• BearClaws 1 month ago


  • EruptionRBLX 1 month ago

    Sorry PrestonPlayz i haven’t watched for 1-2 years pls dont hate me 🙁

  • Aquatic Sea Monster 1 month ago

    #Unsubfromshot #Poofels #GetPreston5mil

  • Klaudia Czech 1 month ago

    Hi Hii

  • nagato yumotuce 1 month ago

    do parkore with the no block mod

  • Akaal Singh 1 month ago

    Ref is acc good a parkour

  • Brendan Ewer 1 month ago

    My dad named our dog Khaleesi German Shepherd

  • Cohen Turner 1 month ago

    record kellys song thing

  • AtinkyBooPlayzGamez Official 1 month ago

    “I’m not leaving with out you, i’m just not leaving WITH you,,,”
    – Preston 2017

  • Jemplays 1 month ago

    My mom will gift me a Premium Mc if I got 1k subs please help😢 I know its hard

  • Beenbee 1 month ago

    “I recommend not falling”
    im dying

  • Jacestel Crafting 1 month ago

    hahahaa I think I heard the word boner!!😂😂😂😂😂

  • A gamer 1 month ago

    Yo preston play dragon escape again

  • Topaz Gaming 1 month ago

    *Cringing so hard

  • MauwSquad Games 1 month ago

    NNOOOOOOOOO, WHY!!! I Cant go. 😭😭😭😭 I live in europe

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  • clare dunn 1 month ago

    Now there going to be a bunch of kids going to see what game of throne is thanks to that reference, what have you done…

  • Golden Wolf 1 month ago

    On the plains won was any one else wondering if they could just walk on the sides

  • Gaming Roof 1 month ago

    Why do u ignore what referee Rodriquez says on chat.

  • Bastian 1229 1 month ago

    Hey Preston I live in Texas

  • Bastian 1229 1 month ago

    I actually want to try to get into the Texas Longhorns or Spurs

  • Bastian 1229 1 month ago

    And I think ur awesome have a great day and God Bless You

  • PopularMmos Family 1 month ago

    Hello preston i am a youtuber this is my channel PopularMmos Family

  • DemonHunter KM 1 month ago

    you siad a bad word i watch it

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  • Deadblade 123 1 month ago

    He say hold the phone but i was watching with the tv

  • AverageGamer 1 month ago

    When you so want to go to the release party but than you remember you don’t live in Texas

  • DiamondDust9 1 month ago

    Preston you make the world smile
    You had no face for a while
    Do you know anyone called Kyle?
    If so does he live in a pile?
    Does your sister use a nail file?
    Do you ever want to see the river Nile?

    Preston I hope you see this I took inspiration from a video you made 3 years ago with Mitch and Vikk
    It is the one where Mitch kept spawning mobs called Speed parkour run w/ Preston Mitch and Vikk

  • Jimsta123 The third 1 month ago

    Finally 4m subs

  • ThunderStar Gaming 1 month ago

    Wow 8 months ago jake paul was only known in vine but now even the famous youtubers know him

  • NhânGamingYT 1 month ago

    3:12 lol

  • Leila Milkic 1 month ago

    I really wanna go , but i cant😭😢

  • jawad amiri 1 month ago

    Awesome vid Preston with the pack 🙂 Preston plz do more lucky block challenges

  • Rocker652 1 month ago

    Do more vlogs!!!

  • I Like Turtles 1 month ago

    What’s the temperature in celsiors?
    *Uh, over 9000*

  • I heard Preston was good at wrestling I wonder if he could pin this comment down

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  • TheCactusEverdeen 1 month ago

    Preston collab with teachnoblade

  • Taamz Heart 1 month ago

    I live for edits.

  • Wolf King 1 month ago

    preston i am making a map for you can you play it it is not done it is not a horror map it is what you are good at i mean you aregood at everything BUT i think the best thing in you is your MAD parkour skills i made a map for ya and it will be out soon you guys can play it too

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  • Maria xD 1 month ago

    Неlló guys! whó Iíkés súrprísés? Just cIicк ón mу ᑭᖇOᖴIᒪE ᑭIᑕTᑌᖇE ánd fínd óut the bést thíng еvеr!

  • Rania Edwards 1 month ago

    Unicorn exactly I’m English but I wanna go so bad

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  • The Playce 1 month ago

    Pause the video and go to 1:59 and pause a few more times till you get…

  • Todd Hughes 1 month ago

    I never even subbed to shot in the first place…


  • ArcadeOfficer 1 month ago

    My favorite News Channel 10:22

  • Russell McCutchan 1 month ago

    I live in Texas

  • Aarushi Sunil 1 month ago

    Preston, why are you quoting from Jake Paul’s song, “It’s Everyday Bro”? Why not quote from “The Fall Of Jake Paul”?

    (Imma Logangster, I’m sorry Jake Paulers.) (Jk, sorry not sorry.) (Jk, sorry.)

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