• Shadow Freak 3 months ago

    If you love me let me…

  • Benito1900 playz 3 months ago

    Hahaha 😂😂 your German is AMAZING 😉

    I am german and Had to Laugh SO hard

  • CrystalBrine__ - io games and more! 3 months ago

    The armor are so cute!

  • EasyGaming YT 3 months ago

    dude can you play more TheHunter Call of Wild

  • Jewel Gonzales 3 months ago

    Its friday my dudes

    YAAAAAAAAAA…. (“when you tried to be funny”)

  • sweetie the kind hearted bunny rabbit 3 months ago

    sunnde were are my berries lol that is a meme plz do it on next looky blox

  • Yoshino Senpai 3 months ago

    Tuu tuu ruu

  • Lui Games 3 months ago


  • Hot in PerXui T 3 months ago

    Straya is best country and continent

  • The Typical Gamer 3 months ago

    Mr Mundea is the turtle neck sweater bunch

  • Filip The Mixer 3 months ago

    i love that gooden freddy jumpscare

  • Mr.Doughnut panda 3 months ago

    maddy cant hear the rip headphones users parts because she is wearing apple headphones but she’s enjoying seeing Ian in pian😂

  • rasoratic 3 months ago

    Crainer pls stop talking in german

  • Sigita Rimydiene 3 months ago

    Kol Ameriką Rules

  • Duck Lord 3 months ago

    Sta arxidia mou to 99lives

  • Jared Amaca 3 months ago

    My classmate is studying German language even though he’s not goin to Germany and he’s Filipino

  • Leo Hi 3 months ago

    Do a rick and morty themed lucky block

  • Christian Paul Vivas 3 months ago

    america america america
    # america best country 🙂

  • Xezango ! 3 months ago

    HOLY SHIT ITS FUNNY TO SEE WHEN YOU READ Danish BECAUe you cant read it XD😂❤️

  • gaming with sam and vlogs 3 months ago

    I like how this is gospel was in there

  • Max English 3 months ago

    Do something like this again but with countries like: England, Mexico, Russia ect

  • GodlyClickz GT 3 months ago

    Why is Thea’s hair brown now xD

  • Rahman Noodles 3 months ago

    My house was Its Free Real Esate

  • Jemjy LP 3 months ago

    The last one is like splatoon

  • Hi

  • Pepay Jamir 3 months ago

    ssundee play league of legend plsss

  • Melissa Cosby 3 months ago

    Cash me outside

  • Stepan Yadykin 3 months ago

    those things were sausages

  • Edward Mclean 3 months ago

    Keehan should modify the mod pack to make beacons quicker to mine cuz they take forever to mine in all of ssundee’s lucky block episodes

  • Fauzaan Ahmed 3 months ago

    i know a it of german i learnt in school y7

  • myrianne valdez 3 months ago

    Give me a link to that speed armor skin

  • Stefan Pupaleski 3 months ago

    how does teeto Satan sound cute 2 u guys?

  • arla Dingemans 3 months ago

    you come to Germany but not to The Netherlands? It isn’t fair….

  • WolfRex 3 months ago

    Why not the “S stands for” meme?

  • นภัทร จุฑา 3 months ago

    It was sausages

  • Elizabeth Herbert 3 months ago

    Racecar racecaR

  • Devil Assassin 3 months ago

    Ssundee: “Oh I got some good stuff”

    Me: Suuuuu ma dude, You got drugs ?

  • ᎬᏁᎠᎬᏒ ᎬLITᎬ 3 months ago


  • Vex Ninja 3 months ago


  • Nikolai Johansen 3 months ago

    Have you to break up Sundde and Maddi

  • Babawagen Inhaber 3 months ago


  • Ezekhg2 GT 3 months ago

    Can you make THE TING GOES skraaaaaa lucky block?????

  • CREEPER KID44 3 months ago

    We need an amazing race series. Get your friends and your best builders and race

  • Amiel VG 3 months ago


  • Superlad72 3 months ago

    Poop backwards is poop. Mind blown..

  • Marcel Miranda 3 months ago


  • peekee 3 months ago

    This lucky block was boring :/

  • Mihailo Guberinic003 3 months ago

    Champion spotlight
    Russell,the Meme Master

  • Sarah Playz 3 months ago

    for once Crainer is actually dressed as a BOY! i miss the girl crainer 🙁

  • ProDuck Game 3 months ago

    Is this connected to the amazing race cartoon

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