Today we play Traps Modded Maze Minigame!
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  • Thepeacefulspider 8 months ago

    Try and make a tiny version of your maze so it makes even harder to get to the end and have 45 minutes to finish it then 20 minutes to get the trolls in

  • tbt Cryptic 8 months ago

    Use nausea

  • Josh Kim 8 months ago

    why does it day battledome

  • Harish Krishna 8 months ago

    they should have added water to annoy them like crazy

  • wahied mckenzie 8 months ago

    nasty ben get good plz

  • wahied mckenzie 8 months ago


  • Andrew Scott 8 months ago

    #unsube from blade for deleting hogwarts castle

  • miguel herb 8 months ago


  • TalonPLAYZ - pixel gun 8 months ago

    For a command tip… go in the command block and put in /kill @p to kill the nearest player…

  • Aiden Munoz 8 months ago

    If Steve is beans future brother in law is Ben marrying Steve sister or is Steve marrying Bens sister and how old is bean

  • youalways loose 8 months ago

    love this mini game

  • Felspire 8 months ago

    28:56 look at the sub titles
    tewtiy WHY

  • Cameron Ryan 8 months ago


  • jacob white 8 months ago

    Is it just me or is tewity and Jerome are one of the best team ever

  • Zaden Morgan 8 months ago

    a ghost an land in a cage

  • Nicholas Slusser 8 months ago

    do this more, this episode again basically

  • Jumper Quad 8 months ago


  • Bobby Ware 8 months ago

    this is a grate

  • LOXISCOOL 8 months ago

    Is this the the game mode you said you would do when you did the Harry Potter stream

  • Ethan Jack 8 months ago

    Do gohes for a serd door 🚪

  • Gaming with Airhead 8 months ago

    I love this

  • PozpiX 8 months ago

    I like how jerome was just there and tewty was with his world edit

  • AdamPlayzDoesEverything 8 months ago

    Slurping army!

  • Eze Whaley 8 months ago

    nice vid

  • DatCookie21 8 months ago

    Jerome: We could do cobwebs
    Twety:You mean have command blocks that spawn cobwebs?
    Jerome:No, just normal cobwebs laying around
    Twety: Oh yeah that too

  • Jianwei Jiao 8 months ago


  • Deon Barnett 8 months ago

    48:26 that’s my last name

  • david lima 8 months ago

    gotem ben

  • NICK thy brick 8 months ago

    Jerome what’s your discord account and four digit code my username is ducky_dave402

  • Sean Mcaulay 8 months ago

    gerome been subscribed for EVER u da best

  • logdog05 8 months ago


  • Ninja Fd 8 months ago

    I sub

  • Adventures Of Fatman 8 months ago

    They should’ve used invisible blocks

  • Lewis Macdonald 8 months ago


  • Flaming Phoenix 8 months ago

    I’m sick at home but thank you for being there. Amazing mini game

  • Bluecreperomg Playz 8 months ago

    [* {} *]. /;-;. /

  • Kirito like 8 months ago


  • Fletchers Flesh 8 months ago

    you guys had no mercy with your maze lol

  • Patrick Flynn 8 months ago

    You should of done a fence and carpet maze

  • Nancy Cornejo 8 months ago

    make more of these games

  • Jana Van der Jagt 8 months ago


  • James Edwards 8 months ago

    Tewtiy you crazy man

  • Nathan Avery 8 months ago

    This video was aMAZEing

  • David Johnson 8 months ago

    United Airlines (Blade)
    Asian Doctor (Map)
    Plane (Nice Posture Crew)

    You know how the story goes from here. 😂

  • TheRabbitMan 8 months ago

    you can stack night vision + blindness for them to not see *_anything_*

  • Rhys Fouracre 8 months ago

    More nasty then Ben

  • Vernon Solomon 8 months ago

    for once Ben wasn’t nasty

  • DiamondAmoeba Minecraft 101 8 months ago

    Hey everyone have a great summer

  • Blu_fir e 8 months ago

    You guys should do a mine Myers in the maze

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