A vanilla survival series in the new Aquatic Update with a whole


  • Adam Eason 2 weeks ago

    youtube autoplay took me to the exact video i want to see!

  • Finix Comet 2 weeks ago

    Love these series brah

  • Red 1 2 weeks ago

    Did anyone notic that he made fences but in his chest he had 6 birch fences

  • Samuel Fereday 2 weeks ago

    Make Jerry’s tree on the island

  • Quy Khoi Le 2 weeks ago

    On my last world I dug for 2000+ blocks without finding a single diamonds so I just gave up and go plunder nether fortresses instead
    Now I find more diamonds than coal

  • GoodGamer3000 Rules 2 weeks ago

    Sushi is sushi, you know, with rice and stuff. I think you mean sashimi.

  • caseybug1110 2 weeks ago

    “I’m not short at all” Mhm… :/

  • GoodGamer3000 Rules 2 weeks ago

    You don’t have to be automated. You could live in your own Amish paradise.

  • Boogali Boogala 2 weeks ago

    Your doors suck pls fix

  • Lps Mkay 2 weeks ago

    If you want to hire someone, to build your house and such to make it look nice, I suggest Kiingtong!
    He has pretty much been “The Builder” for quite a few people, in a lot of SMPs! Well, at least Grasers, even though he did get better about actually building, instead of throwing diamonds at his friends to build for him lmao

  • The One The Only 2 weeks ago


  • Velocity Raptor 2 weeks ago


  • Lone Wolf Gaming 2 weeks ago

    At 23:32-“I used to be an air conditioner but now I’m a fan.”-Jordan Maron

  • SpiralAnimal 384 2 weeks ago

    I miss troll craft

  • Adam Eason 2 weeks ago

    43:10 jardon, offhand slot. use it. torches.
    44:23 took you long enough.

  • Adam Eason 2 weeks ago

    49:03 oh boy, coal friendzoned.

  • Adam Eason 2 weeks ago

    strip mining tip: every four blocks do a one-block hole to your left and right as far as you can reach. it will let you find a ton more ore.

  • JHAN1212 2 weeks ago

    Subnautica pls?’

  • kilu8 2 weeks ago

    oh mah gawd, captainsparklez is across from LDshadowlady, I am fanboying hardcore mate

  • Austin Chan 2 weeks ago

    Kiingtong is a really good builder! You should hire him to make you a house

  • Adam Eason 2 weeks ago

    56:40 you give yourself way too much credit.

    man, you learn new things every day dont you? like, im suprised that caprklez had no idea diamonds where this rare up until this point.

  • Tony Neeley 2 weeks ago

    I was that person saying “Your cows are gonna escape.” LOL.

  • CDucks 2 weeks ago

    Jordan you’re CAPTAIN SPARKLEZ! Make a Boat house my guy. TAKE TO THE SEA!

  • Liam Taylor 2 weeks ago

    Jardon why do u pain us by mentioning mianite

  • Jan-San 2 weeks ago

    Fyi digging straight down is a really good idea. Just remember when digging down, dig 2 blocks wide and stand in the middle so that if there is an opening you wouldn’t fall down to your demise.

  • rate eightx 2 weeks ago

    How Was This World Generated?

  • Liam Furman 2 weeks ago

    A lot of people seem to not realize that a single block of water saturates farmland within a 4 block radius. Please don’t make your farms so inefficient.

  • Doniyelleh 2 weeks ago

    Love love love please show people minecraft is an ever growing game of not just serve mini games and pvp show them its building and beautiful ❤️

  • Emma Korntheuer 2 weeks ago

    Watching Jardon not use poke-holes hurts me.

  • NovaSoBored 2 weeks ago

    the bed thing has been a thing forever! You gotta stand right up next to it :3

  • GoodGamer3000 Rules 2 weeks ago


  • Crowbar Asdfghjkl 2 weeks ago

    A house only its builder could love.

  • Owen Yin 2 weeks ago

    Jardon, maybe the dolphins are smart

    I mean, you can see them trying to go to space, and/or evolve themselves to live on land

    Maybe this is their plan; they attempt to go to space via dolphin jumping forkery, then those that fail land on islands to be consumed by us pitiful humans and/or attempt to evolve to live on land, and us humans will someday make a space program – as their backup plan, fed by the dedication of generations of dolphins – and meanwhile those who survive train the new generations in the way of their magical ocean forkery.

  • ItWasNotNiceKnowingYou 2 weeks ago

    Will(Kiingtong, the guy building the chicken farm) is a really good builder. He could definitely help you out though be warned, he usually doesn’t complete larger projects(no hate, it’s kind of a joke in his channel)

  • Natalie Mcmurray 2 weeks ago

    Jordan- “here I go again on my own, going down the only road I’ve ever known, like a drifter I was born to walk alone.”


  • William Wilson 2 weeks ago

    u dont need a diamond pick to make the portal just form the obsidian in the shape of the portal and theres no need to mine it at all.

  • mitchy muchu 2 weeks ago

    If all these episodes are gonna be an hour long each until the end of this series, i aint about this life cuz aint nobody got time for that, im watching this some other time. Love this series tho.

  • Owen Yin 2 weeks ago

    48:02 “Oooh, *Lahpeez Lah-zooh-leee* !”

    That killed me xD

  • TheAustralianBrumby 2 weeks ago

    43:53 – Daryl Braithwaite, Horses

  • Nevertheless 2 weeks ago

    Make the roof into an A shape like you were trying to, but use stairs (cobblestone or planks). Makes it look more professional

  • ManOfStrong 2 weeks ago

    Glass go to crafting table and put glass in the 6 slots of the crafting table

  • Joshua Mendoza 2 weeks ago

    It pains my heart seeing Jardon waste iron pick axe for the content

  • Benjamin Loh 2 weeks ago

    You should explore that mineshaft close to your stripmine. There should be some chests with good loot inside, rails for future use, etc.

  • Sparkers Kitchen 101 2 weeks ago

    That house tho! U dirty boi Jardon…….. What happened to aesthetics???

  • daniel achilles remus dela cruz 2 weeks ago

    Get a trident!!!! Have a drowned throw one at you then pick it up.

  • Benson Chen 2 weeks ago

    You should really make a fishing rod. It really makes your life a lot easier.

  • DJ-BRON3 2 weeks ago

    Idea:The island mine you plan to have connect to the underwater base. Instead of destroying a block of the floor to do it, how about putting the entrance underneath your little balcony?

  • chrishemry7 2 weeks ago

    I would put two torches on both sides of the front and back door of your hut for decorative purposes.

  • TheaPlays Gaming 2 weeks ago

    35:29 Stacy’s Base??? 😀

  • Mika Sanchez 2 weeks ago

    I mean golden apples

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