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  • rykin resurreccion 7 months ago

    Who likes Jerome’s nose??

  • Cole Riley 7 months ago

    Where has tewtiy been? 🙁

  • Bob Smith 7 months ago

    He wastes so much time walking to the end of the destruction catalyst tunnel before he uses it again

  • Ali-E 7 months ago

    Where’s part 3

  • Prosper Hawj 7 months ago


  • Read Draw Write 7 months ago

    Listen up people, yeah we are all wondering where the 3rd part of the last video was, but they probably couldn’t find a time to do it. Jerome said Tewtiy was in Georgia I believe dot hats probably why they haven’t done it yet. They might have forgotten about it though

  • jake tate 7 months ago

    were the vids

  • Leondre Sanders 7 months ago


  • HUNTER SUMMERS 7 months ago

    my worst thing that happened to me I was cutting wood and cut off my finger

  • RoyalWM 7 months ago

    dondo plz

  • ideaman 7 months ago

    Wer the vids
    you are king of the baccas😂

  • kyle kuklaw 7 months ago

    Jerome, where’s the third part to the last series of this.

  • Water Gaming 7 months ago

    when’s the next traps…

  • kyle kuklaw 7 months ago

    oh, you mean the big battle that we were looking forward to in the last mini series

  • Perseus Riptide 7 months ago

    #BlameBlade #BlameBen

  • x23AndRoyalClan 7 months ago

    They need to stop doing the 3 parts they never finish them.

  • Peanuts359 v2 7 months ago

    Can you just stop using the destruction catalyst?

  • Angus Leviston 7 months ago

    Why do all stream

  • Climatime 77 7 months ago

    It’s my birthday too

  • cow wizard 7 months ago

    so harry potter is meme now?

  • Thomas Theboss 7 months ago

    What mod is the tablet in

  • JimboBimbo 7 months ago

    Jerome can walk into a cave made of diamonds and he still wouldn’t see them

  • Eli Garcia 7 months ago

    34:41 didn’t every kid worry more of what their parents would do and not so much the injury

  • more pro gamer ftw 7 months ago

    hope fully blade dosent delete the map

  • Kil Khu 7 months ago


  • Alexander Elderhorst 7 months ago

    you used the tomb of knowledge just pull out some cloud pets they should be learned like the furnace or is the cloud pet a legendary I’m sure it has a value.

  • Jazz Aledro 7 months ago

    tewtiy is gone so no part three of the other traps battle dome maybe?

  • theseptiplier BOB 7 months ago

    Ooooooooooooooooh budyyyyyyyy

  • Coltan02 7 months ago

    All the diamonds he Rome passed annoyed me so much XD

  • Jon4699 Roblox & More 7 months ago

    when I was 4 I opened my thumb with a knife

  • ItsDanny yt 7 months ago

    I’m in Spain a#deadbeat

  • Swagg EX 7 months ago

    do a season 2 of bacca cronkels

  • Mr Melon02 7 months ago

    Jerome please stop dropping items with emc put them in the transmutation tablet

  • Waffle Vlogs 7 months ago

    Type:eye surgery
    Patient:Jerome DA BACCA GOD
    Disease:Colour Blind


  • CBG L 7 months ago

    What is EMC or what dose it stand for???? the first one to answer can have 1 sub extra and a like for there comment. 😀

  • creeperwolf 1001 7 months ago

    jerome, i fought over a milo tin! lets just say you dont want to hear the outcome…

  • Marfel Marfel 7 months ago

    If you want collect it you need a black hole ring and white bag

  • JackMan65 Games 7 months ago

    I just broke my foot 😭😭😭😭

  • Patrick Kuhn 7 months ago

    You will get given below MC ALT’s at zero cost their safeguarded and also will work –

  • BomberBro21 7 months ago

    The show he hasn’t watched is lord of the rings

  • Drew Gourley 7 months ago

    He missed so many chest 😂

  • irish gamer 136 7 months ago

    Jerome make legendary pet 1million emc

  • Matthew Davis 7 months ago

    Jerome should do Hexxit with the group just like how they do Ark just try to get everything done it should be a series and then maybe next Attack Of the B team for season 2! (Like if you agree!) or maybe troll back can be season one in stead and then they just do it in the order up above after wards so there would be 3 seasons! (Like it even if you only like just one of the mod packs! because if Jerome sees this he might change it up to how he wants it and it might be the one you want!)

  • Shawn Mccreary 7 months ago

    Jerome first you missed 3 chests in the first 7 minutes then you missed some diamonds

  • David Spencer 7 months ago

    I broke my collarbone on a school field trip while playing football and I broke my toe while my parents were gone all day and I was by myself

  • TNTSniper 7 months ago

    Make one with Tewity he is like the boss at spelunking and he’s funny

  • Nick Bade 7 months ago

    i will

  • XBaBoomX Gaming 7 months ago

    Cool I’m a YouTubers to

  • Nathan Milne 7 months ago

    I don’t know what it’s like in America but in Australia I see people wearing bathing suits as clothes all the time

  • Keepupzz 07 7 months ago

    My name Jeff I think?????

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