• Ziggy Eyles 1 week ago


  • Meli Colunga 1 week ago

    THAT is from undertale

  • Molly senglath 1 week ago

    Yay kehan likes UNDERTALE

  • Shelley Eddy 1 week ago

    RIP pixlemon

  • MacenVlogs 1 week ago

    Teletubby murder

  • Daquan Abdul 1 week ago

    Make ssundee watch the loudest dank memes and he can’t turn down the volume it has to be full volume. Thumbs up if u agree. His reaction would be so funny😂😂

  • WarriorTech FTW 1 week ago

    i feel really bad for russel

  • ShadowHound55 1 week ago

    When I heard the bonetrousle song from undertale I was thinking SSundee should do undertale lucky blocks

  • Snoopykid 124 1 week ago

    How do i comment?

  • PurpleAppleSouce Tutorials 1 week ago

    maddie looks cuter every video

  • phenomenal_dij 1 week ago

    Batman vs superman

  • Selina Jackson 1 week ago

    Barney. killed. telltubbes

  • Nate 360 1 week ago


  • Aaron Brown 1 week ago

    next time do zombie run lucky blocks or some thing like that

  • KinTheOcelot 1 week ago

    You wasted 85% of the pet before you started

  • Aaron Brown 1 week ago

    like if agreed

  • Pheonix Playz 1 week ago

    This is Jerry –> 🐙 he can not swim. Every like helps him keep afloat. Dont let Jerry drown!!!

  • Aaron Brown 1 week ago

    you heard him kehan don’t ear bleed with jake paul 😉 B^)

  • Anu Arinoki 1 week ago

    Play aqw

  • Elizabeth Hartman 1 week ago


  • Bhavesh sinha 1 week ago

    Who watches the lucky block opening part I only watch the real game

  • Mixed Matt 1 week ago

    i am a grown up man says the guy who is playing teletubbies

  • Korey_Will_Play 1 week ago

    I’m pretty sure Jake paul doesn’t sound like Kendrick Lamar

  • KJSpade 1 week ago

    England is my city

  • Manuel Maghirang 1 week ago

    Ok,ssundee I have a IDEA!!!
    Do a girls vs boys challenge
    Ssundee and crainer vs
    Thea and mendoline
    Trust me,I’m SmArT

  • Jacob Lye 1 week ago

    So dose anyone know what song is playing behind the mrcrabs one…

  • Mia Ferrer 1 week ago

    I like how he is weird

  • Shari Morris 1 week ago

    Nya nya ha ha ha

  • Shari Morris 1 week ago


  • Catherine Abalos 1 week ago

    Guys do a baymax murder run

  • Anzhela Suleman 1 week ago

    Guys did anyone else’s ears to start herting from that high pitch noise

  • temmiegater 1 week ago

    even SSundee’s wife is smart enough to just put the earphones out of her ears

  • Hans Kim 1 week ago

    *A LITTLE TIP*SSUNDEE MUST READ!!! Ssundee, you should open the lucky block while standing on a block so you are 1 block higher than the lucky block which means if there is 1 block high lava, you can prevent from dying

  • Ziggy Eyles 1 week ago

    I have a dirty mind you’ll see why…

  • Tikihorsejk Life 1 week ago


  • nareg saghdejian 1 week ago

    Just for Crainmedick u should do one with Barnie

  • O Videos 1000 subscribers 1 week ago

    And his name is ovuvayhabshs vuvuvbaybuwhdb

  • OVER WATCH IS GOLD !!!!! 1 week ago

    Save the sundee Paulers

  • LarryEhoff 1 week ago


  • Eddieyeti Gaming 1 week ago

    You should do Teletubbies is your run from the murderer series

  • Underswap Sans 1 week ago

    OMG BONETROUSLE *fangirl scream*

  • Jonathan Rodriguez 1 week ago

    After seeing this video i felt old

  • InfernoFoxPlayz 1 week ago

    Does SSundee Like Jake Paul? SSundee Its Unlikely that your reading this but if you are may you please anwser question (Do you like Jake Paul) and btw I HATE HIM (I don’t really know who he is lol unless you count my friend saying bad things and truthfull things about him)

  • Illeana Miller 1 week ago

    TY for making me laugh rn I’m very sad..

  • Illeana Miller 1 week ago

    Jake Paul is amazing 😉 (MY OPINION)

  • jon jonathan 1 week ago

    Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispín Crispiniano María de los Remedios de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso

  • Robeert Komazec 1 week ago

    Crainers and Ssundees name togrther is Mr.Undie

  • Jake Playz-Roblox and more 1 week ago

    good job on getting no.6 at gaming trends right now.GOOD JOB

  • rekTV Gaming 1 week ago

    My teacher calls me this.

  • Sarper Gamer 1 week ago

    madie you are prerty priencess in my hearth

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