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  • Blackwolf07 4 weeks ago

    Anyone else ever wonder what they laugh about when they check discord privately?

  • Blackwolf07 4 weeks ago

    20:37 #bensacheater he used /enchant jerome why did y’all cheat. What is luck when you get
    fortune III unbreaking III. what are the chances of getting that

  • Blackwolf07 4 weeks ago

    Lunchables are like $4 in florida. Its crazy

  • Brian Choi 4 weeks ago

    Crafting dead

  • E Haynes 4 weeks ago

    can we please have a multi episode battle done

  • Erin Nicole 4 weeks ago

    Honestly, I find it super aggravating when they’re all laughing at someone in discord and we have no idea what it is. Either tell us the joke or wait until after stream to joke around. It just makes it feel like we aren’t good enough to know the joke or that you aren’t paying attention to us in stream. Idk maybe I’m the only one, but it really bugs me.

  • Guh Gubh 4 weeks ago


  • Sgt SlaughterGaming 4 weeks ago

    I just landed in Orlando for vacation

  • HarithHasif Play 4 weeks ago

    I miss Team Crafted 😢😢😢Your YouTube channel are dieing

  • Matteo Selgado 4 weeks ago

    Were is hexxit letsplay, tewity, blade

  • Joe Vanche 4 weeks ago

    Bean bean bean

  • ShadtheShadow 4 weeks ago

    Get will soon

  • yuan Angelo I. Belmonte 4 weeks ago

    I Missed When Jerome Did 2Hour LiveStreans

  • Kessy Bean 4 weeks ago

    Idk… It doesn’t bother me when they laugh about something we can’t see. There’s also probably things that can’t be said out loud on stream

  • Matthew Purcell 4 weeks ago

    You should do a jeopardy style battle dome. One judge, team vs team, one at a time, different difficulties of questions give different levels or resources(iron, gold, diamond, red matter, etc) then 15 mins to gather tradeable goods to get lucky blocks

  • Keaton Heemskerk 4 weeks ago

    Ben is a cheater

  • Keaton Heemskerk 4 weeks ago

    And Austin is a peanut

  • Empire 2829 4 weeks ago

    Who remembers Klub ice

  • Mrslime 99 4 weeks ago

    I tried the goofy goober thing I got punched in the face

  • piggy gamer 1975 4 weeks ago



  • Sammy Simon 4 weeks ago

    Oh buns

  • Trevor Gonda 4 weeks ago

    Your buns wiffle

  • Blastgaming 786 4 weeks ago

    What happened to Tewity

  • Spirit Warrior 4 weeks ago

    How is it the most difficult if you have vein miner and have transmutation tablets

  • Millie Mok 4 weeks ago

    Andrew : Guys you can drop down my mineshaft if you want
    Alex : Gross


  • gamerboy forlife 4 weeks ago

    Jerome I have a nickname for you how about the bombing Bacca

  • Ieuan Bessant 4 weeks ago


  • Wui Ting Woon 4 weeks ago

    jerome u should try the bar(BAR)

  • Tyler Sprought 4 weeks ago

    Jerome you should do another multipart battle dome

  • that kid with a fro do 4 weeks ago


  • Tristan Shayo 4 weeks ago

    Watching u

  • Aiden Robert 4 weeks ago

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  • Sky Jacker 4 weeks ago


  • John Geske 4 weeks ago

    Who thinks they should do a dragon ball z battle dome ?

  • F2_12 X 4 weeks ago

    Did anyone else see in chat it said,
    [FrizzlenPop] [Seccsfully Enchanted]
    And then ben comes in and says with the least exitment possible, “I got extremely lucky, I got a fortune 3 and unbreaking 3 pickaxe” and just knew that Ben cheated that in with commands.

  • portygon z jerome best friend 4 weeks ago

    Alex =mario

  • allmightyvon AV 4 weeks ago

    😲is that zombie holding a gun!!? ……😇(ben) yes. POW💢

  • Supercell Gamer 4 weeks ago

    Monday is my birthday shout me out in your next vid

  • Aydin Palkovic 4 weeks ago

    Has anyone else noticed that every battle dome Jerome’s team wins.
    I’m starting to think that the other team loses on purpose.

  • David Waibel 4 weeks ago

    I’m going to globechargers

  • MasonHebdon 4 weeks ago

    36:25 I can’t eat pizza because of celiac disease

  • THATGUYBOB the Bacon Man 4 weeks ago

    2T plz

  • blitzer boss 4 weeks ago

    Austin ya buns

  • Kolten Taylor 4 weeks ago


  • Razor Blade 4 weeks ago

    You should make black panther lucky blocks

  • Super_Challenger 4 weeks ago


  • Rafael Bueno 4 weeks ago

    Ya buns ben

  • Jessica Torres 4 weeks ago

    Where blame at

  • WizardParty Gaming 4 weeks ago

    Why can’t u play with tewity… u guys are so good together

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