SSundee and the Super Hero Bunch try to punch each other a


  • Tolentino Ola 1 week ago

    I subscribe

  • Hyper Husky 1 week ago

    Fun Fact – Thursday was actually named after Thor. That is where Thorsday came from.

  • Hyper Husky 1 week ago

    i want to kill you for saying mjornir wrong

  • Wolfninja 2345 1 week ago

    Well what the pacers are you run laps across the gym at a beep and you see how far you can go

  • Nelle Woodruff 1 week ago

    I call travel on Ssundee. XD

  • Jared Hettenhouser 1 week ago

    I wonder if SSundee actually knew that Thursday came from the Norse name for the day, Thorsday…

  • Davion Hate Club 1 week ago

    My teacher said take off my hoodie. I said man’s not hot

  • Sans games 1 week ago

    Its pronounced muel near

  • Blake You should of called clay Clifford Hayes 1 week ago


  • DaMasta 229 1 week ago

    You pronounce it like Mule-Nor

  • Meg Horvath 1 week ago

    Its pronounced “Mull near”

  • Tor Wikström 1 week ago

    my names thor

  • Huggable Shey 1 week ago

    Fyi thursday is from thor’s name

  • SkullHead33 1 week ago

    Hulk and Thor = Thork

  • Tntscout1a 1 week ago

    Cat women is DC and your doing s marvel them. Why you need to learn your super heros.

  • It's Anon 1 week ago

    Ssundee tattoo this Saturday Night.
    Ask drainer to show the tattoo he had to get from a challenge long ago

  • Neeraj Playz 1 week ago

    when did hulk get slow?

  • clorox bleach 1 week ago

    What a thor-iffic pun during the intro

  • DoomsDay 1 week ago

    Did you end family feud?????????????

  • Scythe Killer88 1 week ago

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  • Alex Warren 1 week ago


  • Karthik Tangirala 1 week ago

    Thursday actually did origin from third day. It’s a ancient nord word

  • tardiobscurus 1 week ago

    Great video ssundee.
    And again, thank you for serving this country

  • Chanyoung Park 1 week ago

    Ssundee dose a layup

  • Leb ofkay 1 week ago

    Why does crainer always do an off set 1-2-3 count

  • Kaur Ruben Ragis 1 week ago

    the fight at the end was cool but they should have built the arena from Thor Ragnarok. They can use world edit to do it easier

  • Charles Falkner 1 week ago

    Mule near prononced

  • Taylor Scott 1 week ago


  • joncontreras1 1 week ago

    Where is Colten

  • Will Mifflin 1 week ago

    I lideraly saw the movie ragnoroc today

  • Oliver Phillips 1 week ago

    In Norse times Thursday was actually called Thor’s day the pronouncing just changed over time

  • Flipitbros 1 week ago

    Ant man is my favorite super hero I was him for our super hero play

  • Vayne main 1 week ago

    Thank you for your service ssundee

  • _EXPJason57 _ 1 week ago

    Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, is pronounced mee-ohl-neer! Like so Ssundee can see!

  • Matthew Perry 1 week ago

    Crainer should be the superhero barney

  • 《ƸӜƷ》 Fire 1 week ago

    Thea’s bf is explodingtnt sry crainer

  • Blake Lopez 1 week ago

    Warning … This is a spoiler to the beginning of the movie………………………………… And the end……………… Loki never died and is morphed as like some king or something. For the end ragnarock destroyed the planet but also saved it

  • JoPK 1 week ago

    crainer steal your diamond block

  • Game Boys 1 week ago

    Thursday is actually named after thorsday

  • TotalMeltdown 1 week ago

    Madelyn has too much makeup on… CAKED

  • Marie Oyadomari 1 week ago


  • Marie Oyadomari 1 week ago

    Doctor strange

  • Daniel Little 1 week ago

    I watched the movie yesterday and it was GREAT. I really recommend people to watch it.

  • Klara Rudefors 1 week ago

    Anybody from sweden WHO cringed when he Said mjölnir

    Någon annan som cringade när han sa mjölnir

  • Suzan Danzey 1 week ago

    Best youtuber ever!!!!!!!!! #1

  • bread slice gaming 1 week ago

    I might get alot of hate for this but bigshaq sucks at rapping

  • I Don't Care 1 week ago

    Maddie is the cat’s meow and thea cuts the cheese…

    I don’t know if you get it.

  • hi MY NAME IS what? MY NAME IS who? MY NAME IS chika chika slim shady

  • Nenlitio Christian 1 week ago


  • Taurus the crasy bull 1 week ago

    He butchered the name of Mjölnir which is derived from the icelandic language

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