• Confectionery HS 1 week ago

    Why does Ssundee always insist of being killer last?

  • Dhidhon Gobel 1 week ago

    These mask is creepy dude.


  • Lil Bolt 1 week ago

    Ssundee has a way better turkey voice!

  • Irish DJ 1 week ago

    Ian makes a better turkey call!!!!

  • Even Cantu 1 week ago

    ssundee wins tbe turkey sound battle

  • Charlie Yabra 1 week ago

    SSundee you should have it that whoever wins gets to kill the others for fun. Just an idea

  • Charlie Yabra 1 week ago

    SSundee you should add a trap that takes some of your hearts away for the round in exchange for increased speed jump

  • Even Cantu 1 week ago

    Christmas murder run

  • Oliver Lai 1 week ago

    it is not an indian

  • MC Life 1 week ago

    Ssundee makes the best turkey noise

  • blue ninja 1 week ago

    this was the best video

  • MunkenDK 1 week ago

    SSundee´ screm was much better

  • Liquad NL 1 week ago

    Do a STRANGER THINGS Challenge

  • It'sEthan 1 week ago

    The Turkey on the nether stars is from thankskilling

  • Meg Frazier 1 week ago

    Sunnde winssssss

  • Aaron Aphron 1 week ago

    Ien and madie can you do pokemon murder

  • Aaron Aphron 1 week ago

    And ien exelent turkey sound

  • Epic Sprinkles 1 week ago

    they should make a new mode where they all have the same armor and look identical but the twist is that the name tags are off so you don’t know if the killer is following you or helping you to gain your trust and then backstab

    Survivor: play the game normally and collect car parts
    never trust anyone and just escape

    Killer: killer gets the same bloody saw but has to hide it and try to kill as much as possible
    the killer can sabotage the survivors and collect the car parts himself but to make it even the killer can only hold the car part for 30 sec. and then the car part will have a chance to return to the original spot or spawn in a different place.

    either the killer wins by killing everyone or the survivors win by obtaining the car parts and leave.

  • Devin Gendron 1 week ago

    2% of me is offended by the use of a Native American Caricature. The other 98% also wish’s for the characature (and use of the word “Indian” to refer to Native Americans) would cease, as it is barely even accurate to the high plains tribes that it is based in part upon, but is not personally offended as a result of being white. Just annoyed on behalf of the other 2% that is Cherokee.

  • Martiney Metali 1 week ago


  • grim side the pug king 1 week ago

    Ssundee gud at turkey noise

  • PirateGam3r 23 1 week ago

    Tell crainer to do his demon calls again

  • Lisa Kumar 1 week ago


  • Katherine Mariner Ofisa 1 week ago


  • steven wilson 1 week ago


  • Manul Mallow 1 week ago


  • XPF Gaming 1 week ago


  • steven wilson 1 week ago

    theanicka sucks

  • DeluxLox-Wolf-Queen MX 1 week ago

    Ssundee for the win!

  • The Scorpion 1 week ago

    That ugly turkey from the nether star is from thanks killing

  • Kobe Drew 1 week ago

    The nether star is the killer turkey from the old movie called ThanksKilling ( which was made for under 4 grand )

  • E.L. 1 week ago

    CRAINER’S is better lol

  • E.L. 1 week ago

    did thea die two times?

  • riley branigan 1 week ago

    MY in-game name is MCdestroyerx

  • Miek Ster 1 week ago

    next theme could me underwater that would be cool

  • True story bro Yes 1 week ago

    Add a forge that can repear the shield or upgrade it

  • Indigo Flareon 1 week ago

    Summon- summons 3 zombies but dies in a short time

    Magnetic push-pushes the killer when close
    Harambe Rage-when used gives u a knockback stick with 1 use

  • Bilal Yousuf 1 week ago

    Ssundee you should come first

  • Woolf attack Gaming 1 week ago

    Ssundee beater

  • Gaminfish 1 week ago

    not idian! native american

  • spoopy ryden 1 week ago

    do a kpop murder run. Its trending so why not?

  • ExtranossGaming 1 week ago

    Dangerous mob spawn egg trap

  • Flame Master Playz 1 week ago


  • Joaquin Pangan 1 week ago

    I vote Ian’s turkey call

  • Flame Master Playz 1 week ago

    When ssunde was first talking about the med thing I thought it would heal ssunde slowly but it was actually very quick

  • Myrna Dicdican 1 week ago


  • nerf boy2009 1 week ago

    surviver trap: doubler bounce it can double jump everybody except the killer

  • Bass TDM 1 week ago

    You Won

  • Vladimir Milicic 1 week ago

    Garfield murder run

  • nerf boy2009 1 week ago


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