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  • Archelaus 6 months ago

    erm, No idea why the quality is only on 1080p and 360, wasn’t like that 10 minutes ago. I Hope it fixes itself soon, sorry about that!

  • Cohen Carter 6 months ago

    I subscribed

  • Oklinharvie123 Minecraft 6 months ago

    You should add a link for pocket edition to down load it becuse zips dont work

  • Damion Williams 6 months ago

    Why not a Kingdom/Village version of this. You could make a REALLY long series of creating different villages in different biomes. Making them each individual and creating an “economy” with lore and such. For example maybe the custom village in the plains is an ally to a village that produces wood as a trade item.

    Just a thought but I thought I would share

  • Marhola 100 6 months ago

    Omg you’re… my words can’t say it. Thank you for all the work, the videos and the amazing buildings.

  • For the next kind of series like this do a nether base!

  • Edgy Wedgie 6 months ago

    seriously… how did you do that later of water over the river? what world edit command did you use?

  • MysteryGaming ITA 6 months ago

    Archelaus i love you but where’s the penis? 😂

  • SlipG@mer/ 6 months ago

    Here’s an idea, how about every few months or so, you can build something big that regards the use of comments. In other words, for example, in December, you could build something Christmas/snow themed. This build could include stuff like a Christmas tree treehouse, candy cane forests, etc. Keep in mind this is an idea after all. XD

  • Glitched_Game 6 months ago

    You are awesome Archelaus! Keep it up!

  • Simone Ravasi 6 months ago

    But are you italian??

  • Lake_ _Gamerz 6 months ago

    Honestly Archelaus you NEED to do build tutorials because you are an amazing Minecraft builder and you add so much texture to everything. If you did build tutorials you could do houses etc…The whole point is you need to do build to tutorials because everyone would love them!!!

  • Evan Chamberlin 6 months ago

    You should add an anchor to the ship and add a rope to the hot air b alloon

  • Jei Kirigamo 6 months ago

    Love the time lapses❤❤❤

  • DNS Fan 6 months ago

    One of your best and amazing builds so far, sad to have it end but keep up the really good work and can’t wait for your next build 😁👍

  • herohelper2004 12 6 months ago

    I just joined the Archelaus clan yesterday and this fishbowl build is amazing. Also you are one of the nicest people i have watched keep up your amazing work

  • Tanaktit Nuathong 6 months ago

    Tank you I have 1 million.

  • Raul Garcia 6 months ago

    Can you build a lunar base? Maybe with some space stuff

  • 22 views… 747 likes… 6 dislikes… Youtube, you need to get help for your Drinking Problem…

  • Johnny Smith 6 months ago

    You could make a circular Viking cathedral

  • Never Neb 6 months ago

    I was the 777 like!!!

  • Sarvagy Parmar 6 months ago

    How can you download the world

  • Allyn Chanco 6 months ago

    Do an timelapse building a Titanic

  • Nicholas O'Rourke 6 months ago

    Just throwing out an idea, but how about instead of getting suggestions from the community, have the community help you build something in the future?

  • GalantangS 6 months ago

    Build Some Fresh Again I LOVE IT

  • Could u make it so we can play it on minecraft pe

  • Otta Production 6 months ago

    What kind of Chocapic13’s Shaders do you use?
    V6 Ultra? V6 Extreme?

  • Caleb Das 6 months ago

    How anout in the nether

  • DB055 Plays 6 months ago


  • Rheza Pratama 6 months ago

    Good joob

  • Gregorio Semprini 6 months ago

    nooo I’m crying… 🙁 🙁 🙁

  • MO LEE HUN 6 months ago

    I added a huge emoji 3D poop to your build 😀

  • JediJoe2001 6 months ago

    Hey could you build a haunted house or Halloween map? It’s Halloween pretty soon, and I wanna see what you can do with this 😀

  • jordan rushton 6 months ago

    Hey arch could u try playing this song in your vids I think it would suit it in a spectacular way if u have time and get this message let me know how it goes… Hard to let go – by Daniel kadawatha

  • minecraft ITA gg 6 months ago

    Is very beatiful map😍

  • Nate Archibald 6 months ago

    How tf did you film this

  • Ya boy G bNb 6 months ago

    This channel is so fun to watch even though i dont play minecraft

  • Franco Aguilar 6 months ago

    Hey can this work on minecraft pe 1.2

  • Orion Lumbreras 6 months ago

    LOVE you archelaus you should make another series like this but this time make it on an island and first put a giant tree like on this series

  • xXTanner77Xx 6 months ago

    Wow! Amazing video!!! Keep up the great work I love your content!

  • elang sefuckrula 6 months ago

    Is amazing .i like it

  • Omegakiller 76 6 months ago

    This video was recorded on my b day

  • George Gondas 6 months ago

    Make trading shop with Villagers all around the bowl!!!

  • Kamiel van Ophem 6 months ago

    make a ‘dock’ for airships like the one you allready build

  • Robert Barbes 6 months ago

    Love your vids

  • Sean Mason 6 months ago

    I subscribe 👍👍 love your channel

  • SystemZee 6 months ago

    This build is most certainly one of the coolest I’ve seen!

  • Aqua Owlie 6 months ago

    This was my favourite minecraft series ever! Maybe try doing a sky base…with flying pigs! Or whales with little wings flying! Keep up the good work.

  • Aleck Laguaverde 6 months ago

    Is the map can be on minecraft pe?

  • jyotirmay basu 6 months ago

    wait how do I open the world. I downloaded the world but I cannot find the world.

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