• Ironbarkbushkraft 4 months ago

    Rendiggity dog, any chance of you finishing a game or you just like building stuff??

  • fahad choudhry 4 months ago

    The blue orchids look amazing and yeah i watch the whole video always and i never miss any video🙂❤

  • Jaiden Thies 4 months ago

    Another benefit of the swamp biome is slimes!

  • Sudeep Kumar 4 months ago

    The swamp is good for two reasons.. No. 1…… and No. 2.. 😀 😀 😀

  • AD BROS 4 months ago

    What the heck u told us that azure bluet is ur favourite flower

  • Zarr0ch 4 months ago

    Ren the “sheepist”
    Hitting them with shovels, I dunno man
    Sheep lives matter

  • Burger King Foot Lettuce 4 months ago

    make the mexicans pay for it

  • Samuel 4 months ago

    I always watch 100% of the Episode!

  • Shadowy Nightis 4 months ago

    My first Rendog series and i havent left a video 24 hours before watching it. Love your series keep up the good work!

  • Adam H 4 months ago

    Wheres the mole hole series?

  • FixarJocke 4 months ago

    *Great wall ! Mexicans built it or was it undeads? :P*

  • Kerstin Thunberg 4 months ago

    I allways watch to the end

  • Ivan Dogovich 4 months ago

    Heh. We all know that the only correct answer to “how long do you watch a Rendog video?” is ALL of it! 😉
    Cheers, Ivan 😀

  • Lil Echo187 4 months ago

    Always make it all the way through your videos! keep up the good work!

  • YOUTUBEs MASHUPs 4 months ago

    21:15 I have been watching and the Minecraft survival episodes all back to back from the episode 1 till now

  • Speedy Turtle 4 months ago

    I watch all of it ren. I enjoy your videos period. All videos are awesome even the ones with face palming 🤦‍♂️ too.

  • Spin Lady 4 months ago

    You are my favorite minecrafter, I watch all of your videos the whole time you record. I have been watching for a little over a year since I found you on Hermitcraft. I am 65 years old and my nephew convinced me to begin playing minecraft about the same time.

  • Killer Gaming 4 months ago

    i watch the whole video

  • Auldrick 4 months ago

    It takes a lot of work to create a single episode, but no effort at all to watch one. So I always watch videos in their entirety unless they’re just totally crap. It’s a matter of respect for your art. It means I can’t keep up with every series by every creator I like, but for those I do watch you get the fullest support I can give. Because without you, my life would be less interesting and inspiring.

  • minetheblocks 1 4 months ago

    Noob you didn’t lose them just do a voice over

  • Sperka 4 months ago

    i know dis moment when u record for hs and the micro is off

  • James Wilson 4 months ago

    hey Ren, not only do I watch the whole video but I have been going back and watching all your old survival videos. I just watched season 4 ep 87. You said in that video that if anyone from the future watches it to remind you of it.:)  I love the idea of a new ‘life tree’ too. Keep on building man. your the best

  • Dragon Scale Inn 4 months ago

    You are going to need to come up with a defensive plan against the animal revolt… watch yourself. They ARE plotting.

  • Dragon Scale Inn 4 months ago

    all the way to the end… every time. I like the wall design.

  • Jan Smid 4 months ago

    yes I reached it that far!

  • mlberg92 4 months ago

    “Have you killed my zombie?” Ren, if you’re called a zombie but you’re actually a donkey, I’d wonder off too.

  • Rick Becker 4 months ago

    Yes, always watch the episode to the end, sometimes even a third or fourth time! Keep up the great work!

  • My dude, you’ve inspired me to read Jock of the Bushveld! Time to sit down with a big cup of rooibos with milk and honey and get to reading!

  • Michael Weselcouch 4 months ago

    I always watch the whole length of the video. Great job as always Ren!

  • Clan Klimek 4 months ago

    Dude, a zombie was there because you have a GIANT hole in the storage hole.

  • Phoenix 4 months ago

    I always watch to the end. I really like the wall design.

