• Cpt Ragefan 5 months ago

    Love this series keep up the good work Patrick 😈👍🏻👌🦀

  • DJ Vlogs 5 months ago


  • Kevin Calderon 5 months ago

    Great vid

  • Ta-raun Stevens 5 months ago

    Tj 24253

  • Apple Pie Gamer 5 months ago

    Hey cannibal this was the first apocalypse episode I watched and I LOVED it subscribe to cannibal and Cody and kraken and everyone else

  • jason Jackson 5 months ago

    A cannibal you should have a subscriber wall and put Jason on it for me please if you do

  • Tristan Saunders 5 months ago

    Canibal have you played undertale!!

  • Monica Cottrell 5 months ago

    cool video

  • Wily Wyvern 5 months ago


  • Dragons & Squids 5 months ago

    I noticed that the soldiers have different colored eyes but there all steves

  • killer Roblox family team killer Roblox 5 months ago

    Cannibal crab where is Cody is
    Cody going to play the apocalypse anymore

  • Hannah Hemping 5 months ago

    Can you please send that game

  • Hadi Balal 5 months ago


  • jason alexander wong 5 months ago

    You can destroy that grave to loot the item

  • HarrysTheFighter Gr 5 months ago

    Who is hyperscale?

  • GlitchReaper 5 months ago

    And the mystery of your silent partner Hyperscale continues. Maybe a quick look into the old gravestone will take care of that?

  • Gabreil Pranza 5 months ago


  • awsome sause90 5 months ago

    Did anyone else see that hyperscale_ was on the map In the map

  • William Thomas 5 months ago

    U have to have the farm inside the fence look at bongo’s channel to see how this mod works(bongotezz)

  • Caden Venhaus 5 months ago

    There is another player near the crater

  • Elijah Trujillo 5 months ago

    My name is SlyRapter784

  • Elijah Trujillo 5 months ago

    Can I please be survivor of the day I love your videos but if I’m not it’s ok

  • Fred Hyeth 5 months ago

    Nice vid

  • shakur Teahu saddlier 5 months ago

    why isn’t Noelle posting videos any more Miss ?

  • Demon Fox/H2O Gaming 5 months ago

    The thing why your villagers don’t like you is because you are a scrub.

  • Demon Fox/H2O Gaming 5 months ago

    And getting your villagers killed is also another reason why they don’t like you.

  • gladiator Belfield 5 months ago

    Cannibal that guy named hyper scale was another player beacause when you killed him he had a grave

  • Brian Bangs 5 months ago

    I love crab

  • Zac M 5 months ago

    cannibal I have to point out that you can compress dirt, sand, and cobblestone and eventually if you compress dirt enough you can get dirt as strong as obsidian.

  • Zac M 5 months ago

    i spent all of yesterday watching up until this episode and noticed that you have enderIO so I’m going to say that in that mod you can farm the body fluids of mobs to power things such as the killer joe which is used to farm mobs infact ender IO is actually mainly a mod about using mobs for things such as you can use soul vials to make mob spawners. firstly you make a soul vial, secondly you go in search of a mob like a skeleton, robo rex, plasma creeper, zombie or raider. thirdly you make some machine that puts the mobs soul into a spawner which can be made out of iron or harvested from dungeons. the enderIO mod also lets you store your experience in tanks. you can also enchant weapons and armour much easier because theres a weird pedestal thing which you can use to make books with enchantments on it and if you have enough iron you can mae a dark steel anvil which lasts a little longer than an ordinary anvil.

  • Zac M 5 months ago

    also how do you get the invasion modpack?

  • Kristopher Marquez 5 months ago

    When is cody coming back

  • Kristopher Marquez 5 months ago

    You should make a wall around the village

  • Elijah Trujillo 5 months ago

    Can I be survive of the day I love your videos bit if I can’t be surviber of the day its ok I still lobe your videos I just want to be survive of the day. My name is slyraptor753

  • Dark Gaming 5 months ago

    i love you and your videos

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