Minecraft: THE ARCANE 3.0 CONQUEST EVENT!! [3] ( Minecraft PvP )


  • PainfulPvP 1 month ago

    Where’s the #NOTIGANG AT?!

  • Joeey FTW 1 month ago

    The Pepe kid was trigger botting

  • DJ Pink 1 month ago

    Glad your back to uploading! I’m loving the series!

  • Only Shampou 1 month ago

    I am honestly enjoying this season SO MUCH because you’re finally fighting :!

  • Mathieu van avermaet 1 month ago

    Or the guy at 8:06 was hacking or he is a pvp god like door or stimpy

  • Ninja Burger 1 month ago

    Saw what?

  • TurtleStomp 1 month ago

    take a shot of poptarts everytime he says pepe
    pronounce it “papay” 🙁

  • aidsn 1 month ago

    “Is this a pepe guy, i dont know is it a pepe guy?’ -JamesGarrod2k17

  • xFqntic 1 month ago

    Painful is the type of guy to use lolitslaex voice to not get noticed

  • drakesteff 1 month ago

    why am I in the title?

  • who says 1 month ago


  • OTF Texturepacked 1 month ago

    The server sounds like a rip off of cosmicpvp…. btw do you guys even know how to make a cannon or generate walls?

  • JavierxD MendozaD57 1 month ago


  • Acroz 1 month ago

    Set a waypoint

  • Apple Times 1 month ago

    Can you play velt tô I like velt please

  • Driped 1 month ago

    He was cheat8ng lmao

  • Tyrisu 1 month ago

    Nah bro he carries u just kidding

  • cj_Carpio 1 month ago

    any1 need a cannoner?

  • NoHaxJustIlan 1 month ago

    did anyone notice that he changed shorst mid episode???

  • Slidin Q 1 month ago

    L Ur So Bad

  • Refilming 1 month ago

    Painful set a frickin Waypoint

  • Ninja Burger 1 month ago


  • kyle hadley 1 month ago


  • Verloh 1 month ago

    I died bc my pearl did 5 hearts

  • It’s so annoying when people make packs and give them to known people and they get no support it takes a long time to make a pack and it isn’t easy so show support to AlphaHex you downloaded the pack but you would sub to the creator (they usually make other good packs that known people don’t showcase)

  • xV0rt3x 1 month ago

    Painful the kind of guy to fall off a cliff and say “i have a water bucket!”.

  • cheeszies 99 1 month ago

  • Ventz 1 month ago

    You got falsed banned , arcane is glitchy they need to reste bans everyone is getting falsed banned like fr

  • YeBoiConner 1 month ago

    RIP Painful and Marce

  • YeBoiConner 1 month ago


  • AWESOME VIDEO WATCHER! 1 month ago

    Painful dude if ur three hearts low and trading hits, then double pot behind u like stimpy and continue the trade, don’t ignore ur health xd

  • Takemelove 1 month ago

    I think you should name the cow it’s been in there like forever lol

  • Good Grade 1 month ago

    Wow alphahex didnt credit tory for the pack

  • MegaMuffin 1 month ago

    Don’t be Alex set a waypoint

  • SelfiePvP 1 month ago


  • Roith 1 month ago

    Painful, you should record with 120fps or 240fps and render in 60fps

  • MasterBearMLG 1 month ago


  • TanZY 1 month ago


  • GREEK_AxeL/09 1 month ago

    Dude put ur sounds lower im telling u

  • I was the invis sorry James

  • Zoropyo L 1 month ago

    THe guy was hacking

  • Julian. 1 month ago

    Marcel is 20, and he still has homework tf.

  • Kyll Vinize 1 month ago

    Can u group up with pain train for some cool and amazing crew

  • IBeThieving 1 month ago

    Cheat breaker OP

  • Glanstar 1 month ago

    1 November is My favo dag

  • Smoke weed everyday 1 month ago

    Dude u are getting bad at pvp :/

  • DarkStarPvP12 1 month ago

    Painful way point

  • Foloo 1 month ago


  • Elane 1 month ago

    Why is the invis guy hacking?

  • ZipCodes 1 month ago


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