SSundee tries not to be killed by the…TELETUBBIES?!
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  • 黄小苹 1 month ago

    Can you do a ban10 wan?

  • Prajan MR 1 month ago


  • MisterDominicz 1 month ago

    I need more murder run

  • Logan Jorgo vids 1 month ago

    Why don’t you overwatch murder run

  • TheMaliciousGamer 1 month ago

    Hey ssundee u should add a power for the survivors that let them get rid of what ever item the killer uses that last for a long time or a whole time like blood trail,death walks among u if that’s what it’s called and the floor is lava.

  • dark law 1 month ago

    Do one piece theme next

  • Ya Boi frosty 1 month ago

    Madelyn is toxic

  • Ines Elouarradi 1 month ago

    love u guys

  • Ines Elouarradi 1 month ago

    u always make me happy:)

  • Ya Boi frosty 1 month ago

    The killer weapon is to op even with the sundae strat

  • Akira Council 1 month ago

    Why did you make fun of Noo Noo

  • Cloudy Bogdan 1 month ago

    Do the My Little Pony murder murder please. That would be awesome

  • Cynthia Harris 1 month ago

    Crainer Tinky-Winky / Crainer Tinky-Winky / Crainer Tinky-Winky / Crainer Tinky-Winky / Crainer Tinky-Winky / Crainer Tinky-Winky / HAHAHAHA ;-PPPP

  • Moo 22 1 month ago

    I didn’t realize squidwards cousin would be making an appearance

  • Taj Gover 1 month ago

    You should do rick and morty murder run

  • that one guy 1 month ago

    Snails /60 netherstars/slows the hiders and gets rid Of all traps/killer

  • Daniel Martinez 1 month ago

    next should be wizard of oz theme for the killer a super saiyan 2 potion and for a trap a trap that causes the killer to be attacked by a pack of wolves

  • BrozYow GaMing 1 month ago

    Ssundeee please hide Real because its so boring when u die

  • Midnight Striker 1 month ago


  • JOHN MACK 1 month ago

    I have an idea for a match…. how about “IT”

  • The Elite Gamer 1 month ago


    like if you agree

  • Oak Avery 1 month ago

    It’s free real estate

  • SANESSS SANESSS 1 month ago

    Get to the Choppa – survivor trap – Choppa drops the user at a random point on the map

  • WizardHugo 231 1 month ago

    Sundee can’t even play properly, he sucks he can’t even think of a good strat, he honestly sucks

  • Jun Feng 1 month ago

    I hope they can add in enderpreal

  • Sup Gfd 1 month ago

    Shld use floor is lava and blood curse

  • Energy Bros 1 month ago

    Next week troll them by having lots of traps

  • GamerX 1 month ago

    use the combo of the blood on survivors thing and the floor is lava. I think it would be O.P

  • Shadow -Xhado- 1 month ago

    I have an idea for trap combo : Curse trap + The floor is lava
    I hope that works

  • TehTribalWolfeh 1 month ago

    every time I have to watch teletubbies….it makes me cringe and debate life….just like some things that they have done!

  • Stick Studios 1 month ago

    Hello SSundee. I just wanted to say that you are doing a great job with your videos. Keep up the good work and I hope many more people appreciate you in the future.

  • Noe Navares 1 month ago

    baby shark pllllllllls!!!!! pls like

  • Xyril Pangilinan 1 month ago

    Ssundee did the best noo noo sound in the world 😄😂😜

  • Paul Niegiel Diolata 1 month ago

    Try a Dora the explorer theme next

  • Joshua's crazy World 1 month ago

    sud to Joshua crazy wold he has 18 suds

  • Joshua's crazy World 1 month ago

    that’s my

  • pro-gamer UK 1 month ago

    Presented murderer

  • Lusam Delictor 1 month ago

    Why do I get the lowest comment ever!!!!!!

  • Lusam Delictor 1 month ago

    Trap idea: it is called creeping souls where the hider turned into a soul for 15 seconds

  • Lusam Delictor 1 month ago

    Trap idea: it is called as leech trap where the hider steps on it it will drain their 9/10 hearts like if you agree

  • norminator the last 1 month ago

    Im actually afraid of teletubies sp this is traumatizing and im 14

  • Cappy Capington 1 month ago

    Do a superhero murderrun!

  • Original Kyler 1 month ago

    rip my child hood

  • Crypzyt 1 month ago

    *Crainer is TINKY WINKY*

  • Tristan Gandiboyina 1 month ago

    you guys should add a timer like if you agree

  • Shan Maningo 1 month ago

    do baby sharkkkkkkkkk or peanut butter jelly time


    Idk why but I love this series

  • The Alphagaming Hannah 1 month ago

    What is rong with ssundee and crainer lately they keep losing from the girls

  • Miguel Diaz 1 month ago

    Use the Apple

  • AWESOMEMME 1 month ago

    You should make a FLOOR IS LAVA trap so all survivors have 5 seconds to find a place or they will burn for 10 seconds

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