared orlov 7 months ago


  • Dylan Eiswert 7 months ago


  • Alexandria Williams 7 months ago

    Where did Tewtiy go? He makes me laugh so much😭😭 💗💗Tewtiy

  • Cynthia Villella 7 months ago

    jerome the celing mines is a really good idea

  • Dunough Kilmartin 7 months ago

    People come and see my channel and subscribe

  • Diego Magana 7 months ago

    Jerome omg the unbreakable wand is really goods it’s like a builders wand

  • Diego Magana 7 months ago

    Jerome make the walls black and then place obsidian so it can make it difficult for the other team

  • callum betley 7 months ago

    What happened to the third part of the hogwarts traps map

  • Will Mcstay 7 months ago


  • Shocta Fairweather 7 months ago

    Or lightning could come out of your butt

  • Ood Dude 7 months ago

    hi jerome

  • oliver lynch 7 months ago

    Stay on yt jerome it is to hard to follow your numerous accounts on noumourous websites so just stay on yt please

  • TheCratingPack minecraftgaming 7 months ago

    Jerome im not sure but i think you can edit the trap to blacklist or whitelist players there is an item or a block from security block

  • eric greenberg 7 months ago

    Puuuuurrrr tuwty

  • Colin Chen 7 months ago

    Trap idea

    Create a ghost block disguised as the obsidian, and put a wall of ghost block disguised as stone behind it. Place the middle thingy behind the ghost block wall.

  • ##Fred BEAR ##BRAZIL## 7 months ago

    Yo dude what up yo

  • TeamF&B Utuber 7 months ago

    I just made a YouTube channel with my brother

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