• NickTroll11 - Growtopia 2 weeks ago


  • nicolemarie0608 2 weeks ago

    I never gug you

  • Sport Disney 2 weeks ago


  • Xylophoney 2 weeks ago

    Okay, finally, secret lair SAFE! Nothing bad will happen now right?

  • Ghostkin 22 2 weeks ago

    My favorite hero is Thor

  • Gungamer plays 2 weeks ago

    I said that man

  • Brendan Murphy 2 weeks ago

    i love this

  • Awesome Aaden Gaming 2 weeks ago


  • Donald Goodman 2 weeks ago

    call haywood : xywood

  • josh umali 2 weeks ago

    Yes! The Super Janitor!!

  • josh umali 2 weeks ago

    Why did you speed up the intro? The intro was good before.

  • snezzy west 2 weeks ago

    New name DEADPOOL

  • Shade Zero 2 weeks ago

    how do I join?

  • Brolythekilla1 2 weeks ago

    Hmm call him hindo

  • danny robbins 2 weeks ago

    haywood should be called… wait for it H.butler

  • Andy Davis 2 weeks ago

    the shshshshshshshshs good superhero name

  • Jug Dude 2 weeks ago

    What was your power again

  • Jug Dude 2 weeks ago

    I forgot

  • titduck Pichu 2 weeks ago


  • Charley Hight 2 weeks ago

    Xylo don’t make the transmutation table, get the tablet, so you can take it with you and access it in your inventory, also if it’s the table it might get blown up when you place it down, or get both, sorry if this is too many words

  • Andre Forrester 2 weeks ago

    do a naruto c series plezzzzzzzzz

  • tyler korn 2 weeks ago

    What mod is the monesters lady’s from

  • Rodolfo Medina 2 weeks ago

    I’m thinking Rudy

  • Rylans life legos and more! ! 2 weeks ago

    Kill the kids that lide

  • Kyle Ren 2 weeks ago

    Maybe go to prom with heywood

  • Eyad Obaid 2 weeks ago

    xylo put a out of order sighn on the stall that leads to the base or destroy that way and put the new way to the base in the jainitors closet

  • Eyad Obaid 2 weeks ago


  • Eyad Obaid 2 weeks ago

    plz let the next vid come tommorow

  • Maribel Ramirez Toledo 2 weeks ago

    Haywood could be “The Man”.

  • Ryan damon 2 weeks ago

    Isnt this just Another Deadpool seris

  • Lucas Gatbonton 2 weeks ago

    is this gonna be streamed like fairy tale origins or is it full on roleplay

  • nimelyanthony- gaming 2 weeks ago

    What was the intro song

  • Joseph Aldrin Bartolome 2 weeks ago

    I love YouTube so much I have youtubr things even my bag

  • Kyla Smith 2 weeks ago


  • ZaneTheAnimeGamer 2 weeks ago

    Batman has alfred/butler and xylo has heywood

  • Ben Storm 2 weeks ago


  • Mad Peace 2 weeks ago

    Like at first when u made Fairy tail origins i personaly didnt like it but when it was most uploaded so cought up to it even rewatched the streams now this one i like more

  • Dab bro Gaming 2 weeks ago

    My favorite superhero is the flash ⛈

  • Eyad Obaid 2 weeks ago

    put a out of order sign on the stall or change the way to the base in the jainitors closet

  • Ogi Longnose 2 weeks ago

    where’s minecraft deadpool already

  • FlareBlaze96 2 weeks ago

    Add MMMOOEE stuff to the lair 😶…….

  • David Stewart 2 weeks ago


  • Cesar Gomes 2 weeks ago

    The Flash

  • Gabe plays 2 weeks ago

    Notice me xylophoney senpi

  • Lolo Leperd 2 weeks ago

    Twilight Toles
    My only supper hearow I have created.

  • Arca9 Games 2 weeks ago


  • mettaton gaming 2 weeks ago

    This is crazy

  • KAWAI Kylu chan Aya! 2 weeks ago

    I like when he keep looking at the poop hahaha!

  • ISRAEL QUIROZ 2 weeks ago

    Theme song theme song theme song theme song theme song theme song the dead pool theme song.

  • Terell Barnes 2 weeks ago

    Don’t you have regeneration?

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