Today we play Traps Modded Maze Minigame!
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  • Nathan Ramirez 8 months ago

    next time make a parkour maze to make bean and the others go crazy!!!!!!!

  • Anime King 8 months ago

    Meh. Nn

  • JustGames 8 months ago

    can you play with blade the modpack regrowth?

  • GamingWith Jono 8 months ago

    Make one out of barrier blocks

  • Sophie Tsulaia 8 months ago

    Theyre talking about placing blocks, and then bean’s just like, “I wonder how big that sandwhich was.”


  • Colby Smith 8 months ago

    Next time make the floor command blocks and only set some of them to have a cammand

  • Andrew Horst 8 months ago

    If an ice age happens… #BlameBen

    they wanted the views

  • Pipy Whippy 8 months ago

    Hi i biggest fan

  • DaHolyUnicorn - Minecraft and More! 8 months ago

    Did anyone else not get the NoControlPanel joke?

    Edit: BTW Can you tell me if you do get it, please!

  • derpysheep 8 months ago

    the next one you do you should put a command block that bans them from commands and have ghost blocks that lead to a pit that makes them auto loose

  • Simon Susko 8 months ago

    did blade delete the Battledome trap world too?

  • Ethan Bracken 8 months ago

    Season 3 Jerome lol

  • eelyme 8 months ago

    Next time you need to make the floor soul sand. And fill it with cobwebs. XD

  • Joshua Nall 8 months ago

    Did anyone notice the inappropriateness at 19:04 to 19:08

  • Nguyen John 8 months ago

    Do risk factions pls !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2soon4theWorld 8 months ago

    When will blade be added to nice posture

  • Chinchilla Slayer 8 months ago

    anyone else wanting to know what hes wearing? WHAT IF HES WEARING A BANANA SHIRT!!!

  • Impact Monster 8 months ago

    Still no frizzle n popstar

  • Yovanny Vasquez 8 months ago

    Underwater maze

  • Yovanny Vasquez 8 months ago

    Make the floor all ghost blocks except the path

  • jimmy hill 8 months ago

    I want to try to complete your maze so badly

  • David Rushlow 8 months ago

    My went to Italy like a week ago

  • David Rushlow 8 months ago

    Is ben drunk this maze

  • King_Of_Games 905 8 months ago


  • Colton1o 8 months ago

    Jerome pls give a shout out to my Chanel ( colton1o)

  • Joshua Plumridge 8 months ago

    You should use ghost blocks for end so they think it’s a dead end. Like if you agree

  • TBNR Prototype 8 months ago

    im pretty sure for whoever doesnt know who “no control pannel” is it most likley Nooch

  • TaylerTheKing 8 months ago

    Why aren’t you playing btd 5 anymore?

  • camando Dragon 8 months ago

    Bean get a life waabalubba dub dub

  • Jj13bay4life 8 months ago

    do more bloons td5

  • Zac Johnson 8 months ago


  • Erik Gordi 8 months ago

    We get it people subed

  • SpaceKatzUnited 8 months ago

    You mean season 3 Jerome I am too

  • Boomer 64 bossdude 7 months ago

    My name is axshuly Carter and don’t copyright me, or something’s <- - Jerome talk

  • Xx _RainbowCandy_ xX 7 months ago

    Jerome – We have 2,000 people in less then one minute
    Me – It’s been more than one minute… it’s been 1:16 seconds

  • Dragons of chaos 7 months ago

    Ben you are evil I love it >:)

  • Samir Davis 7 months ago

    Next time you should made the maze of solid air blocks

  • Samir Davis 7 months ago


  • TimberHines 7 months ago


  • Ian Budnick 7 months ago

    33:23 Me #WorthIt

  • Abram Messiha 7 months ago

    I never make fun of your nose

  • Alma Herek 7 months ago

    no your face bewteful

  • little_dynamite 7 months ago


  • little_dynamite 7 months ago


  • ZaneH2O 7 months ago

    jerome u made the twitch symbol lol
    and a pokemon ball =P

  • ZaneH2O 7 months ago

    btw can u make that maze a adventure map? jerome or ben

  • Kaelan Mick 7 months ago

    the maze idea is great, but it would be so much more entertaining with spawners and intermintened weapons. like a labyrinth.

  • Bacon Lover 7 months ago

    do they not know about the easiest way to beat a maze? all u have to do is hug the left wall and u will make it out

  • wolfbone awesome 7 months ago

    bean did junkrats laugh

  • Hunter ram 7 months ago

    Rick & Marty season 3 not 2

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