Minecraft: THE ARCANE 3.0 SOTW *INVIS RAIDING* ( Minecraft PvP )


  • Hostadam PvP 1 month ago

    we better than meezoid and zigy :O

  • Nudit 1 month ago

    record with gloryblade for an throwback

  • zLevelUP 1 month ago


  • latifa rezzougui 1 month ago

    Where is maxhockey03

  • KevFX // Gaming & More 1 month ago

    When you forget to green screen

  • Reloxity 1 month ago

    Mixton is a 1.5k YTer

  • StrafStudie 1 month ago

    I killed defying today xDD

  • Chaysie 1 month ago


  • Enderking MC 1 month ago

    alex is a bald eagle

  • Sesky 1 month ago

    Please dont sprint that hurts me to watch

  • The Hazy Barbecue Minecraft & Other games 1 month ago

    It cringes me how you sprint a
    While invis

  • oBeasty 1 month ago

    Pain dont sprint. They Can ser your sprint paticles❤️

  • BruiserDaKing _ 1 month ago

    Next pack can u make like 128 or 64x packs because 256 hit like a train

  • RedFull RedFull 1 month ago

    Painful pls set you server arcane “no premium” i can play with you i no have premium my minecraft pls

  • Ultramouk 1 month ago

    Could’ve pearled Under lol

  • Hants 1 month ago

    what’s that pack i downloaded for this pack not arcane 256x xD

  • ליאת קרט 1 month ago

    If you sprint while invis you can see the particals lol

  • TigerensLV 1 month ago

    My direction hud is broken I instalēs cheat breaker mod to.Can some one help me? I can post screen

  • ElementPvP- Minecraft And Roblox 1 month ago

    when u click the download pack it takes u 2 the arcane pack… gg painful

  • MattPlayzGames 1 month ago


  • LuMaNia ! 1 month ago

    You need to place a button than you have to click 1 time

  • KaiMC 1 month ago

    Let him make a 64x or lower pack

  • XHeyItzZoeyX 1 month ago

    Painful’s the type of guy to run out of milk, then tells the grocer “Where’s the pots”, then gets shown the gardening section.

  • SketchyAim 1 month ago

    @PainfulPvP someone stole my name so that isn’t me in the video please PIN my new IGN is PickleAim for now

  • ItzRaid 1 month ago

    You trying to invis my boy Spistro_

  • TheGamerSpistro 1 month ago

    Nice try invis raiding young man. Better luck next time !!! do it again!!!

  • Jack Mack 1 month ago

    This is the best pack you’ve ever used

  • FUCKERY IS EVERYWHERE! 1 month ago

    LOL Killerdaniel cheats. He uses an autoclicker or reach

  • TheCrazyGamer YT 1 month ago

    I mean u sprinted half of the time u in is raided so I mean not hard to see u

  • Pillar obert 1 month ago

    somone buy me cape ign osal please

  • HalfHydra0 1 month ago

    Alex is a BOTTT

  • XFLEMAX Playz 1 month ago

    Painfull do a invisi raid on alex

  • Ludwigie Villaran 1 month ago

    At 13:00 you can see James using an AutoClicker but how hes using cheatbreaker breaking block and getting 7 Cps haha Dudeee Totally Legit.

  • DonavanPlaysGames 1 month ago

    Congrats on 129k by the time I’m watching

  • Desired Combos 1 month ago

    Do a duo with gloryblade again like if you guys think so too!!! Also like and reply so pain could see

  • davedog124 1 month ago

    Video start at 3:45 tank me later 🙂

  • candy ng 1 month ago

    Wait so painful and protato is living together???

  • Kazzy Latven 1 month ago

    That pack is lit HJAHAHA

  • Bionic_Brayden 1 month ago

    11:00 Casual mixton and didn’t notice

  • Master Man Games 1 month ago


  • Jarno 1 month ago

    I like how the map is 1 week and painful make 1 sotw video and one video in like the middle of the map and one before the maps going to die. And then the same next map. (#badenglish)

  • ItzAggelosYT 1 month ago

    PainfulPvP = PanfulCringe plzzzzz delete ur channel

  • DarkenedPvP 1 month ago

    Record with talabain or imake

  • Pently 1 month ago

    This pack is fkin awesome but my pc cannot handle high res packs 🙁

  • AdamStates 1 month ago

    :/ I wish we would have got enough likes for the pack not gona happen

  • Lukas Sunden 1 month ago

    whats the orange texture pack

  • Attacker 127 1 month ago

    2:04 The lireral PainTRAIN lol

  • Tyger73 1 month ago

    Ikr. Its SOO NICE

  • Yohami 1 month ago

    WHEN IS VID!??!?!

  • ObbyRaidz 1 month ago

    oh LOL didn’t know that was you

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