• conner MacDonald 10 months ago

    add a mixed up trap where the murderer gets there inventory mixednup when they run into it

  • Deric the Dragon Guy 10 months ago

    The skunk trap. When the killer hits it they get poisoned, enabling the hiders to kill them

  • Gaga fsafasf 10 months ago

    Do barny

  • StroyerGT 10 months ago

    what about a ranged weapon : No Damage : Punch 10 : Cost 2 stacks : One use

  • GamerLance 078 10 months ago

    The armor must be barnie I want to see crianer look barnie (sorry if I spell that wrong)

  • Shan Bernard Alconaba 10 months ago

    Do Barney next time

  • M. Ridwan Hafizh 10 months ago

    can you do the teletubbies theme

  • Bharat Neupane 10 months ago


  • the roblox demon 10 months ago


  • DraconianGaming 10 months ago

    No Barney how about tele tubies or nightmare animatronics from fnaf?

  • Kristups Bunka 10 months ago

    MAKE A SKY TRAP IF KILER twitch that trap he got launched to the sky for 10 seconds

  • Brian G 10 months ago


  • Feisalito 10 months ago

    there should be a trap where the killer becomes like a baby and does less damages, like if you agree 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • Vardan Ohanyan 10 months ago

    Ssundee should do a legend of zelda murder
    Like if you agree😄😰😏😲😗😙😣

  • Minecraft Gamer23 10 months ago

    My Ideas For New Traps, Hope you guys like it 👌🏻

    For the hiders:
    Flare gun-One shot only, stun the killer for 3 sec
    Coffee-You get speed buff for 2 sec
    Stick-hit the killer and theres a 25% chance you can stun the killer but the stick has a cooldown of 5 sec

    For the killer:
    Grappling hook-while chase, the killer can hook the hiders 2 steps back to the killer (prefer the fishing rod)
    Maximum Rage-Gives a speed buff for 3 sec and a jump boost for 5 sec
    Death wish-The killer teleports in front of the hider BUT it has a range so it wont be broken, a range of 20 blocks away and you have to right click this item to the enemy

  • hollie king 10 months ago

    Crainer is a dinosaur his nickname is Mr barney his favorite block is cobblestone and him and ssundee are bests friend and that is why Crainer is barney 💜=🐻

  • Red Escarez 10 months ago


  • Allan Sanchez 10 months ago

    Thea is like a animatronic when screaming

  • LarsPlaysMC 813 10 months ago

    Trap = false players / hallucination if possible like a mob for 30 secs for 128 nether stars

  • Sharipah Salmah Tuan Abdullah 10 months ago

    Ssunde,How do we zoom in minecraft?

  • vito oktaviano 10 months ago

    Yes plz make him barney

  • Josahar Seras 10 months ago

    Drainer just has to be bary

  • Josahar Seras 10 months ago

    Crainer is a loser that’s why he can’t kill Ssundee

  • Underswap Sans {Female} 10 months ago

    how bout’ trolls….
    DO TROLLS!!!!

  • Annie Muir 10 months ago


  • CJdoes Gaming 10 months ago

    The murderers trap where it teleports the player 20 blocks away

  • ICrushr 10 months ago

    Thea’s scream c: it’s so funny… like if you agree. Or like anyway..

  • Russel Chen 10 months ago

    Ohh russell

  • TheRageGaming 10 months ago

    !!! PLZ NOW!!! I WANT BARNEY SINCE IWAS 1 yearsold My Brithday when i was 1 years old birthday theme is barney so make it barney plz!! BARNEY IS MY CHILDHOOD!!

  • spyroDRAGON 10 months ago

    You guys should make a dummy power up place down your dummy with your skin and the killer will hit the dummy and will get tricked like if you agree!

  • Cranberry_Zekrom 10 months ago

    Horse trap all players get a hors for a small amount of time if the killer hits it

  • Xavier Tonkin 10 months ago

    Thea g down on the screams😁

  • XxkilleRManxX 10 months ago

    I want barny modded plssssssss

  • TheRageGaming 10 months ago

    How about make a new trap called Spirit Bomb For The murderer that heps the murderer because its a Tracker and all Innocent cant see anything for 32 seconds that it cost 3 stack and 30 Nether Star PLZ!!!

  • DabNation 10 months ago

    Sorry sometimes I cannot watch your videos it is cause I an busy at school and if your wondering why we have school, in the Philippines it is the start of school if it end on America or somewhere over there

  • Nabeel Hadid 10 months ago

    A flying trap for survivors to fly

  • Maritia Pollard 10 months ago

    a trap that surrounds the killer in pigs for the entire match!!

  • KnifeMaster_ awsome 10 months ago

    Do a wall trap

  • Kate Sherwood 10 months ago

    There should be a barny murder thing

  • intro's and outro's with trailers 10 months ago

    Dude this video got 112k likes so Barney murder mystery

  • Pennyboards7 10 months ago

    ssundee is good at

  • Maritia Pollard 10 months ago

    do a Barney murder themed game!! like this comment if you agree

  • The Corrupted Arcade 10 months ago

    Have a poison trap. It give the killer nuesia .

  • Joe Derrick 10 months ago

    Barney Murder Run!

  • elijah reese 10 months ago

    I think I have a great idea a lot of fun with my ida a bare traip

  • tyt tyt 10 months ago

    My. Name is mario

  • Andrew D 10 months ago

    hey thew is a phycho

  • Andrew D 10 months ago

    thea is a pshycho

  • PewDiePig/pug tv 10 months ago

    Pig trap: *replaces everything important with pigs* XD

  • Lel Cco 10 months ago

    Thea= Rip Headphone Users

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