Let’s Play Minecraft Survival: ReNDoG visits the Mines of the Dog for


  • May May 1 month ago

    hey guys and welcome to my minecraft letsplay, today we’re find some diamonds

  • HeirofGenghis 1 month ago

    What a great episode. I can’t wait to see the finished product with these sugar cane delivery aqueducts and the renovations to the Molehole in general. I was glad to see this episode so soon after the last one too. But I think the Redstone lamps looked better than the plain glowstone. You should re-install them. 😛

  • Jaxon Brown 1 month ago

    It would be really cool if you could name your next animal or villager worren

  • Avery Thomas 1 month ago

    I don’t really comment a lot but i really am enjoying the lets play

  • Oliver Molnár 1 month ago

    If you have red stone troubles ask mumbo jumbo

  • tyler brown 1 month ago

    Meat and potatoes? Correction: bangers and mash my dude

  • A Leaf 1 month ago


  • Test music 1 month ago

    Xin chào

  • Laura Principe 1 month ago

    Any plans on doing live streams for this series? Great video, as always!

  • Pigmaster 0713 1 month ago

    I always wonder who dislikes theses videos

  • Joe French 1 month ago

    Maybe a tree in the central area for old times sake

  • Gogamesgroup 1 month ago

    Ren, make so,e automated smelting furnace. Or maybe find a way with red stone to make a mechanism that takes your ores and brings it automatically to a furnace to smelt. It is very useful, I have it in my world.

  • Heavenly Phoenix 1 month ago

    Where is the Hermit Skies?

  • Trevor Storm 1 month ago

    How come everytime Ren threatens to do something for someone not subscribing or watching the whole survival series it always has something to do with butts?

  • Zach Scribner 1 month ago

    I recommend you use some stained glass for the sugar cane farm. Maybe of the darker variety would look pretty fricken sweet.

  • Harrison Paine 1 month ago

    Yeah man! I take my coffee black too. It’s the only way really. 😌

  • 66DragonAnimations 1 month ago

    I name all my fortune picks fortune cookie

  • Caitlin MB 1 month ago

    enjoy the videos as usual but just be a little careful with some of the things you say that are very like “masculinity!!” cos i dont think thats the right messageto be sending but good video apart from that

  • Lyv Plays Games 1 month ago

    It takes “damage” because Hal nibbles at the carrot. lol

  • altri 1 month ago

    Rendog you could have made the aqueduct so the sugar cane went directly in its chest

  • LanceCatacata ISDAES 1 month ago

    Hey ren can you build an iron farm?

  • ramokhan 1 month ago

    Hey ren just case i dont like normel glass texter maybe it will be better to use coller glass and connected texter from optfine

  • Bradwyn Paulse 1 month ago

    But, sugar cane isn’t affected by light levels at all…

  • Martijn Rutgers 1 month ago

    “Lets be smart and mend Terra with the xp from our fortune pickaxe”
    3 blocks in: Torches in off-hand while breaking redstone with fortune pickaxe instead of Terra

  • Loki Lejion 1 month ago

    Glass can be dyed any color and if you like the iron bar maybe gray stained glass will look good instead of the basic glass and grey glass is a lot less noisy in the texture too

  • Brendon Oliver 1 month ago

    You’re amazing Ren! love the series keep it up!

  • Dalia Roy 1 month ago

    Now f3 is not cheating on Minecraft

  • Half Player 1 month ago

    whta is seed?

  • Petronilla London 1 month ago

    I’m sorry to tell you, Ren, but cutting that beard lost you too many man cards to ever reclaim with coffee alone. 😢

  • Alekay Argote 1 month ago

    Ren, learn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p1lT-xfuLRM And the light level produced by a powered lamp is the same than a glowstone block.

  • Prince Gujjar 1 month ago

    Great video ren ❤️

  • Ben Farmin 1 month ago

    Ren, you should really make your mines 3 blocks tall. By busting out one more block you increase your coverage and the odds of finding something by 60%. Also you’ve made a branch mine not a strip mine, so your mom won’t have to worry. LoL! Keep up the great work!!

  • Ben Farmin 1 month ago

    If you’re not going to use the F3 button, couldn’t you just make a map?

  • Tommaso Ciocca 1 month ago

    Ren name another pig lelujah

  • RicottaCheesecak Gaming 1 month ago

    Hey Ren, just subscribed to you. Awesome videos and cool stories. Honestly haven’t seen this video yet, I’m currently watching episode 22 of this series, but just wanted to give you a couple ideas for the future if you want. 1.(I could be wrong but) I think you can use Terra to Silk Touch the mob spawners and create an awesome mob grinder. The second idea would be to go to the jungle and get your trees and saplings leaves and cats etc, but also get a parrot and use it as a cave canary. Just some ideas. You can do as you will. WHAT IS EVERYONE EATTING WHILE ENJOYING THE VIDEOS? I’m curious everyone. I’m eating some cheese bread while catching up from episode 22. Hurry and upload Ren, I’m catching up quickly……lol. Hearing your stories tells me that I’m slightly older then you but your stories brings up some nostalgia. Also you kinda sound like Stewie from Family Guy. Lol sorry had to say that. Anyway stay awesome, creative,entertaining and positive my friend, we need a little more of that in our world.

  • Dean Ward 1 month ago

    I’ve been trying to figure out what the big deal with using F3 for your coordinates is? It’s far from cheating IMO.

  • redstoneunknown 1 month ago

    Ren you should make your glass a light green, for sugar cane.

  • Killer Gaming 1 month ago

    use stained glass

  • Jeevan Singh 1 month ago

    Please hermit skies back I beg

  • Danny McCormick 1 month ago

    Awesome videos like always!!!!!

  • Will Brawner 1 month ago

    You are a lot of to watch play minecraft.

  • Jovan Serbia 1 month ago

    Can you make 1h survival episodes

  • TheRedWolf Gaming 1 month ago

    Hey ren!! This is a little thing that I do in my survival worlds that I think could create a more thriving moleshire!!

    What I like to do is to make lots of buildings for different purposes such as armouries, witch towers, and boathouses. I feel that this could add a more busy and thriving vibe to the moleshire!!

  • Sarah Schreffler 1 month ago

    I appreciate that you show mining occasionally. Because I understand the boring aspect of that. But I love seeing it too

  • lomper 123 1 month ago

    For the item aquaduct if you use packed ice under the water the items will travel really fast

  • Horse Gaming890 1 month ago

    I love hoppers!!! Hopper, Hopper, Hopper, Comparator! What did I just say???

  • SyR Gaming 1 month ago

    I’m really enjoying this series! Please keep it up and I’ll keep my streak for not skipping the ads!

  • Fango Wolf 1 month ago

    Why is it always the Butt?

  • Gunshot Gray 1 month ago

    Rendog you should call your fortune pick axe fortune of the dog!

  • ArjunaPM Arjuna 1 month ago

    Jesus Go To World

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