• Isildur Of Gondor 2 weeks ago

    It should have been Gildo, as in Bilbo

  • Shadixx 2 weeks ago

    “Meriadock Brandytooke”. I believe you mean Meriadock Brandybuck, and Peregrin Tooke. :3

  • therealronnymcdonny 2 weeks ago

    Rendog you should upload sea of thieves gameplay

  • simserasera 2 weeks ago

    Love the series. You should try to find a fisherman or Fletcher. You can trade 15-20 string for an emerald which would be awesome since you have the spider farm. And theyre a brown coat so if you want to create a villager powered farm later on you can use them for that too.

  • Tino Herrera 2 weeks ago

    Ren please make a episode of the the strong hold

  • Nick Pone 2 weeks ago

    great episode Ren!

  • Alyssa Terry 2 weeks ago

    It’s okay Ren; I pronounce hearth that way too.

  • bounceman luffy 2 weeks ago

    Ren u should light some nether rack in the blacksmith chimney to add smoke to it

  • Nick Pone 2 weeks ago

    Watched every episode! highlight of my day!

  • Adventurous Geek 2 weeks ago

    Gerriadoc doesn’t like trading book he prefers finding short cuts to mushrooms

  • curlyvltr 2 weeks ago

    mending is a very rare trade, you are going to need a villager breeder

  • Kollin Maxey 2 weeks ago

    Hey Ren I have been watching and you are very good at the game like better than notch and I also subscribed from the begging

  • Mike Rosado 2 weeks ago

    welcome back Griswold!!!!!!

  • Lynzie 2 weeks ago

    So happy for new video!

  • ThatRandomGamer 2 weeks ago

    Correction, 16:08 Beatrice was the first villager in the first survival series

  • Randy Vallian 2 weeks ago

    put door in your jail ren so they not run away

  • Joey Miller 2 weeks ago

    Never mind favourite minecraft series, this is the only minecraft series I watch!

  • ElvenMage13 2 weeks ago

    I love this series. One of my absolute favorites to watch.

  • Yusuf Kagalwala 2 weeks ago

    you should name the next villager you kidnap Gilbo gabbins as a word play on the famous Bilbo Baggins

  • Yusuf Kagalwala 2 weeks ago

    try breeding them

  • Yusuf Kagalwala 2 weeks ago

    i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee your cannel and your vid

  • Fun Times With Chloe 2 weeks ago

    Love the video OF CORSE, but I think somethings off with the audio, still GREAT video!!

  • Hanah McConahay 2 weeks ago

    Omg I love this I always get so excited to come home from work whenever I get the notification that you’ve uploaded bc it means some rendog watchin time 😂

  • mike dierickx 2 weeks ago

    Put some wooden doors in the holiday inn and start breeding those villagers, its the easiest way to get a mending librarian.

  • JJRubes 2 weeks ago

    Hey Ren, I hope you enjoyed reading this comment 🙂

  • spikelilgirl 2 weeks ago

    Beatrice must have found a portal and came to visit.

  • Jose S. 2 weeks ago

    We need more episodes!!!

  • daniel sinclair 2 weeks ago

    sacrifice geri he is trash

  • Dece Femz 2 weeks ago

    Why don’t you start breeding your villagers

  • SWARAN SINGH 2 weeks ago

    You are awsome:). do the great modded dog survival

  • SWARAN SINGH 2 weeks ago

    Whats about map you have

  • Mujadid Gilani 2 weeks ago

    Name the next village ‘Geatrice’ after Beatrice

  • Ash Cua 2 weeks ago

    Dont know and too much leaves so upseting REN! Why not an a ADVENTURE! DISAPOINTING.DISAPOINTING

  • ThebabyfoxRx 2 weeks ago

    Hey, I would like to start my first survival adventure and I would like to start with the same world as you have. Could you please by clicking re create and more option, copy your world seed and give it to me please. I love your series and your small stories. Keep this up and thanks in advance.

  • Charminxtrasoft 2 weeks ago

    You need to throw down some wooden doors, drop in some carrots and turn the holiday inn into the love shack! Need that mending villager!!

  • TheEnchantedGamer 2 weeks ago

    So excited…. To return seeing your videos after a long break from YouTube. Thank You for making all of us happy.

  • Stormaggedon 2 weeks ago

    Meriadoc Brandytook? um……… no! 😀 its Meriadoc Brandybuck and Peregrin (aka Pippin) Took

  • Paulo Thiago 2 weeks ago

    Welcome back Griswold! How is it going on Molecity?

  • Paulo Thiago 2 weeks ago

    For those new cyberdogs who don’t know Griswold’s story. [S3E40] /watch?v=Cb10GxrnNtQ

  • KenDoyle25 2 weeks ago

    Ren you should kidnap a villager that trades string (shepard, fletcher) for emeralds and put him in the spider farm

  • masoumeh gheblehei 2 weeks ago

    OK, I just watched the rest of the video

  • ReNDoGFan4Ever 2 weeks ago

    Griswold is BACK!!!

  • WypmanGames 2 weeks ago

    they now trade ender pearls instead of ender eyes because it was to OP

  • Aranel Alasse 2 weeks ago

    Ren, to save you time googling more Gobbit names the next ones should be: Geregrin “Gippin” Took, Gilbo Baggins, Gosie Cotton, Gredegar “Gatty” Bolger and Farmer Gaggot! Also, villager swimming races would be really fun! 🙂

  • Furree 2 weeks ago

    No Rendog, 1 Glowstone for 1 Emerald is not a good trade. That’s the worst one. 3 Glowstone for 1 Emerald is the best you can get.

  • The Great Mushufasa 2 weeks ago

    Oh god…. Griswold has HORRIBLE cleric trades… Geez…..

  • The Great Mushufasa 2 weeks ago

    I think it’s time you make a villager breeder, Ren! You can save yourself tons of trips to the village and get an infinite number of gobbits!

  • Squeaky 2 weeks ago

    I thought Beatrice the butler was the first

  • Dark Lord Gaming 2 weeks ago

    I would subscribe but I am not allowed to subscribe people yet also can you build a pokemon related building in your world

  • Grandpa61 2 weeks ago

    You can add more doors to the village huts to spawn more villagers. the doors will need tho have a block over them to work. And I think you’ll have to spend time nearby to make them spawn.

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