  • kimmers_ mouse 4 months ago

    Ren I miss your old intro ” I hope you have a tasty beverage and a crunchy ass snack.”

  • jordanmonaghan8 4 months ago

    You said let you know if ive made it this far, do I really need to let you know Ren? Love the episdoes seriously thoroughly enjoying watching it man I just love how the moleshire is coming along and everytime you play it you make me want to play so I usually play it for 3-5 hours immediately after watching your episodes! It was such a good idea to focus on this series. Mix the spruce fence with acacia fence on the top of the wall maybe for variation? also aswell add a little oak wood too.. god that might look really good and really bring some colour into the build but wouldnt over do it

  • Tristin Smith 4 months ago

    The WHOLE VIDEO ren.

  • Vayder 13 4 months ago

    Gotta watch the whole thing!

  • Austin Cole 4 months ago

    Hey rendog! I know thayou are a minecraft channel and are involved with hermitcraft, survival and hermit-skies. I also know that this takes up a vast majority of your time. But nevertheless, I have a question/suggestion for you.

    I am fairly certain you’ve probably heard of this game, but a game titled “Subnautica” was recently released. A little background of this game though. In short, its underwater Minecraft. Its a survival game that takes place almost exclusively underwater. You play as a space-shipwrecked person on an ocean planet. It has a pretty great story with a lot of background information you can get while exploring. You can build bases, submarines etc. The planet itself is beautiful with numerous diverse creatures and biomes to match. It is truly a beautiful game that I believe you would enjoy.

    In the event that you stop a series like hermit-skies for example, I was wondering if you would think about possibly uploading a series of Subnautica? Even if you don’t want to its okay. I would just like to recommend it to you as it seems right up your alley.

  • Stick385 4 months ago

    I made it this far, but I normally watch your videos in little bits around my homework and stuff, cos I’m probably older than your average veiwer of 13/14/15 (rather not say exactly)

  • Foxy Gamer 4 months ago

    I tend to watch a Rendog video from beginning till I tend to doze off, then I re watch from the point I remember and finish until the end card. Keep up the good work, and remember, double check your mic I mean dude, seriously :D:D -facepalm-

  • TheBossBroGaming 4 months ago

    21:15 and still going

  • Purple Cactus 4 months ago

    I’m watching season 1 as well as this season and it’s great to see the progression you’ve made while staying true to your minecraft roots. Your building skills have come a long way but it’s still your style and long may it stay so. What also strikes me is that you still have such a love and sense of wonder for this amazing game and I think that is a big part of what keeps people coming back all these years later. Cracking job Mr Dog!

  • altri 4 months ago

    Little Trump reference

  • Yuvraj Plays 4 months ago


  • noibn 4 months ago

    Ren, you should put together a “preflight” checklist, to avoid any future recording derps.

  • Dean Ward 4 months ago

    Hey Ren. If you’re going to have the Hobbits, you should make a orc city. As well as Solomon’s tower and the place where Sauron lives. In between you could have some war torn towns that look destroyed. Sorry if j got some of the names wrong. It’s been years since I read Lord of the rings or saw the movies. I think it would be sweet!

  • Jimmy Abrams 4 months ago

    Rendog, make another Dogolith!!!

  • Deadpool 4 months ago

    I found ur Youtube channel about 2 weeks ago and watched all ur Survival series episodes. Btw i wouldnt mind if u even make ur episodes a little longer, like an hour or so.

  • Fwend 4 months ago

    I WAS THE 1000TH LIKE!

  • The Nr197 4 months ago

    It’s amazing what a little block varitation and leave placing can do to a build! Nice (huge) wall!

  • LilWolfie 4 months ago

    “If* people make it to the end? Do people actually stop halfway through videos in a series? O.o
    Seems odd, but who am I to say what’s odd 😛

    Keep up the great work,

  • ObscureGamingDojo 4 months ago

    16:30 “like a pro! Like a Rendog!” those statements contradict eachother

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