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  • Dustin Olson 2 weeks ago


  • Dustin Olson 2 weeks ago


  • Dustin Olson 2 weeks ago

    I LOVE YOUR CONTENT, next you should do a ufo time lapse with redstone

  • raizor noname 2 weeks ago

    Uhm… How can the beacon “light” have its “sade”?
    Anyway, good as always xD

  • RisqiiHQ 2 weeks ago

    you should do a double length episode every 5 episodes or so

  • Amess37 2 weeks ago

    Hey Archelaus you should build a lighthouse on the small cliff you have on the island…

  • Nabilicious 2 weeks ago

    Love this series!

  • Hacker On 2 weeks ago

    im waiting every single day to watch your survival series so please make them longer

  • Zachary West 2 weeks ago

    I love this series man! I wish I was creative as you at building in minecraft. Keep up the good work and keep them videos coming boii! <3

  • iLL x JuDGeMeNT 2 weeks ago

    Haven’t been so excited for a YouTuber to upload another let’s play in a long time! Keep going!

  • Gadjep318 2 weeks ago

    LOVE IT!! Keep going dude! This is the best minecraft series yet!

  • Supardi Xblade 2 weeks ago

    seed please

  • Abang Gibran 2 weeks ago

    This is unique survival series i ever seen, must get more attention on mc community xD

  • Bart Verhagen 2 weeks ago

    how!!! I fish every night 10 ouwer and I have no mending

  • Lachie Flisar 2 weeks ago

    You should do the next season on hermit craft (6)

  • Italian Australian 2 weeks ago

    I have never commented and this is my first comments so ur special and love the survival keep going man

  • Yujuki131527 MALAYSIA 2 weeks ago

    That cool. Make more.

  • Jaiden Thies 2 weeks ago

    This is a very unique let’s play, keep it up! I’m gunna watch every single one!

  • DarkraiZ The Gamer 2 weeks ago

    you yourself are a moshroom cow are killing so many cows 2:30

  • Khang Nguyễn 2 weeks ago

    I love it !

  • edgy weeb 2 weeks ago

    An you make the village from fallout 1 or vault city? I tried and its hard but id love to see a professional one. I hope you see this 🙂

  • Muhammad Naim 2 weeks ago

    Why so short record but you still the best youtuber never i found

  • Tom Becker 2 weeks ago

    Cool video !
    Looking really forward to the next episode (Best Minecraftseries ever)

  • Gaming Overkill 2 weeks ago

    make him yodal I dont know how to spell it don’t hate on me

  • Low Gamer 2 weeks ago

    yah we want to see more!

  • Drag0n765 Prado 2 weeks ago

    Best youtuber

  • Drag0n765 Prado 2 weeks ago

    Makes a construction to decorate!i’m your fan

  • DANREE 2 weeks ago

    Less talk more time for timelapse please

  • Smiley 12 2 weeks ago

    This is the best lets play in minecraft on youtube for me rn and from your episode looks really cool and fun to play survival on island so ill try it too tnx

  • Sprachloses 2 weeks ago

    4:06 in the backround is a desert monument and a village

  • NoThrottle 2 2 weeks ago

    Iron or Iyorn?

    Ohh The irony.

  • Hamachi Stefan 2 weeks ago

    beacon looks so ugly

  • TylerCraft Playz 2 weeks ago

    Is this fownload available for win10? Really would love to start my survival series with this map, please help. Btw loving the vids!

  • minecrafter pigman gamer 2 weeks ago

    So short why???

  • uneasyarcher 2 weeks ago

    hay arch i was thinking that we do a vid together and i’m want to know that the vewers want to see it

  • Alexander Soo 2 weeks ago

    everyone spam the hermitcraft guys asking for them to add Archelaus next season

  • Rafa PW 2 weeks ago

    When he chop the wood at first it so satisfyng

  • Gamersof epicness 2 weeks ago

    Your awesome nice job

  • Elvo Ramadhan Shofa 2 weeks ago


  • phoenix gaming 1978 2 weeks ago

    I like getting ideas from this series for my own survival world

  • Alfadz Atmajaya 2 weeks ago

    I like your vids bit mostly i like is when you build something on survival mode
    Keep going making survival series:D:D

  • Drake 1234 2 weeks ago

    Love this series

  • Memet Javier 2 weeks ago

    Just subscribed and hit the bell! I love this kind of videos. Keep making them please!
    Also, anyone who read this, please hit the like button. I NEED to hear him yodel.

  • Thosam Hoang 2 weeks ago

    What is mending??

  • Elico Drake 2 weeks ago

    Nobody else does lets plays in this style other than skyblock. A week or so before you posted the first episode i got the urge to start digging for something like this, and eventually you popped up on my feed. Please dont stop its as awesome as i thought itd be

  • Faris Walid 2 weeks ago

    Continue continue continue continue continue

  • TheAllRoundGamer 2 weeks ago

    for the storage system you should look at the underground spawn area on the Hermitcraft server

  • Corey Numa 2 weeks ago

    archelaus please make more vids i’m loving them i watched them all in a row their awesome keep up the good work👍👍😂😂😀😀😃😃😄😄😁😁😆😆😅😅

  • Molt3n Playz 2 weeks ago

    if u can still read this if part 6 gets 30k likes he will do advanced tutorial on how he builds with or without world edit

  • angelo betti 2 weeks ago

    can u plz do something with dat ocean monument in ur next vid?

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