• Kathy Gibbs 3 months ago

    did anyone notice he called petra olivia

  • Krish Patel 3 months ago

    Stampy in one part later in this story there will be a part where you can choose armor look to your right and click on Lluna and then she will sniff out a new set of armor that looks WAY better than the rest.

  • bearyfunny 3 months ago

    you called Petra Olivia

  • Lloyd Thomas 3 months ago

    I’m lloyd Thomas and I have a crush on you

  • Diamond Skull 3 months ago

    STAMPY! REMEMBER Lluna IS A TREASURE SNIFFING LLAMA! (Romioburge+lluna=treasure armor,

  • Strong One 2 acount for live 3 months ago

    hay polorear alert beacontown will look wheird

  • CAPmania64 Plays 3 months ago

    RIP Nurm

  • Rachey Roo 3 months ago


  • ThatDinosaurGamer97 3 months ago

    Her name is not Olivia!?!??

  • Starkie Raps 3 months ago


  • Milky Plays 3 months ago

    It’s ‘Petra’ LOL

  • darkmrnice 3 months ago

    underwear really why Telltale?

  • GiannisTube HD 3 months ago

    I cant find episode 15

  • matteo Ibardolaza 3 months ago

    she’s not olivia it’s petra

  • Abbas Haidari 3 months ago

    Do longer video stampy plz plz plz plz 🙂

  • GDMasterCreator 12 3 months ago

    14:46 I thought stampy said “Alladin”

  • Jaron Goloso 3 months ago

    Hey stampy 🙂 I’ll give you a little Tip About Picking A Armor Im Not Saying When you can pick but while picking I Recommend Looking at the llama When Your Are Picking And See A Little Stampy Color

  • Jaron Goloso 3 months ago

    Talk to The llama 😉

  • MORESupernova Noah 3 months ago

    More more

  • Randal Vickerman 3 months ago

    is the best YouTube

  • Frances Adrielle 3 months ago

    So thats why fred’s favorite color is blue ,his skin is blue

  • Owlboy 607 3 months ago

    Again. Stop calling Petra Olivia.

  • Family Hawketts 3 months ago

    My character is called Luna, which is one of the biggest reasons Lluna is my favourite character.

    Luna is also a mouse…
    Stampy, don’t eat me…

  • Family Hawketts 3 months ago

    STAMPY! Sorry, somethings annoying me. You keep saying Olivia, bit it’s Petra! Olivia is still in Beacontown, I think.

  • sausagedog 516 3 months ago

    Can you plz play tomodachi life

  • Mai Nhi 3 months ago

    Stamps, when you get to pick amour, please talk to Luna, there is a hidden Easter egg and it’s pretty cool

  • Zap Infinity Games 3 months ago

    You Keep Calling “Petra” “Olivia”

  • Gaming with pro Rock 3 months ago

    Stampy can you please do more terraria

  • matias juan 3 months ago

    Hey stampy when you have to pick your amour talk to the llama she find a better amour that Jesse can where on

  • dangames 3 months ago


  • Tania Hernández 3 months ago


  • Resh ree 3 months ago

    stampy i think kent is fred

  • Levi M 3 months ago

    I subscribed and hit the bell mr.stampy cat

  • Danuta Elzbieta 3 months ago


  • Lightningspirit 3 months ago

    The ninja is ivor

  • BarmyFollower 3 months ago

    hold space bar Lol

  • The Splatoon dude 3 months ago

    It’s Petra not Olivia

  • landon delacruz 3 months ago

    Did anyone notice that he said waffle blue. if you know what that means

  • Kenneth Hall 3 months ago


  • Maddison schirmer 3 months ago

    hello stampy, when i was about 7 1/2, i was online on YouTube and i saw your name. i watched a video and i loved you immedlitliy. now im 11 and i still love you. keep up making up fun ideas for us to enjoy. love: maddison schirmer

  • Emma Rory And Fun Emory 3 months ago

    It really annoyed me at 9:48 when he didnt FINISH!!! LOL I BET THAT SOMEONE was sqaishey chances are i mean they live together their a regular couple as i am writing this they are probably in the front room together soooooo…

  • Rebecca Laurie 3 months ago

    he keeps calling petra olivia

  • Fluffyhowl24 AJ 3 months ago

    How’d you know it was birch did I miss something

  • Cocoa Boo 3 months ago

    That puppy is soooo cute!!! 🐶

  • Tashreek rahid 3 months ago

    0:00 Why you did not say *HELLO THIS STAMPY!!!!!*

  • Jose Garcia 3 months ago

    it’s going to be a sythe

  • BigO 37 3 months ago

    You called Petra Olivia

  • Spyro 52206 3 months ago

    Stampy! you keep calling petra Olivia!

  • Denilius123 3 months ago

    How did u know about the birch?

  • GamingRhino777 3 months ago

    10:12 he said Olivia when it should Petra

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