• rendog 1 month ago

    Looks like we used an older version of the new 1.13 textures in this episode guys, so we’ll try out the latest batch in the next episode!! 🙂 #KeepUpTheGoodWorkMojang RD

  • Timothy Judson 1 month ago

    Please build a major BASE in the NETHER!!!

  • Venom Knight 1 month ago

    Return of diablo

  • YOUTUBEs MASHUPs 1 month ago

    33 mins of ranting texture pack

  • x Lolkolf 1 month ago

    Ren! Have You considered playing this series with Shaders? I would suggest Sildurs Vibrant Shaders Extreme or Continuum

  • Kyle Evans 1 month ago

    I would like to see a texture pack designed entirely by you, Rendog. Have you ever thought of making one or have you already and I’ve simply missed it?

  • Jason Cbld 1 month ago

    I really don’t like texture pack in Minecraft, except the faithful one. Nice episode, thanks, Rendog 🙂

  • BANANA APPLESAUCE 1 month ago

    RD you talk tooo much.You did not even build the entrence of the molehole.waste of 33 minutes..

  • VomitingDragon 1 month ago

    I remember watching your first few episodes but then just forgot about you.. I’m back now!

  • Cricket Ant 1 month ago

    hey ren! I’m quite new to the channel so this survival series is technically my first series that I’m watching of you. (English is shit sorry) anyways I would like to Thank you ALOT as you uploaded 2 videos on this series so quickly! I love it when I get to binge watch. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I hope you could maybe upload more on this series? idk if u can it would be amazing though! anyways keep up the great work! (currently, I’m starting to watch hermitcraft on your channel but meh. still feel that this series is cooler!) WOOHOO! #luvrendog

  • Brian Ronald 1 month ago

    The place you’re most likely to see cobblestone in the real world is the floor. That new texture looks like an excellent road surface.

  • Mujadid Gilani 1 month ago

    It felt like we entered the first season again!!! And so many things which only the old school cyberdogs could relate(like the chicken one 😂) Felt so good, like you were talking to me!

  • Mujadid Gilani 1 month ago

    I really want you to go over a million subscribers, but am kinda scared too that you might forget the old cyberdogs that way!

  • Mujadid Gilani 1 month ago

    Add Dogolyth to your plans RENDOG

  • Da1ienx 1 month ago

    Well im not a fan of the john smith textures, they are just too… brown
    not sure what i think of the new vanilla textures just yet.

  • thought I was high on something when I didnt see a single leaf on every tree

  • Tyler Sherwood 4 weeks ago

    Why don’t you go back to using Optifine?

  • Hermitcraft EheTon 4 weeks ago

    Finally I was able to catch up with the series!!!

  • LaunchedPond21_Yt 4 weeks ago

    I really like your series it inspires you to still play. Like before your before your series I was going to abandon minecraft(I play since alpha 1.2) then I saw your series and play minecraft again with Manu emotion. Thank you Rendog

  • curlyboy01 4 weeks ago

    rendog are you using java minecraft or windows 10 ?

  • Yes!! You said scones the right way ^_^

  • Lee Darcy 4 weeks ago

    Have you tried conquest?

  • KingWIgz 1 4 weeks ago

    yo ren im an old school cyberdogg and watched ur last series… so when u didnt like the path block and the bricks u changed it in paint.NET so why not do that to all the greys just as u did in the path and bricks blocks

  • KingWIgz 1 4 weeks ago

    ohhh btw ren dog u can turn conneted textures off in video settings in optifine…. luv ya dudd <<33

  • iCeMaN tHe BeSt 4 weeks ago

    Ren buddy when you edeting your next video please up a little bit more your audio

  • iCeMaN tHe BeSt 4 weeks ago

    tried to use faithful x32 texture pack is like the default texture only better just saying

  • Tomas Mannion 4 weeks ago

    where can i get the new textures

  • redstoneunknown 4 weeks ago

    If you do decide to use a texture pack you should use the Lord of the rings one it would work good with the Moleshire.

  • Ethan Dyson 4 weeks ago

    You should play Terraria again 😀

  • CuteKitten 43 4 weeks ago

    I feel like the new texture pack looks to plastic

  • billybobjoe1827 4 weeks ago

    Your a real good person, i hope you know that.

  • LilWolfie 4 weeks ago

    32:50 DIABLO EL POLLO!!!!

    I’m a huge lover of JSL over block variation, but at the same, time, I do understand that variation has many more game applications and having multiple textures on the same color scales makes it easier to pull together an entire build. Keep doing what you love, and your enjoyment of it and seeing what you create makes it easy to ignore default.
    I’m very interested to see what Mojang ends up doing with all of the textures. I haven’t paid much attention to exactly what the textures will be looking like, so I guess I’ll be crossing my fingers that they keep everything looking nice and clean…otherwise we might see a lot of people using a resource pack that reverts everything to Minecraft’s old “default” look 🙂

    See you on dc.net,

  • John Davison 4 weeks ago

    I don’t feel like minecraft needs those textures. It might make it easier to build, but makes the game much less fun and beautiful

  • NitroProductions0123 4 weeks ago

    That’s the cobble texture the picked!? That is absolutely HORRID.

  • Sam Dighans 4 weeks ago

    Would you ever consider using the shaders mod to up the looks of vanilla Minecraft? I think it could make the world absolutely beautiful

  • Brandon Tallerico 4 weeks ago

    Hey Ren! I like the points you bring up with your “vanilla texture” argument, haha. I have recently started playing with block variation, although I am playing with a texture pack. As for the 1.13 textures, i think your right. They have potential if all the textures are changed, but only in that circumstance, i think… Here’s a cool idea though: What if Mojoang programmed two texture packs into Minecraft? One with the 1.13 changes, and one with the textures we have now. It would work just like texture packs you download, you would just have a default, and you could use the other one at will, if you desire. I would love to see what you think of this!

  • Tyler Steinbrink 4 weeks ago

    get faithful rendiggity doug

  • michelle connelly 4 weeks ago

    I have to agree with you. I downloaded the JohnSmith and it was a big difference that had its good and bad. My Grandson did not like the change at all and would not play unless I changed it back (he is 3-years-old). I do hope the new texture pack is not as bad as it looked on your show because we will have to change a lot of the building! BLAH! Great show and thank you for your hard work!

  • Tristin Smith 4 weeks ago

    Texture is terrible… Lol

  • BuIIetBiII 4 weeks ago

    Visiting your neighbours because they’re elderly and don’t get many visitors! What a nice person you are Ren 🙂 You get a like just for that

  • JoshyTML 4 weeks ago

    you need to be verefied

  • Johannes Zehrer 4 weeks ago

    I wont update to those new textures. I don´t like them!!

  • walter mcdonough 4 weeks ago

    this is such an elitist view of minecraft though

  • Hey rendigididog
    Try conquest texture pack. Its even more awesome than John Smith (i think)
    Greetings from the beautiful Swiss alps 🇨🇭

  • Furree 4 weeks ago

    I really don’t see an issue with the texture in 1.13, because the same day it releases there will be a “Classic texture pack” to download.

  • Christina Smith 4 weeks ago

    Go to the end u Cyberdog

  • Christina Smith 4 weeks ago

    I’m a Cyberdog

  • Christina Smith 4 weeks ago

    Cyberdog rule

  • Tigwie 4 weeks ago

    Very well spoken, with the whole…creative liberties… took me forever to figure out thatg your milky is blurry. You are right.

  • Kevin Szklarzewski 4 weeks ago

    I still love the john smith texture pack i think it looks great

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