• BB Bro 1 month ago

    play H4M

  • Assassin Dav 1 month ago


  • XxsumeetxX Gaming 1 month ago

    Make a new Arkmon plz

  • Person 123 1 month ago

    Hey Jerome, if you are going to do Pixelmon Island again can you please invite L8Games to it. They are two awesome brothers that play Pixelmon together. They know a lot about Pokemon and they could be interesting challengers. (Also if you do another Pixelmon Island in this summer I will love it. )

  • Tanner Pettigrew 1 month ago

    the server with bed wars

  • Wolfpack ABC 1 month ago


  • SirFluffy4 1 month ago

    Thanks Jerome… I was sad so I’m like I gotta watch Jerome. I watched the first five minutes and you automatically made me happy. Thanks 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • FireHitPanic 1 month ago

    When is Jerome getting back to the office? it’s been 2 weeks and most of the content has been rather cruddy. I want H4M and the stuff that’s actually good.

  • SwampyBigEye 1 month ago

    Cube craft has it in the arcade

  • Samson Samson 1 month ago

    Play Pokémon brick bronze again the game has become even better

  • JesseMC 1 month ago

    Jerome I love u and watch your vids every day and your the reason me and my best friend started yt and helped me through the hardest point of my life u don’t know how much u and team nasty mean to me love your vids and ceap doing vids and strims

  • JTseagulls ! 1 month ago


  • JTseagulls ! 1 month ago


  • JTseagulls ! 1 month ago

    Stream h4 Minecraft

  • Ben Jones 1 month ago


  • Isaac Smith 1 month ago

    cube craft has a layer spleef with different spleefs and has the normal one to sometimes

  • Luqman Hakeem Khairrazi 1 month ago

    h4m !

  • tac0dog Gamer 1 month ago

    thehivemc server still does spleef but with eggs they also have a lot of other cool games which i love

  • Super Gamer 1 month ago

    Plz come back soon dad.I miss you and H4M.

  • Him Jin 1 month ago

    why don’t you try overwatch with alex

  • Oggy Playz 1 month ago

    The hive still does spleef or spleg

  • joshua combs 1 month ago

    2:43 fly hack

  • Benjamin Lim22 1 month ago

    Jerome play find the Jerome where everyone is the same Jerome or other YouTuber skin as one person then tries to find the really YouTuber like make ben find the real Jerome

  • Anthony Sanchez 1 month ago

    ur in anheim were tell me I’ll go right now plz tell me I’ll find logdotzip for hum to tell me plz

  • Anthony Sanchez 1 month ago

    he should do modded cops in robbers with doing the gold thing and just escaping just with games do it normal like og

  • Anthony Sanchez 1 month ago

    on console there’s spleef

  • Daser Poop 1 month ago

    who else wanna see jerome play hunger games

  • Under wolf 34 1 month ago

    The girl in TNT tag had reach hacks

  • Under wolf 34 1 month ago

    8 block punch

  • Aidan James Aguilar 1 month ago


  • Op Gamer 1 month ago

    Life boat

  • Tristen Kimball 1 month ago

    If you don’t want the targeting try /nick it might work but I don’t know for sure

  • Gio Guevarra 1 month ago

    bullshit tnt run is riged

  • jericholeongkokhin 1 month ago

    I like wizard TNT the most

  • Sleight Sunday 1 month ago

    Minecraft central do spleef

  • audrey costan 1 month ago

    Hi jerome

  • Loof The Super Saiyan 1 month ago

    Alaough Akbar

  • Grace Marcos 1 month ago

    #rip H4M

  • Jacob Bargeron 1 month ago

    When is ark season 2?

  • Cas 2001 1 month ago

    We want h4m

  • matthew stephens 1 month ago

    you should do more ark

  • Javier776 1 month ago

    Jerome you and the crew should do an orespawn modded battle dome that would be epic.

  • Jacob Turner 1 month ago

    I just want to say jerome you make some of the best content, does what I need it to do make me laugh and smile and light up my day

  • Beyond Star 1 month ago

    Guys could u pls Subscribe to my channel I need to get to 45 subscribers so I can play new better games.😀🙂😄 pls subscribe

  • Polar Studios 1 month ago

    Do h4m

  • cool gamer 1 month ago

    Jarom what happened to h4m

  • 000pirate the pug 1 month ago

    play cubecrafts tnt arcade games

  • Random Gamer 1 month ago

    what happened i swear jerome tagged someone at 9:50 but they didn’t get it.

  • Byron Mcclellan 1 month ago

    y don’t you play ark

  • Emerson Schaffer 1 month ago

    what is h4m

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