HUGE news for minecraft Switch, and some great news for Minecraft


  • ssenmodnar 1 week ago

    I Hate Minecraft

  • Archer :p 1 week ago

    So if I have already bought Minecraft on the switch, does that meal I’ll get 2. And if that’s correct, could I transfer my world?

  • Oscar Mmmk 1 week ago


  • Ty Gamer 1 week ago

    When I opened the E-shop it said it was able to be purchased but it won’t be released but I might be wrong

  • Chase Browning 1 week ago

    nice…just got my switch so I’ll definitely buy the switch version of MC to get both copies. Any word on cross platform play in the future? Namely bedrock to java via Realms play?

  • Jacob Gaming 1 week ago

    Ah Yeah!

  • ItsjustODD 1 week ago

    … Last month you said it would come out in about 2 weeks, now is one FREAKING MONTH?

  • WIlliam Hoghedge 1 week ago


  • KoolAidKiller 03 1 week ago

    Like is the 3ds edition being abandoned I use that for when I’m traveling

  • Klinton Levi 1 week ago

    it’s so close to the release of Attack on titan season 3 1 day apart

  • Red Hood 1 week ago

    What about mobile??

  • GDSpider64 1 week ago

    It releases 5 days after my birthday!!! ^_^

  • GreySpark04 1 week ago

    I would be happy but today is by far the worst day of my life. My barn burn down…😢 and nearly my house 🏡

  • give me money 1 week ago


  • Presley Benton 1 week ago

    i bought minecraft switch edition before it was even announced. do i get it for free or do i HAVE to REDOWNLOAD the software if i dont get that new switch minecraft… at least i can wait for java edition 1.13

    EDIT1: i heard you say get it on day 1, OH NO…i probaly wont get this minecraft bedrock… i guess ill stick to the java snapshots coming to 1.13

  • Slippery Noko 1 week ago

    I can’t wait thanks to keep us updated

  • Oliver Smith 1 week ago

    What is he building?

  • ConnorY67 1 week ago

    When will the super duper graphics pack come out for minecraft??

  • BL studios 1 week ago

    Can we use are own skins ?

  • Fernando Aulicino 1 week ago

    Hey Why every minetuber keeps saying bedrock is it some sort of other version like the Windows 10 version?

  • Gamaxp 1 week ago

    when are the birthday skins coming out???

  • Zambo 564 1 week ago

    Mario Maniac: *heavy breathing*

  • TheGamerHolic 2002 1 week ago

    I predict May 22nd

  • TheGamerHolic 2002 1 week ago

    Or May 29th?

  • ben roddison 1 week ago

    I remember getting worried last year that I would wait too long for Minecraft Nintendo Switch edition since it had a release date of summer 2017 so I bought it only for the release date to be summer 2018…

  • PigBuster Gaming 1 week ago

    Gosh all those notifications

  • hahah im daniel 1 week ago

    calm down

  • Shy Guy LLC 1 week ago

    D a y o n e u p d a t e s

  • Omar samh 1 week ago

    Why is the update aquatic a single update on the java edition and a triple update on the bedrock?! 1.13 MUST be more than 1 update!!!

  • The Ludwig Gamer 1 week ago

    I thought the icon would look like how it does on Xbox (and when it’s a large tile on the windows start menu)

  • CarrottMeister 1 week ago

    Can you cross play with nintendo switch and xbox one yet?

  • Kingchristopher7 1 week ago

    Like the pun when you said DIVE in

  • Guillo 15 1 week ago

    Caviot: MCBE for Switch won’t launch with servers and realms.

  • Superkidplayz 1 week ago

    I just found this out but not by the video

  • 1-up Gaming 1 week ago

    I’m half excited, and half disappointed. On the one hand, it’s great for people who want to play this version, but for people like me it’s bad because they’re killing Switch Edition. Also, it comes out a week from my birthday.

  • Luke Detering 1 week ago

    I predict update aquatic release is May 22nd

  • Proplayz932 1 week ago

    What is he building?

  • TheGalaxyCraft - Gaming & More 1 week ago

    Omg can theu not realese ot pin june i cant freaking get the update im on vacation :/

  • charles hack1 1 week ago

    look at the eshop it says 6/20/18

  • Dylan Hooton 1 week ago

    They lied to use by saying It will be released this spring (Q2) but then it is actually Summer of June (Q3). 🙁

  • Ronalyn Chattri 1 week ago

    Yes! I am gucci cuz I have the switch with the switch edition minecraft

  • Banana Man 1 week ago

    Will we have to repurchase the game, or will it be free to whom may own the java edition?

  • TheGeekFactor 1 week ago

    That thumbnail makes zero sense

  • ankoftheA 1 week ago

    when bedrock for switch comes out, compare it with the Nvidia shield tablet because they have nearly identical specs.

  • CreeperFaceGamer27 1 week ago

    What if you already have Minecraft: Switch edition?

  • Minecraft pro Pro 1 week ago

    Yes ready

  • ben ringrose 1 week ago

    Wait we have to buy a different minecraft disc (I’m on ps4)

  • Yoshi Time 1 week ago

    What is the difference between switch edition and bedrock

  • RavenCraft 1 week ago

    When does the aquatic update come out for PE

  • Mark Smith 1 week ago

    Q and A will you review the new version I now I will

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