• cjkmaster 4 months ago

    Loving the series! I thought when you finished your last survival series, you were never going to do another one. I actually have come around and agree with you about ending the last series because it was outdated to an extent. Love your survival series though. To me, your survival series is the best minecraft series on youtube because you incorporate lore and user feedback, not to mention you aren’t a pro (not being critical) and it’s easy to relate how you play. Have an awesome Day dude!

  • morgan calinoiu 4 months ago

    ren if you hold shift when you are on magma cube it wont burn you

  • BeQuickOrBeDead 4 months ago

    Rendog i love your series .I wanted to let you know that you cab make tye portal into a skull cos that slab makes it look like a skull eye thing

  • MrDaOscar 4 months ago

    The Nether Cave looks so cool(hot) Ren. Like it’s melted and blended into the rock of the overworld. How about a few mushrooms??? The brown ones would look cool added here. Anyway Cheers Rendog keep it coming pal

  • Foxy Gamer 4 months ago

    Just gonna revamp the lore, or try: The Miners were pushing their cart along when, without warning, without mercy The Wither Sent forth a portal which exploded into the Overworld. The force of the blast blew the miners to their demise and corrupting the general area.

  • [Put Edgy Name Here ] 4 months ago

    Call the netherrack the eye of cerebus after the dog in hell

  • Aaron Schwartz 4 months ago

    You need to name Maximus!

  • AnthonyJeiD 4 months ago

    Name the block “Noses” it’s like Moses but from the nether lol.

  • _ Latviskais _ 4 months ago

    If you shift on magma block you dont get damage!

  • Icekilleris125 Ice Prince 4 months ago

    Satan name on nether

  • Cody Kooter 4 months ago

    Rendog drink some tea and calm down

  • Cody Clark 4 months ago

    Hey Ren, what about growing dinner nether wart somewhere near the portal? Could give a cool effect.

  • DudePlays 4 months ago

    Trap some zombie villagers down in there to represent the dead miners and name them after iskall and stress.

  • Tunnelbridge 4 months ago

    Rendog, you could call the netherack block Bloodstone, after netherack’s original name.

  • Jacob Housley 4 months ago

    Cyberrack!!! Love the series.

  • Fanalama 4 months ago

    YOU, Sir DOG, are an ARTIST!

  • Flowkap 4 months ago

    This actually remembers me of the portal in stranger things.

  • Fanalama 4 months ago

    34:33 when the music changes… This sound always tells me enjoy your last few minutes Bro… It’s almost over now.

  • CrazyGamingCuber 4 months ago

    I’m loving this series so far. But it can ups us someone I was thinking a big Fence surrounding everything like a boundary of moleshire where you aren’t supposed to pass

  • Bronzy261 4 months ago

    I’m subscribed because of this series 😂

  • Roberto Morales 4 months ago

    Hey Ren, if you shift when walking on uRENium, it won’t hurt you

  • Alvin Brinson 4 months ago

    I like the black nether brick.

    If someone is confused by that, then they’re just idiots.

  • Geng Yun 4 months ago

    I think the mole hole should look like helms deep from Lord of the Rings

  • bluepapaya 4 months ago

    It’d be cool to put some lava above some of the ceiling blocks so they drip lava.

  • Daizo Dee Von 4 months ago

    Use bits of redstone as “blood” in the Nether Cave so you can tell that miners have died here.
    Also name the Netherack block “Nether Mind!” Ya know, because it’s a play on words for “Never Mind!” and you don’t like going in the nether… so…. that’s the joke….. ya.

  • Rowan Burke 4 months ago

    rendog, you should put spiderwebs in the nether room, to make it look more abandoned.

  • BlazingArcanine 4 months ago

    Netherack name “source of evil”

  • RJ Studios 4 months ago

    Damn rendog thats dark XD they were all instantly murdered lol

  • RJ Studios 4 months ago

    I wish i could friggin build like you ren you are one of the best builders ive ever seen

  • Elijah Dietzel 4 months ago

    love the series. my only suggestion on the nether cave is cut a little bit of the green out so that it still looks like a portal to a lava world. Right no it looks like the rest of the cave but desaturated. Just a thought

  • GoFox Go 4 months ago

    Lovin the lore and way to go not becoming food for the pigman in the nether 🙂

  • Zarr0ch 4 months ago

    Why would the miner die when finding the room. Doesn’t make sense. More likely they found the inactive portal and touched something they shouldn’t have, the portal exploded open killing them

  • Mary Carney 4 months ago

    do another moses!!!

  • Fineterra 4 months ago

    Great video as always! I know it’s too early for that, but maybe in the future you could add some Mycelium in front of the portal. As if even the grass is becoming corrupted.

  • AJ Pal 4 months ago

    Here’s something for the lore of the nether cave. The miners broke into an underground air pocket containing the portal which awoke a dormant evil. They tried to harvest the unknown materials they found there, but were killed by the creepers, skeletons, and zombies that were released into the over world. Great job ren on the series, I really enjoy watching it😃

  • Faulty 4 months ago

    I’m loving this series Ren but the way you’re explaining your nether and how it’s taking over the overworld is the exact same way the upside down try’s to take over Hawkins in Stranger Things 2!!! And that’s awesome 🙂 (spoiler??) keep up the good work

  • Diamarald Gaming 4 months ago

    Make a AFK Fish Farm plz

    From my channel

  • Duan Krynen 4 months ago


  • Ivan Dogovich 4 months ago

    Gotta admit. That Nether Spawn was pretty darn incredible. Unfortunately, it definitely doesn’t meet CyberDog Safety Codes! Need to wall it off from the lava lake behind it at a minimum! I think cooked stone brick would be perfect! Use the proceeds of the Stripmine to enhance that Red Nightmare!
    Cheers, Ivan 😀

  • Nightcore Naruto 4 months ago

    Rendog pin this if you like your fans… Your videos are actually nice no kidding! 👍👍👍

  • Matt Smith 4 months ago

    Name: Nether Rick (lore: Rick was the miner who discovered the cave and was taken out by a zombie pigman.)
    Vote: Vanilla netherbrick
    Mandatory correction: Magma Cubes are the slime looking mob, Urenium are just magma blocks (or just magma). In real life, magma is just underground lava, so…

  • Woo Jin Koh 4 months ago

    Name suggestions for the netherrack:

    Soul of the Netherdog
    The Netherren
    Vile Cyberrack

  • Xx PaulGoody88 Xx 4 months ago

    Hey RenDiggityDawg man you are so inspiring brotha, just got to say all the series I’ve been watching of yours just keep getting better and you make it so people can feel like their in that World with you. Your an AWESOME storyteller and really enjoy hearing your life experiences. Your not just a youtube gamer man your an excellent entertainer. Well keep up all the great work man and keep inspiring us not only in Minecraft but in life. Now lets get a tasty beverage and somethin crunchy to snack on and lets do this.. Thanks man

  • Kenneth Zimmerle 4 months ago

    Suggestion for the block of netherrack: Sesom (Moses spelled backwards).

  • Squidgy 90 4 months ago

    If you hold shift when you walk over the magma block it doesn’t burn you 👍😆

  • Music Man 4 months ago

    You should name the nether rack, “netherwrecked”

  • Optimistic Primo 4 months ago

    kind of a zergy slash undeadish feel to that portal my ren diggidy daawwg i feel ya homie

  • I prefer Iskall’s color. Cheers!

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