• ԲʆΛreбlaze96 7 months ago

    In the next episode,can you collect more black iron and make the Deadpool suit?…..please?……with a little cherry on top?👌👌👌

  • Dalton Johnson 7 months ago

    Hi xylo

  • Rick Bickford 7 months ago

    Rob a bank

  • Rwgamming 7 months ago

    Hi and sub me

  • tyler korn 7 months ago

    Get super powers from the academy mod

  • Giuliana Jones 7 months ago

    Please get powers

  • David Bartlett 7 months ago

    Make all your guys black or red

  • TheBlackCat 7 months ago

    Put all weapons on the wall

  • VorTeX ImMoRtaL 7 months ago

    What if you bought a how then destroyed the other entrance and made one there in the house

  • TheBlackCat 7 months ago

    Make a mech

  • Bacca Face 7 months ago

    next ep xylo
    you do a cross over with panda and rob the bank please

  • Tate Turner 7 months ago

    Color your weapons

  • Tommy Tang 7 months ago

    Get a Grappling hook

  • saiyan hollow 7 months ago

    You should make a attack on titan Minecraft

  • dragon elder 7 months ago

    no because some one got stabbed 24 times and she lived

  • Naziah- Beth Morris-Harris 7 months ago

    They just robbed the bank

  • Naziah- Beth Morris-Harris 7 months ago


  • BrandonMC Playz 7 months ago

    Rose is an evil master mind and take over the world she is fooling you she is evil she will kill every one she just seems nice come on she stabed someone

  • RJ Pokémon RND 7 months ago

    Have super powers and guns

  • Harry Boffey 7 months ago


  • Mar Tomada 7 months ago

    go to the cave next to the flowershop

  • Hyperactive9089 7 months ago

    The weapons would have been more useful in the trials

  • FoxGamer37Playz /Minecraft and more 7 months ago

    Yo xylo cna you stop playing dumb and shoot the theif who stole from el pablos?? Cause i know you wher faking your shot their to not hit the theif who stole from el pablos just be deadpool

  • Riyaki Koritza 7 months ago


  • Connor Hill 7 months ago

    P90 is a gun

  • Kyle Ren 7 months ago

    What is the name of the mod the death stroke guy has for the green powers tell me

  • Zach Kettwig 7 months ago

    your boss might found out your base if u are gone

  • ıɐɯ uǝɹɐp 7 months ago

    Gingershadow already made Deadpool

  • Kim Apirion 7 months ago

    You are the best YouTuber of all time!!!!!!!!

  • Anton Agerskov 7 months ago

    You Can use a portal gun

  • Kevin49 7 months ago

    Make a m16

  • Adrian Lennon 7 months ago

    Xylo here are some things you should do in Super Hero Origins:
    2. Get a sper power (I think you should get super speed and be like the Flash)
    3. Make your Deadpool suit
    Oh another thing I have to ask you about.

    When will you bring back Star Wars? Its almost time.

  • death row 7 months ago

    Xylo I think you are the only one without superpowers

  • Trithreegaming 7 months ago

    Please make deadpool suit

  • Pantscake 7 months ago

    hey what mod pack do you use and where can i donwload it

  • Todd The Fox .Gaming 7 months ago

    Marry rose. I ship it

  • nicholas duque duque 7 months ago

    when will u get your powers every else does

  • Madix Jay 7 months ago


  • J Magazine playz 7 months ago


  • Mebdez Henry 7 months ago

    relocate a lot of villains know whare you ‘re base is one of them stole glowstone.

  • Kyle Delos Santos 7 months ago

    The black iron BLOCK has emc value

  • Kyle Delos Santos 7 months ago

    Trade a helicopter for a jetpack with Mev

  • demon fox gameplayer 7 months ago

    get to copy other powers

  • Linius Reuben 7 months ago

    Can you do an episode when your only Batman going around helping people or Batman sign up as the co janitor

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