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  • Sae Halloway 3 weeks ago

    When do you think he’ll realise he can just do /home to get back to his island?

  • Kiyuji 3 weeks ago

    bleh skybounds….

  • Sheer Crowd 3 weeks ago

    Wow totally calling out Phantomleet with your island chat man!!!

  • Marissa Klein 3 weeks ago

    Don’t forget, you had an orb of immunity

  • dekoda dillard 3 weeks ago

    Hey captainsparklez break the jack o lanterns and you might get a chance to get trick or treat tokens which you can trade in the shop and the npc’s give you free stuff

  • Hyperic Dash 3 weeks ago


  • Travis Taylor 3 weeks ago

    Sparklez that sparkly pumpkin on your island drops trick or treat tokens!!!!!

  • MrSmbai 3 weeks ago

    Just fyi Jordan, you were talking smack to phantom in your island chat. He couldn’t see anything you were saying.
    “Get rekt mate” ?

  • Latrell Valdez 3 weeks ago

    uhhm uHM hUmmmingBIrds Gimme lIkEs

  • Flame Siblings M.C. 3 weeks ago

    You right click on the pumpkins

  • Flame Siblings M.C. 3 weeks ago

    RIGHT CLICK on the glowing pumpkins and then you get stuff, THEN you destroy it for tokens

  • Anyawesome22 XD 3 weeks ago

    use the trick or treat tokens on the NPCs

  • LeoLion 09 3 weeks ago

    The seeds u right click on the PNC to get stuff and pumpkins will saw on ur island

  • DiddyTheBeast ! 3 weeks ago

    I hope he knows that he has a kit

  • BroPro 3 weeks ago

    Use schematics they’re kool

  • TBNR DoomerBro Hacks & More 3 weeks ago

    Lmao you were talking in island chat they couldn’t see your msg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Michael Dunn 3 weeks ago

    hi youtube

  • joren vangoethem 3 weeks ago

    why the huge UI ? lol

  • Jake Taylor 3 weeks ago

    Orb of immunity 5m I wonder how long it lasts

  • Custom Kickz 3 weeks ago

    How do u get skydrop star?

  • TheGamingTako 3 weeks ago

    TM when he thinks he talking shit to phantom and both him and xeen r laughing but they dont realise he’s in island chat

  • Javier Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    Omg schematics r so OP I got Atlantic tower made of soul sand. Made a couple mil

  • Javier Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    ahaha spooklez I got 4 heads for 120000

  • Henry Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Mine the pumpkins

  • Henry Gaming 3 weeks ago

    You hand the seeds to random npcs and the will give you stuff at the shop. Right click.

  • XxZigzagxX [•*•] 3 weeks ago

    Gg on that ckit

  • XxZigzagxX [•*•] 3 weeks ago

    Just saying, you click the tot seeds on any vendor in the market that sells stuff and you get stuff related to that vendor, I would recommend the spawned seller, fisher, winter,banker, and mob drop 😀

  • Beatriz Chagas 3 weeks ago

    Wtf?? Am I the only who’s not getting notifications?!

  • The Intelligent One 3 weeks ago

    Jordan, you can just type “/is go” to go back to your island, you don’t have to type your username too.

  • Chanan Leibler 3 weeks ago

    Use an anvil

  • Ej Marbella 3 weeks ago

    cap you did get something from breaking that pumpkin on your island ._.

  • Angel Henriquez 3 weeks ago

    Aw… poor Sparklez…

  • Cruzazul10 3 weeks ago

    Did you noticed that he typed in island Chat not global


  • Cataclysm Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Sparklez do a series of FTB Horizons III

  • Leanardoe 3 weeks ago

    why do you still play minecraft

  • Ratghoil 3 weeks ago

    It did give you stuff Jordan. The pumpkin on your is gave you seeds.

  • The Redstone Engineer 3 weeks ago

    Happy Halloween

  • Andrew 3 weeks ago

    You fool, just do /home and YOU WERE IN ISLAND CHAT

  • MeowRolePlay 3 weeks ago

    The sparkly jackolanterns thing did give you the seeds, they spawn on your is daily

  • MeowRolePlay 3 weeks ago


  • Destructoid 3 weeks ago

    God Jardon is such a newb

  • Tron_Legacy RS 3 weeks ago

    Jordan, if u sell ur emeralds u will get a crap ton of stars

  • JacobTheGamer123 3 weeks ago

    You should do slime rancher and have lots of slime friends in the game. 😉

  • Rakkfalen 3 weeks ago

    Gotta do /g before your chat if you want people to see it… the little [I] in front of the chat shows that you are only chatting to your Island.

  • SpoiltSpices 3 weeks ago

    anyone else have this vid be blacked out?

  • marksgv 3 weeks ago

    That was great, messing with the other player in the auction. lol. Sounds like Jordan was amped up and focused in the session, with that and the whole “We gotta take a stand!” It really was time to try jumping into the warzone like that. Using all that stuff was pretty cool. As expected he did well, and X33N, um, was X33N, alas. Hearing how fast he died was really funny. Him in the background is just a little different from what you see on this side of things. Just a little. This was a good compact episode, or at least it felt like it flew by.

  • angie sweetheart87 3 weeks ago

    They should suspend ppl that like to camp spawn for a couple days if they get reported or admin sees them its rude and messed up just dicks lol

  • INSANE 2467 3 weeks ago

    When will he realize that he has wasted 8 years of his life playing a game designed for 10 year olds?

  • LegionGray 007 3 weeks ago

    I sent my friend on you on dino skybounds

  • Dwayne Parsons 3 weeks ago

    Got an IG and Blaze Spawner from cashing in tokens today 🙂

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