• Voldemort Riddle 4 months ago

    Xylo do a thaumcraft wand and katana duel wield you will be unstoppable!! also be an assassin for hire!

  • Adrian Lennon 4 months ago

    Xylo I’ve been asking you for a while now to become a speedster. The Flash is my favorite superhero and if you could get super speed that would be awesome.
    Edit: Oh bring back the Star Wars Rp its about time.

  • Shadow Gallade 4 months ago

    you killed a person, plan to rob a bank, and have a secret base under a restaurant…. I seriously doubting that your a hero.

  • Flame Dragon 4 months ago

    Go back to roleplay please

  • Brandon Stephens 4 months ago

    Go to school

  • Peter Alsop 4 months ago

    You are a amazing YouTube a

  • BPAGames 4 months ago

    Can you get yourself powers like Mario, also work for rose or become a chef

  • Bruce Raynard 4 months ago

    Robbed the bank next episode

  • Bruce Raynard 4 months ago

    Be deadpool

  • Kyron Austin 4 months ago

    plz be the Flash or Batman or Green Arrow and if you were a villain be the Joker
    (P.S your more of a vigilante like red hood)

  • Bruce Raynard 4 months ago


  • Chugglie124 4 months ago

    Xylo will you be collecting all the super suits or are u just doing an rp?

  • Bruce Raynard 4 months ago

    Get a superpower

  • Soulbrs666 soulbrs666 4 months ago


  • Jeremy Willoughby 4 months ago

    I feel like xylo should make a suit frame and weapon case like batman

  • Fresh Of the box 4 months ago

    Goo back to role play

  • Kamy Bale 4 months ago

    how do you know if you got accepted

  • Mohammed Mohammed 4 months ago


  • KingCactus - just being a boss 4 months ago

    Get an armor stand to put it stuff on display

  • Tracey Morris 4 months ago

    Mev and panda have a secret base. When you see mev or panda or both of them together, you should follow them without them knowing. Do it on the next episode

  • Tracey Morris 4 months ago

    Be a superhero and don’t rob the bank since you just killed a person

  • Kendrick Tang 4 months ago


  • Kyle Ren 4 months ago

    Maybe he should just cut off his access the restaurant then quit your job to get a better one then connect your base with tunnels to other places

  • Billionair 10 4 months ago

    BE A HERO and i might sign up a soon as im free

  • Joseph Aldrin Bartolome 4 months ago

    I miss it again and again and again and again and again

  • Joseph Aldrin Bartolome 4 months ago

    Xylo baron is like you’re brother

  • Arthur Garde 4 months ago

    Is rose from yugioh rose the warrior of revenge

  • Adrian Valentin Nistor 4 months ago

    Rose x Xylo LOVE

  • Adrian Valentin Nistor 4 months ago


  • elijah MITCHELL 4 months ago

    There’s a way to get super powers you have to ask Mario and orange because they now have super powers and like me

  • Emily Williams 4 months ago

    Hi xylophoney thanks for the great livestream today of super hero origins an Xylopool is a murder naughty Xylopool you are going to be fired if you don’t do your job at el Pablo’s an he’s going to find your base under the restaurant in the boys bathroom 🚽 Xylopool is a evil super hero villain evil an go rob the banks with the evil panda 🐼 that’s also evil an your a murder okay hopefully your having a great night Xylo looks forward to seeing your next super hero origins livestream on your channel okay peace out your friend Emily evil Xylopool bye.

  • Rory Obrien 4 months ago

    I’m happy Xylo is branching off from Yu-Gi-Oh a bit but is anyone else kinda bored without it?

  • TheBlueMoon Wolf/TBMW 4 months ago

    How do you get on the application system to join?

  • Andy W 4 months ago

    Kill someone if they find your base

  • Newton Craft 4 months ago

    It’s cactai

  • STICK TALK 4 months ago

    Happy birthdsy to u

  • Matthew Effinger 4 months ago

    Make a team so fighting crime could be easier.

  • Isiah Jordan 4 months ago


  • Grzegorz Haraburda 4 months ago

    the chef stabed elpablomen

  • Stupid Phycotic Idiots 4 months ago


  • Connor Hill 4 months ago

    Make a p90 gun

  • TheAwesome Thute 4 months ago

    who is elpablomar i wanna check him out it does not way in description if it did who is the actor of him?

  • pancake king777 4 months ago

    Put the sowrd in the table when you get it out it will be fixed

  • TheAwesome Thute 4 months ago

    okay not to be rude but can you do more fighting with good guys/bad guys as you say it. there is not much of that

  • The real Popularmmos 4 months ago

    Happy birthday birthday happy

  • Tony P. 4 months ago

    You could put a out of order sign in the bathroom stall when you go into your base

  • Giuliana Jones 4 months ago


  • Giuliana Jones 4 months ago

    Get a second personality please

  • Mohammach Sroles 4 months ago

    Hey I typed xylo pool a few vids before

  • YeddyEddy 4 months ago

    I believe I can fly I believe I can touch the sky I think I shot him from a mile away and I met Hawkeye today I believe I can fly

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