Today we are finding buttons in this giant room themed map!


  • PopularMMOs 10 months ago

    This map was tons of fun! I will be replying to a bunch of you 🙂

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  • Sara Clarke 10 months ago

    Your the best♡♡I SUBSCRIBED

  • esther darby 10 months ago

    Do season 10 of EPIC Proportions BECAUSE YOUR EPIC

  • Cristina Wong 10 months ago


  • shyamraj ghale 10 months ago

    Jens a cheater because when you found the diamond she said stop then after you said 1 2 3 go she took it

  • shyamraj ghale 10 months ago

    But I like your videos

  • sadia ijaz 10 months ago

    I have seen all off your videos I love them put more pls

  • Dylan Melton 10 months ago

    Get Royal Guardian Sword

  • Triller 60 10 months ago

    This is Jeff
    He has nothing
    1 like= 1 thing

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  • Lulu McBain 10 months ago

    so cool love you guys

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  • Abio Manning 10 months ago

    Recipro Burst __________________________________ like if you get the reference

  • Andy Fennell 10 months ago

    C’est Sally.🙍🏼Elle n’a pas d’amis, pas de famille et pas de foyer. Elle est malheureuse. Un comme – certains amis pour l’encourager. Une réponse – une maison et une famille avec une mère, un père, une soeur et un frère. Une aversion – Quelqu’un dans sa famille meurt.
    This is Sally.🙍🏼She has no friends, no family and no home. She is miserable. One like – Some friends to cheer her up. One reply – a house and a family with a mum, a dad, a sister and a brother. One dislike – Someone in her family dies.

  • MKHURSHID ANWAR 10 months ago

    Y u no play Minecraft story mode?????????!!!!!!!😟😟😩☹

  • Marsela Toma 10 months ago

    Pat and Jen thank u 4 making these funny videos and making all of us laugh everyday if YouTube was not invented all of you’re 12M subscribers would be bored just like before I found u guys and again THANK YOU SO MUCH 4 UR VIDEOS!!! We all ❤️💘❤️💘 Pat , Jen and Cloud!

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    *SEXy GIRLS* rubfpf ► #7tkEvkrMsG ◄ rubfpf *SEXy GIRLS*
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    *SEXy GIRLS* rubfpf ► #7tkEvkrMsG ◄ rubfpf *SEXy GIRLS*

  • Andrew Gallegos 10 months ago

    Pat they made a new carecter of you in monster legend

  • Jellyish Beans 10 months ago


  • Khaled Plays 10 months ago

    Where DA videos?

  • Starstruck 120 10 months ago

    Can you guys play the game who’s your daddy? Like if you agree and I’m sorry if you don’t

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  • Rasmus Pikk 10 months ago

    Do a 3am challenge please

  • Miraculous Tigrina 10 months ago

    Guys, can you make an episode where we see Jen’s screen? Like if u agree.

  • Kuya Balong 10 months ago

    i love your videos!!!!!!!!!! so much!!!!!!!!! by the way im new here

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    hello i subscribe

  • Super Potato 10 months ago

    Sorry about this but


    Something reminded me of this

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  • Nathan Young 10 months ago

    you are the best popularmmos

  • Noah Beaumont 10 months ago

    At 21:11 when you said ‘Amazing Job’ did you a voice changer to say job??

  • Nathan Young 10 months ago

    reply to me plz

  • Lyla Vichi 10 months ago

    Where’s the crafting dead

  • Malik Milosic 10 months ago

    Minecraft story mode is out pat

  • Icey Sue 10 months ago

    *Where’s the new videos​?!?*

  • OTK VN 10 months ago


  • Daniel Sinaga 10 months ago

    Jen hat jes keep terning

  • Phoenix the destroyer 10 months ago

    Hello pat what up dawg

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  • Daniel Sinaga 10 months ago

    Hellooooooooooooooooooo pat how old are you

  • Daniel Sinaga 10 months ago

    Pat i have dantm sakin

  • Sober Conctruction 10 months ago

    I ♡ your channel since I first watch your videos

  • Chicckening Masters 10 months ago

    alright pat 2 days no vids (if you dont upload them you cant earn money)

  • oOCandyGirlOo Minecraft 10 months ago

    Hey pat and jen

  • I' am Bread 10 months ago

    Can I get 10 like its my birthday 😊
    If you dont want i understand You

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    Where is the crafting dead?

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    I subscribed

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