This is bizarre and Kevin needs to eat his carrots.
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  • Christian Francois 1 month ago

    why does no one care that jordan is losing subscribers?!

  • Eric Fillion 1 month ago

    ~Sparkles “Put them in my belly button”
    ~Me *Listen to “It’s My Belly Button (Song)” From Rhett and Link*

  • JTN8TOR 1 month ago

    Are u sure this is the wierdesed mao ever remember the flying pig thst wanted to be a unicorn

  • Josh Stanley 1 month ago

    x33n souns just like elmow

  • Generic YouTube account 1 month ago

    It’s Ronald McDonald kill him with health food

  • benji rose 1 month ago


  • Nick Viggiano 1 month ago

    Remember the sphax resourse pack? 🙁 Rip mianite)

  • Alexandra Mohr 1 month ago

    Now I want carrot cake

  • Witherman_YT87 1 month ago

    Welcome to Minecraft 1.12 where have fancy looking kind of spirally blocks, with monsters inside of them

    (Hi shulker boxes)

  • IncrediCrafter 13 1 month ago

    It was a maggot the whole time!!! Jordan said “That wasn’t no maggot!” … double negative

  • Calla Bassett 1 month ago

    You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.

  • Muloch Leader of the orc army 1 month ago

    They should do a Teams troll craft

  • Brigham Stone 1 month ago

    dantdm played this map

  • - BeastlyLionMane - 1 month ago

    That’s really funny because I’m at my sister’s house and her wifi is called IDONTKNOW_2

  • Randii Ascano 1 month ago

    Anyone think this map looks like PortaL Crystals (look it up at Joey Graceffa’s gaming channel) ? Only me? okay.

  • Iri Yoo 1 month ago


  • Jacob Westerby 1 month ago

    He never said that the maze was a-maze-ing…

  • Fluffy Kitty 1 month ago

    Now I have to change my wifi password…

  • JNutter3006 1 month ago

    Jordan’s gnome voice reminds me of Tim Conway’s Old Man Character. Lol, so funny!!     Doesn’t help i watched another one last night!!

  • Speedgamer- سبيد 1 month ago

    Like it ;D

  • Awesome Super Stickman 1 month ago

    Jordan play cuphead plsss!

  • Ichsan Ali 1 month ago


  • Michael Kerolos 1 month ago

    Is it just me who wants to see him play solo maps again??

  • FuryousD 1 month ago

    “everything looks the same” did u activate the resourse pack or is it meant to look that way?

  • tomatoflight 1 month ago

    Why does captain sparkles know idubbbz’s ‘gay retard’ accent.

  • MC King-Minecraft 1 month ago

    The weirdest story ever.
    A boy named Ronald is eating all the food in the world and enslaving his gnome friends Cez, Gaac, Nak, Tic and Rok. But some of these elves went wild and 2 heroes, named Sean and Jordan, must retrieve and heal those gnomes by defeating parkour, maze and dropper dungeons to defeat Ronald. But Ronald locks them up inside his belly button where they have to mimic sounds, fill cauldrons with water, kill mobs and solve invisible mazes. Then, in the end, Ronald gets killed after bombarding Jordan and Sean with hamburgers and carrots, and even after eating healing cake, Jordan and Sean manage to defeat this threat, and all food has been restored to the world. The end.

  • MC King-Minecraft 1 month ago

    I know this has nothing to do with the video but how many Mianite jokes have there been in Mianite?
    Dine At Nite-Tom’s restaurant.
    Cry At Nite-When someone is sad.
    Fly At Nite-Jordan’s, Tucker’s and Sonja’s airship.
    Mine At Nite-What Minecraft workers do and a repulsory joke to Mianite.

  • CnC Gaming 1 month ago

    You should have had Guard_Tom’s voice be the gnomes

  • PepperoniPie 1 month ago

    Sparklez please stop going f1 in credits, it doesn’t show the text credits that shows up on screen.

  • marksgv 1 month ago

    Yeah, definitely felt like a game they would make kids play in school, a little subliminal health propaganda. lol. I could see it having a charm for that. Nice to see X33N drop in again. Him and gravity go together like peanut butter and jelly. I can see that Cuphead side at the end. Now that Jordan said it, I wonder if someone will try to make something like it. That’s a real tough little game.

  • Timothy Petrochilos 1 month ago

    i love how condescending u guys r to each other. it’s hilarious lol

  • Shmow 1 month ago

    Yo, I was a beta tester on this map.

  • JosherMosher 1 month ago

    The voice at the beginning of the map sounded like idubbbzz

  • ArtsyRamen 1 month ago

    Who agrees that X33N sounds kinda like bill cypher?

  • This channel ded af lol

  • The Nasa Nerd 1234 1 month ago


  • Matias Soto 1 month ago

    Wow copying dantdm

  • Memo Memo 1 month ago

    My aunts WiFi password was idontrememberthepassword. I don’t understand why people do that

  • Our Awesome YouTube 1 month ago

    You have to defeed Ronald!

  • Prototype 1 month ago

    This makes no sense because they killed the boss with healthy foods so technically he should have been getting stronger. Logic 101

  • ZetDude Gaming 1 month ago

    Wait… “Zet”???

    *looks at own username*


  • duncan weegink 1 month ago

    again x33n Blech!!!

  • I literally watched 2 other YouTubers play this map yet Jordan and X33N were my favorites

  • tactical841 1 month ago

    I’m sick of seeing x33n can you post some maps where it’s just you?

  • Hufflepuff Fantasies 1 month ago

    haha I’m eating tic tack

  • DefectiveWarhead 1 month ago

    I feel like i got the wrong message… You killed him with carrots and healed him with cake. I mean… Cake made him superhuman did it not?

  • Davis Knoll 1 month ago

    I saw the sphax resource pack. Reminds me of the mianite days

  • sersha davids 1 month ago

    ((((((: cool vid bra

  • Purple Peep 1 month ago


  • Wondertwig 1 month ago

    it’s 2am and after watching this, I went and got junk food at the grocery store. Thanks, Ronald.

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