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  • Ali Ahmad 3 weeks ago

    do not do redstone

  • Ali Ahmad 3 weeks ago

    6:21 diamond

  • Santosh Thapa 3 weeks ago

    nice 👌

  • Alex Remennikov 3 weeks ago

    Infinity war was so sad D: RIP Spider-Man ): I cry….

  • Sir J 3 weeks ago

    How is minecraft still a thing????

  • Kuroi Inezuma 3 weeks ago

    I love they trees you create, they remind me of weeping willows for some odd reason. They’re pretty cool. And i love your videos! Thumbs up!

  • Selim Khattab 3 weeks ago

    Dude you’re going about this all wrong, what you want is to make an afk fishing farm and an anvil!!! (AN ENCHANTMENT TABLE ISN’T NECESSARY!)

  • tatik cantix 3 weeks ago

    You stupid because you don’t want to fucking eat my D (0_0) Nana jus kid were yours fisbol

  • Wisty Dragongirl 3 weeks ago

    did anyone notice the sea temple just off the edge of the island I certainly did,seems no one else did though.

  • Justin Muse 3 weeks ago

    I had some Chex mix with a glass of Disaronno n coke. Good snack to watch with this 🙂

  • FURIOUS AliEn 3 weeks ago

    300th comment

  • FURIOUS AliEn 3 weeks ago

    Do face cam

  • Melanie Schietekat 3 weeks ago

    like always its awesome i love it

  • david winter 3 weeks ago

    Why did u stop do more of it

  • Torbax 3 weeks ago

    “Thats Right” counter is off the scale…

  • FlameThrasher 3 weeks ago

    Perfection plus beauty = significance <3

  • Nikz G 3 weeks ago

    plzz explore the monument

  • Emre Adam 3 weeks ago


  • John Paul Canlas 3 weeks ago

    Archelaus subscribe you nice vids me too I watch infinity war and im a bit of Builder Pro like you

  • Teddy Oximana 3 weeks ago

    Job well done💪💪💓💓 Archelaus good luck to your next episode

  • Chocchoc does 3 weeks ago

    You say “that’s right” too much, still my fave youtuber

  • Omar Alaa 3 weeks ago

    I Watch You Vidos And you is a Monster

  • i Deny My Wins 3 weeks ago

    Nice video!!!

  • lyrica 3 weeks ago

    I recommend you to monetize your links try and boost your earnings. cpm minimum $3 up to $15.

  • Stef Morisse 3 weeks ago

    Keep going

  • Sama Vũ 3 weeks ago

    5:34 he teleported to his camera 😐 and he said he dont cheat 😐

  • Fawad Ahmed 3 weeks ago

    You don’t do proper let’s plays do it in first person not third person time lapes

  • Shadic Finest 3 weeks ago

    I am so happy I subscribed to you you are awsome

  • MK Creators Animation Studios 3 weeks ago

    YOU BASTARD! Poor lamas 😉 Nice episode as always 🙂

  • Ranjan Nathan 3 weeks ago

    Wow you are just AWESOME!!

  • TheClun939 #hypernation 3 weeks ago

    More Plz Plz Plz

  • Splitface 3 weeks ago

    I want to spoiler
    Batman dies in Infinity War

  • NeonSavage 3 weeks ago

    WOW!! 28,038th I’m am so cool *hitting the bell helps!!

  • Laputa12Fire Tasha 3 weeks ago

    I really like your mincraft creative art. Its amazing!

  • Micah Richards 3 weeks ago

    You should build a dock for your boat but I’m loving the series so far

  • malcom thonger 3 weeks ago

    If it was 3/4 moon its either a waning or waxing gibbous waning if its going from 3/4 to full and waxing if its 3/4 going into 1/2 and so forth, also GREAT series!!!

  • Ski Mask The Slumpy God 3 weeks ago

    I LOVE your base but does anyone know the seed to the world I wanna create something for myself

  • Jasper Nyssen 3 weeks ago

    Bruh i think you’re like 17 or something and you still play with blocks

  • TheGhastlyGamer 3 weeks ago


  • Gavin Carr 3 weeks ago

    MORE MORE MORE!!!!!!

  • WarriorSage Gaming 3 weeks ago

    we all had to take a break to cry a little after infinity war

  • Mahirê Mota 3 weeks ago

    Omg Archealaus have you seen The ocean Temple behind your island???

  • I’m inspired to do a survival world now. Thanks!!

  • Kurt Mayer 3 weeks ago

    This is a really, really neat twist on survival that I feel is used to it’s full advantage with your amazing skill with building! I love this series and I think it’s super neat. Keep up the great work, you earned another sub.

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 3 weeks ago

    Very cool as always. As to Infinity War, Dr.Strange saw the end, he knows exactly what he’s doing. It will be okay.

  • No Limits 3 weeks ago

    Keep it goin’! Amazin’ and inspirin’

  • Shubham Kakhandaki 3 weeks ago

    I found your video sooo amazing.. so i subscribed and got notified .. love your videos man 😊

  • Anand kumar Upadhyay 3 weeks ago

    omg u did so much that i cannot in ur first episode i cant just make nether portal but u did it all so on except i can do duhh u are legend

  • Ex Battalion 3 weeks ago

    Please episode 4 you are so cool😎😎

  • Fathoni Mizuno Sport Toni 3 weeks ago

    My Favourite Episode 😉

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