Minecraft – Suburban House Tutorial (Minecraft House). This is a


  • Grian 6 months ago

    Hey – Looks like most of the comments are positive! Ever since I started this channel, there has been a war between people who want to learn techniques, and those who just want to build what I make, block for block. The time has gone where I can upload something and not make someone mad, I now have a huge audience and I don’t really want to lose it by uploading the wrong thing.

    As such, I started mentioning and as some of you noticed in this video, adding the dimensions so that people who just want to copy can make the same house. I stand by my ethos of trying to teach techniques rather than block for blocks, but I now have so many people who want different things, that I cant keep everyone happy. I’ve done every build school imaginable, every showcase for rooms in a house, hundreds of weird builds, it’s OK to upload a block for block to show a design every now and again, especially on some builds which technique aside, kind of only work in the way I build it.

    In short, I’m in a tricky situation where i can’t please everyone but i’m trying to keep up best I can. Im not sure if the dimensions will continue, they take a seriously long time to do. Thank you so much for the support and I hope to make some more videos shortly!

  • BlueWereWolf 6 months ago

    What is the shaders name

  • Frisk Dremurr 6 months ago

    Hey Grian, I have a challenge for you. Choose a really weird-looking texture pack and try to build a building you already build. But it has to look great! To the community, if u know any weird looking texturepacks, put them below!

  • a tutorial how to make skyscraper

  • Ethan Teel 6 months ago

    Grian can you make some more inside decorating because I need some more to show some people because they don’t know how to build or decorate… COMPLETE NOOBS

  • Ashenfire Bell 6 months ago

    grian do a survival mode series and every few episodes revolves around having to build a certain type of house or something woth only survival materials

  • mandolpony YT 6 months ago

    Grian u should rebuild the tutorial like if u agree👍

  • Wei Huang 6 months ago

    Hey, Gian! you could make videos about fundamental shapes of the buildings, like the cylinder, circle, and rectangle. You can talk about their dynamics and mixtures, and what styles you can create with those shapes.

  • Maor Zion 6 months ago

    How can I contact you? Do you have an email address

  • IAmDa RealGamer 6 months ago

    -grian hello
    – me HIIII!!!
    -Grian are u a good builder?
    – me no
    -grian GET PUT MY HOUSE <:^) -Me well guess.i have to get my PvP skills some where else then

  • Doge Life Derp 6 months ago

    Grian do then interior!

  • Bighead583 6 months ago

    You should do a video on how to make a pub, or a tavern. (midevil)

  • iShadow 6 months ago

    The intirrior is perfect😍

  • TgAtom13 6 months ago

    what happend to you playing with Sam and taurtis

  • Kyle Kern 6 months ago

    Do a Spaceship design video!

  • TheProNoob 6 months ago

    Slow it down on the interior.

  • Logan Ricard 6 months ago

    you should make a futuristic house, maybe an alien house

  • elva c garcia 6 months ago

    he made my suburben houses. easier to build… I LOVE IT!

  • david the twitch main 6 months ago

    I just subed

  • William Vanderlick 6 months ago

    Do how to build a pizzeria

  • William Vanderlick 6 months ago

    OMG it looks cool! Grain your the best MC builder I’ve seen!

  • KaseyL. Vlogs223 6 months ago

    You should make a unaddressed series and I know you and taurtis are not friends with sam but you don’t need to be friends with him or do a rp with him I just hope you see this Grian 🙂

  • The PageTurner 6 months ago

    Build Mario wearing a samurai helmet

  • PixelatedVaporeon 6 months ago

    Me and my brother think this video is Grian-d, also, congrats on almost 300 vids Grian, maybe there will be a Grian-d surprise for that video?(Grian-d was my brother’s idea)

  • Jack101 - MineBrothers 6 months ago


  • mosh 1 6 months ago

    Can you build cat hitting someone with a bat

  • SparkyPlayz Nightcore And More! 6 months ago

    Build a theater

  • Th3yWannaB3Me 6 months ago

    A slightly more ‘girly’ house with a similar style to this using vanilla blocks.

  • Ducky Angel 6 months ago

    is it actually 11 tall for the main bit of the house?

  • Ellie Johnson 6 months ago

    Just get the architectural degree already lmao

  • Ellie Johnson 6 months ago

    Yeah nah, that’s it. I’m getting back into minecraft creation.

  • Courtney & Tom 4 Life 6 months ago

    Hey, sub to my channel please

  • CrazyZat Gaming 6 months ago

    Grain how to make lab in mc

  • FrostyMichael35 'v' 6 months ago

    Make a farm

  • Fnyx MC 6 months ago

    Hey grian i dare u to build a military camp :3

  • Unicorn Kitten 6 months ago

    You should make a tutorial of how to build a school

  • Mia The Unicorn Girl7 6 months ago

    Grian pls do a theme park challenge pls pls pls pls

  • Siddhant Jakhotiya 6 months ago

    Could do you a video of like city tips?

  • OMAR PINAWHATEVER 6 months ago

    memories of grian and sam like if you miss them too

  • TheCoyotePack 6 months ago

    AMAZING JOB Grian! I love this build because it is kind of hard to create a normal house in minecraft. For me at least, I seem to only be able to make an old, rustic type house or a futuristic/very modern house. It is very hard to build something like this for me! THANK YOU AND KEEP UP YOUR AMAZING WORK!

  • kodimarams 6 months ago

    build a skyscraper

  • Racingcar 3 6 months ago

    Grian how could you sit in the staircase

  • janaina amorim 6 months ago

    interior decoration

  • Sycamore Gamingz 6 months ago

    I literally can’t live without shaders lol

  • xyzzy51273 6 months ago

    Try to build on Minecraft Beta 1.7.3 where there is no cobblestone walls, glass panes, stained glass, upside-down slabs and stairs, nether bricks, stone bricks, hardened clay and concrete…

  • Bailey Allinson 6 months ago

    Grian why dont u do stuff on consoles too

  • Fantastic Luigi 6 months ago

    I Will use this for My City

  • Lord Ashe 6 months ago

    Grian is secretly Steve…. DUN DUN DUN!

  • Abridgedmocha51 6 months ago

    Can I have likes on this post please?

  • henry The great 6 months ago

    grain plz make a modern police station

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