• Thea & Crainer - Minecraft 4 months ago

    Hey guys! We uploaded the wrong video about 10-20 minutes ago, it was meant for tomorrow. So for those who saw it and wonder where it is now, now you know. Sorry about the confusion!

    Anyways, I hope you all enjoy todays Minecraft GTA Video. IP to the server is in the description 🙂
    Have an amazing day, savages <3

  • jezra kook 4 months ago

    do this more 🙂

  • Dawn Shepherd 4 months ago

    Crainer..Just to let you know I found a sniper

  • Dawn Shepherd 4 months ago

    Thea..I found snipers


  • Joshua Tait 4 months ago

    Have a sirres case ssudee has one on this vs him if you dear

  • Fazbear- 64 4 months ago

    make this a series and I have subscribed

  • Just Jochum 4 months ago

    You don’t take faal damage

  • Janine Herbert 4 months ago

    Thea is a camper

  • jake li 4 months ago

    crainer play with madi and ssundee

  • Pixelite Dragon 4 months ago

    When ssundee released the server

  • BrodyBeast Boss 4 months ago


  • Artgirl 101 4 months ago

    Play hide and seek on this server

  • Cadan Wodarek 4 months ago

    Ssundee already started and he has an apartment and he has lots of money

  • Ferdinand Sarion 4 months ago

    Sorry but u guys are dumb Ian or ssundee is pro of co owner noobs

  • Ferdinand Sarion 4 months ago

    And no get op cause ssundee has tier 4 guns like shotgun and sniper and iron armour while u guys are noobs

  • Ferdinand Sarion 4 months ago

    U guys are nubs not pro cause Ian op plus co owner u stupid idiot

  • James Paulk 4 months ago

    I love your videos

  • Jose Mendoza 4 months ago

    Do another one

  • Shakil Uddin 4 months ago

    Do another girl friend vs boy friend video

  • Hassan Mahmud 4 months ago

    Use the cheatcote

  • Isabelle Conquest 4 months ago

    You can double jump

  • Mélissa Bouleau 4 months ago

    Crainer tea do vid on gta pls

  • Danny Verhesen 4 months ago

    I want more Ep s

  • DylanTheGameGuy 4 months ago

    Crainer do a series with ssundee he’s the co owner

  • TheSlasherGamer 4 months ago

    kan du starte dene serien

  • keith williams 4 months ago

    shit shit shit shit shit shit shit fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  • feifei xia 4 months ago

    go with ssundee

  • Lorelyn Estrada 4 months ago

    Don’t be LAME!!!!!!!

  • Jeff Jones 4 months ago

    You guys annoy me so badly, Thea had a tier four weapon and lost because she couldn’t click. She also had a tier 5!!!

  • Michael Holliday 4 months ago

    What version

  • David Conley 4 months ago

    It is ok

  • David Conley 4 months ago

    Love you guys have a good day

  • David Conley 4 months ago


  • Angel Henriquez 4 months ago

    “I was eating.” 😀

  • Poke mon 4 months ago

    you should play crazy craft again and beat the game then keep on going never end it!
    you got me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol XD

  • storm lightning 123 4 months ago

    Sniping is boring

  • nick thiel 4 months ago

    I know a better GTM server, map is too big, the GTM server I know has realistic resource pack.

  • Epic Gamer 360 4 months ago

    Is crainer singing to turn on notification hahaha that’s funny!!!

  • Ender 303MLG360 4 months ago


  • piggs 1929 4 months ago

    Doesn’t Ssundee co-own the server and didn’t he make a video of it

  • MorTaL Zippy 4 months ago

    U need invite SSundee and maddy i think that would be awasome

  • PVP Master 4 months ago

    Thea so triggered when Crainer kills her 😂😂😂

  • The Etern4ls 4 months ago

    I think i saw u as dukey fart

  • Rally Westin 4 months ago

    Game play plz

  • Luiz Antonio L. DOROTEO 4 months ago

    i like you but this vid is lame

  • Abidin Zaenal 4 months ago

    Ssundee play this

  • Eliot Chan 4 months ago

    Thea won!,

  • Yohana Limarno 4 months ago

    plz make a series

  • Syed Rahman 4 months ago

    Uhh actually I think ssundee is ahead of you

  • Smg /Reece 2 4 months ago

    Sundee play this

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