• Ivan Dogovich 1 month ago

    Maybe an item elevator from down in the Molehole that you can dump ore and fuel into that will suck it up into the Blacksmith? Save all those trips up and down Z levels if you know what I’m saying.
    Cheers, Ivan 😀

  • Ben narciso 1 month ago

    Rendog saying Hal is acting darker reminds me of that one episode 69…

  • Vargas Wynter 1 month ago

    Turn the Spider 🕷 Farm into a barrow! The minecart track to enter can descend into an ancient burial mound.

  • Buddy Bradley 1 month ago

    Love this series, Ren. Nice work with the baby spider farm, op as fug.

  • Lucid Moses 1 month ago

    I suggest you put a iron bars on the floor between you and the spiders to help prevent you from accidentally moving forward and get bitten by the spiders.
    Since you didn’t use a cobble fence you may have to try various things to see what’s wide enough.

  • Rick Wherry 1 month ago

    You can use the string to trade with fletcher villagers for emeralds and then trade the emeralds for better stuff.

  • Lee Peterson 1 month ago

    Boi you can’t get silk touch on a sword so when you cycle through them to try and get silk touch I.T won’t pop up because you can’t even get I.T on a sword. #facepalm

  • DrSpleen 1 month ago

    Anyone else get frustrated when he kept looking at ALL the spiders but NOT killing them at the start 😠😠😠😠😠🤬🤬🤬🤬

    Edit: what the seed btw?

  • loveyaclouds 1 month ago

    How did we kill 8 donkeys though 😮

  • ecasey333 1 month ago

    Almost to 200k Cyberdogs Ren! Keep up the great content.

  • DeDoentje 1 month ago

    Besides of aestetics, why do you have 4 anvills? Does it has an advantage over 1 anville? I am curious about that.

  • stanasnormal 1 month ago

    Rendog I’ve started watching your channel back when I was in 5th grade now I’m in 9th grade and I stopped liking mine craft after a while and I got interesting in other things but I came back to your channel about a week ago and I’m loving the videos

  • Jaxon Brown 1 month ago

    Can you name your next animal or thing worren

  • Amy Murray 1 month ago

    I love watching this series. I had a bad day and this always brings me back to myself. X

  • John Cooper 1 month ago

    Turn the beacon on top of that hill into a chimney for the black smith, almost like it extends out of the hill, and maybe even use cobwebs and glass to make smoke come out of it.

  • Eren - 1 month ago

    I think a well could be a really awesome feature because it would go with the lore very well as the gobbits would need water.. But in a more old fashioned way… Also it could be cool to go with the black Smith as they need water to cool the metal

  • King-Kal Krafting 1 month ago

    Hals back happy days when will he get the green lantern ring. 😂 love the spider farm mate making one myself atm.

  • Nick-s-f 1 month ago

    Spider farm is bringing Insane xp, works as good as an endfarm, congrats!

  • Immera Pugh 1 month ago

    Are you going to make this so we can download it ??

  • dean the bobcat 1 month ago

    Wait… Your pig has been telling dark jokes…
    He’s been hanging around with skeletons…
    And you said he had a “bad time”?

    Undertale fans… You know what I’m on to here.

  • Ryan Sama 1 month ago

    no lie ren, was on the bus ride home an tuned into the stream. 2 minutes later, you find Hal…… Epic.

  • jordanmonaghan8 1 month ago

    So cool, Love how the molehole 2.0 is coming together so sweetly. Cant wait for the next episode!

  • M Arif Rahman 1 month ago

    Rendog when you give the download map

  • I sit down to find YET ANOTHER video from rendog!!!! I hear those immortal words “gaaarreeeting cyberdogs and I find a smile on my face and a tasty beverage next to me! Thanks again for your hard work.

  • Chuck Saint 1 month ago

    nice job not getting killed by any spiders!! majorly impressed!

  • ESHADOW111 1 month ago


  • NeoPatriot 1 month ago

    wow I didn’t realize how handsome ren was

  • Matthew Smal 1 month ago

    Really fricken happy you found Hal man was really cool to see you got him back 😀

  • Zuriel Babida 1 month ago

    hmm, pretty sure the spidermatic would break because of the new water mechanics in 1.13. I’m pretty sure the watter at the top will fill out the spots where the spiders can breathe, I think you should test it though.

  • tot_squirtle22 G 1 month ago

    make a library around the spider spawner with books galore.

  • DOPE Sauce-MLBB 1 month ago

    NHO is gone =c

  • Timothy Judson 1 month ago

    Please build a HUGE NETHER BASE RenDog‼️

  • NitroProductions0123 1 month ago

    That spider spawner is frighteningly overpowered. It’s spectacular.

  • Day Dreamy Simmer 1 month ago

    love this project ren great job

  • Prazzel 1 month ago

    Ren, some lore suggestions. the gobbits didn’t make the spidomatic, a wizard did. It makes perfect sense, The gobbits are mainly farmers so it wouldn’t make sense if they did it. A wizard however would have made such a thing to experiment on spiders and also grind some XP for his/her enchanting. so you don’t need to make the spidomatic in a gobbit style, you should make it in a “wizard style”

  • Davey_Rulez 1 month ago

    When will you finally make a diamond sword?

  • Daniel Gnann 1 month ago

    In the aquatic update soul sand effects that entities go up so you could have as well just replaced your old elevator and used soulsand

  • Beckett Wagner 1 month ago

    You need a bane of athropods sword

  • Sean Calderwood 1 month ago

    when will u make a world download

  • Mario12267 1 month ago

    Yay Hal returns! Awesome episode! Keep up the good work!

  • Mario12267 1 month ago

    Also while I was watching one of Pythons new episodes I saw some items drop in the water and they moved really quickly, you might not need to hunt for ice for future aquaducts

  • Solar Horse 1 month ago

    You can use the string for wool for builds.

  • Astroid DA2 1 month ago

    World download ;(

  • Eric La Treill 1 month ago

    Love the spidermatic!

  • Survivor Master 1 month ago

    I just watched all of season 5, and season 1 in 1 week, RENDOG MARATHON! Keep it up!

  • Birdstar 1 month ago

    The new look is starting to grow on me <3

  • Vojue C 1 month ago

    What about a crane for water from the top of the hill to the future lake below? 🙂 Blacksmith needs water…

  • Coyt Anderson 1 month ago

    Now all you need is mending on that shovel. 😉 for now keep a good eye on it.

  • Surendra Ram 1 month ago

    You are awesome Rendog

  • Kelvin Chen 1 month ago

    Hey rendog, I have a suggestion for the spid-o-matic; add a dispenser with a lava bucket. Use repeaters to make the lava last just long enough so after the spiders stop burning, you kill them with one sword strike. N.B. you should probably get sweeping edge and bane of arthopods on a sword just for killing spiders. Awesome video!

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