• The boss of Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Do disasters based on the minecraft things you do like challenge games disasters

  • Arlene Amada 3 weeks ago

    Like Jen I want a unicorn, rainbow fart ,nian cat and more cute disasters 🦄💖🦄💖🦄
    p.s. love your vids

  • A Young 3 weeks ago

    Me:Pat that’s not an apple XD

  • Zechariah Andryshak 3 weeks ago

    Hey pat i really like bed wars and burning maps but your first fortnite game was the best.

  • Andres Rosas 3 weeks ago

    Sonic theme!!!!!

  • SpikeTheKid bro 3 weeks ago

    in the mrs.pacman beach lvl if anyone plays roblox epic minigames it reminds me of the one in the desert and you have to collect soda to regen

  • BlueStar Gaming 3 weeks ago

    Yes make a series of disasters

  • Tabby Kimble 3 weeks ago


  • Tabby Kimble 3 weeks ago

    Ha ha

  • izabell Veamatahau 3 weeks ago


  • lps sketches 3 weeks ago

    lol in the beginning he said hey guy’s it pat lol DO U EVEN ENGLISH BRO

  • Elisabeth Tambunan 3 weeks ago

    Pony disasters

  • Jb the boss man And Frankie the boss women 3 weeks ago

    Hmmmmmmm do you do not no the wae

  • Emary Edward 3 weeks ago

    Disasters in haunted mansion and fruit town should switch

  • Noahplayz 408 3 weeks ago


  • Amelia Gibson 3 weeks ago

    *it’s not an green apple its a melon like if you noticed this:D*

  • CyanDragon 3 weeks ago

    series please!

  • Ruan Coetzer 3 weeks ago

    More of dees epesodes please pat and jen

  • Geodude50 _ 3 weeks ago

    I thought he siad at the beginning what’s up views instead of dudes

  • ShayPlays MC 3 weeks ago

    11:27 *Strawberry! Lol

  • Gabbeys Gaming 3 weeks ago

    It’s a strawberry pat,not an apple because they have little white seeds on it

  • Jay Money 3 weeks ago


  • Mine Bros 3 weeks ago

    you skipped fruit town! ):<

  • poopstar 2004 3 weeks ago


  • Evan Clothier 3 weeks ago

    not apple Pat.

  • Carl Rivera 3 weeks ago

    I love you pat and jen 💗💓💖💟💛💞💝💜💚💙💕❣😙😚😏🙄😀😉😁😊😂😃😄😆😗😘😍😋😮😺😸😹😻😽✌👌🤘👍🖑🖐🖒✋👋👏❤💋👄💘

  • baby muzhda baby muzhda haghju 3 weeks ago


  • Fnaf Master 3 weeks ago

    Can you do fnaf MARIO sonic and mr rainbow disasters

  • Joanne Del Rosario 3 weeks ago

    Hahahahaahhah poopy jen jen jen

  • gaming with piotr 3 weeks ago

    pat you log on jen so she dosent see any struturs

  • It is Wednesday today My dudes 3 weeks ago

    Jen I know I shouldn’t be saying this, but you shouldn’t say something something ALSO. you could perfectly say nothing after the sentence or say too instead.

  • Ced Nicole Micayabas 3 weeks ago

    Why are you saying that apples are falling beside Jen it was strawberries. 😂🍓🍓🍎🍎

  • Jason Lunden 3 weeks ago

    dont lie!

  • Hilda Bernal 3 weeks ago

    Yes plz

  • Natalie Baker! 3 weeks ago

    Plz do unicorn disasters plz plz plz plz plz

  • Raef Li 3 weeks ago

    Play a series

  • Minh Le 3 weeks ago

    the score is just like when braxil faced germany in eorld cup 2014

  • rainbow li 3 weeks ago

    11:28 It’s a strawberry, not an apple, Pat!

  • rainbow li 3 weeks ago

    Pat, Jen in Blinky’s house, you should’ve got in the cobwebs because they keep you safe from explosions!

  • Ciara Quinn 3 weeks ago

    Can you please do this season

  • unicorn love 3 weeks ago

    Comment or like if you pat and jen make you laugh everyday

  • Mia Cassidy 3 weeks ago

    Woo hoo

  • Ruby Studios 3 weeks ago

    The levels and structures are so cool!

  • vasmcplays 3 weeks ago

    Do moreeeeee

  • Toby Robinson 3 weeks ago

    I’ve been waiting for 1 year for a new nateral desasters

  • Islam Maznikar 3 weeks ago


  • Matthew Dreibholz 3 weeks ago

    Can you ask mithy to make a Kirby map please , please , please pleeeaaasseeee

  • Sevdalina Belcheva 3 weeks ago

    Do more lucky race

  • FabulousTurtle 3 weeks ago

    Did you notice:SuperGirlyGamer did not want to live with pacman

  • Ender Girl 3 weeks ago

    U missed fruit town

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