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  • ETuck 2 months ago

    U should start playing different games

  • J Cris 2 months ago

    Instead of using flash heals and ignites use flash heals and dispels. Dispels really help in case you fall into the void. Just a tip 😁

  • SgtDragon 2 months ago

    Honestly, come up with better nicknames

  • Valis 2 months ago

    I got finished the combat lvl quests pretty easily you don’t need god gear just go to skydrops and get some prot III + Dia that already has 1-3 custom enchants. Also with all the target I would recommend doing /warzone instead of just running out. You get like +5 combat lvls now so killing unarmoreds is the way to go. Like so Captain sees this and gets this question finished.

  • SillyChotu 2008 2 months ago

    Look inside ur dragon schematic cus i got diamond and emmie and iron blocks when i DESTROYED my schematic

  • The Orange Derp 2 months ago

    If you get 7 chaos emeralds, you can become super sparklez.

  • Jeremy Higglepuff 2 months ago

    Mr mad spy… X33N y u do dis

  • Haveproblemz 2 months ago

    Spend some money on the server u re too weak

  • Hyperic Dash 2 months ago

    Play minecraft for years and still can’t pvp…..DISSAPOINTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • to change things up you could start trolling xeen like in good old days of trollcraft

  • DebatablyHuman 2 months ago

    jOrDAn wHy wOUlD yoU dO tHis?! YoU haVE jUsT wAstED lIke 50 MilLioN sTarS aNd yOU cAn nEVeR gEt thEm baCk. I doN’t kNOw whY I’M tyPinG iN cAmeL cAse, iT’s oNlY mAkiNg iT hArdEr fOr mE.

  • Paolo Buchelli 2 months ago

    stack up your xp bottles by placing them on top of one another

  • The Boy 2 months ago

    sell the armor from your banker kit on the auction house

  • josh wu 2 months ago

    1 in 30 bow shots instead of one in 1000

  • Gee Kid [myles] 2 months ago

    yeah, what ip

  • Trent's random stuff 2 months ago


  • Patrick Rumble 2 months ago

    pieces of you up on my wall

  • Jasmine Nonya 2 months ago

    Sonic!? Sorry chaos emerald.

  • aghelos kouvaras 2 months ago

    Stack your ex bottles by clicking them on each other

  • young suh 2 months ago

    jordan the full banker 3 set actually sells for somewhere around 100m…

  • TehEpicDuck :3 2 months ago

    do the eternal star

  • KrishanTheBoss 1 2 months ago

    When X33N nicked himself MeMadSpy from mianite s2

  • VOX GG 2 months ago

    Jordan out relaxing jazz in the background when u edit the video plz?

  • Butterman2001RS 2 months ago

    Jordan you need 6 more chaos emeralds to go into SuperSparklez

  • TheSkyRune 2 months ago

    Is anyone else bored of this?

  • Isabelle Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Yaaaaa… I haven’t

  • CrimsonKiwii 2 months ago

    Really pisses me off that these people are so sad they need to go after youtubers you know don’t even have good gear. Just because you WANT to be an asshole. You have GOD gear and you stop others from having their fun. So fucking sad

  • Rowboa Games 2 months ago

    MrMadSpy ayyyyyyyyy

  • Jun Yu Tan 2 months ago

    Why didnt you use your sword wtf man

  • Soyum Apple 2 months ago

    dont forget you can summon another each week or month, i cant remeber

  • marksgv 2 months ago

    “We run”
    Oh man, darn good episode. Really felt like they pushed that warzone luck hard. Plus, trying to work together in there, was kinda like a PUBG or Fortnite dynamic. That’s really what it was. Gear up, team up, fight. Sure it’s in service of a challenge, rather than last man standing, by it’s structure, but, with all those players coming after them it ended up the same. And that, was really cool. Went like most of those games go, but that’s alright. Jordan risked some real good stuff. They made some progress on what’s a tough but pretty fun challenge. It’s going to be rewarding for them to finish this one, even if it means going to the dark side. Ah, X33N, heart o’ gold. But, they both have to turn to coal. Sure we’ve seen that other players will go after them, once they know who they are, before. Not like this. Not at all. That was horde. Crazy and, it got in the way. They gotta do what they gotta do. That one hit backstab kill was pretty awesome.

    Fifty million stars, I’d choke too at losing that chance. Just, wow. Jordan’s reaction was really funny.

    That mining world, it’s either broken or being updated and changed.Hopefully the second, to make it a little more balanced.

  • zachery Phillips 2 months ago

    PvP combat seems really unbalanced :/

  • zack82102 2 months ago

    Sparkles fans are fucking Sqeaker retards

  • Mr. Gold 2 months ago

    Just take some pearls and USE them

  • Nesaak 2 months ago

    Frost Walker is actually the MOST desirable but banker is up there to.

  • Nesaak 2 months ago

    I feel like 41 episodes in they are kinda still noobs, they haven’t setup a spawner system. They don’t have much general knowledge of the game and the only way they made money is from selling items they get as VIP (savage rewards) and for using their fame.

  • DestructionVicey 2 months ago

    ‘you son of a dick’ xD

  • Lauri Lehtinen 2 months ago

    LOL I’m the one who killed him XD

  • Shobz_98 2 months ago

    I wanna see an ultra modded survival with the both of you!!

  • ProUnpro 2 months ago

    So my notifications are no longer working 🙁 WOT DO I DO?

  • Beaver's Songs N Stuff 2 months ago

    do something like steveplayz and lillypew or someething close to that

  • Sach Seemungal 2 months ago

    I read the title as “taking big dicks”

  • Isla Botty 2 months ago

    Lol the day after they finished accidental pyromaniac they changed the challenge to “gain 10 levels” not 100

  • The Path To Enlightenment 2 months ago


  • SpikeShroom 2 months ago

    Can you guys do something with your island? I like the schematics, but otherwise, it’s really ugly. You even have a useless mob grinder, and you don’t use the functioning one anyway. Not even mentioning storage. Could you guys fix it up?

  • MiniMax 2 months ago

    Did you call for a mini max

  • Elixia Makara 2 months ago

    Me: I am SO sorry! I’m doing it for a quest, nothing against you personally! FORGIVE MEEE!
    Also Me: They deserve to die for entering without armour.

  • Xyntak 2 months ago

    You definitely need better nicknames… and to be a biiiit better at PvP

  • תומר הופנברג 2 months ago

    Right click a cauldron to start the brewing challenge

  • oscar crawford 2 months ago

    Question. WHY DID U POT RIGHT AWAY!?

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