Playing Season 2 Of Minecraft Story Mode! CHAT DECIDES WHAT HAPPENS


  • thegamingvillager Joe 8 months ago

    *H E C K M O U T H*

  • Killerfang 1 8 months ago

    who missed the stream squad 😀

  • eman ekaf 8 months ago


  • Ansh Patel 8 months ago

    The admin looks like Gabriel kind of

  • DaGamr Dude 8 months ago

    do you have to be on a computer or something because I can’t download s2 or find it maybe because I’m on ps3???!!

  • Callum Smith 8 months ago

    The sad thing is I have played minecraft for years yet I’ve only played solo. I haven’t ever had a friend.

  • BigEp78 8 months ago

    on xb1 I cant get on top of nether any more, I can enderpearl up their but I can’t move…any help?

  • Diego Zavala 8 months ago


  • The Dankest Hank 8 months ago

    toycat, stop being so mean to petra, at least don’t give her the silent treatment

  • eman ekaf 8 months ago

    that’s not what those runes say

  • Michael Shipley 8 months ago

    I stopped watching for Toycat making all the awful choices on purpose

  • Noah King 8 months ago

    Dank memes bro

  • Wa litgaming 8 months ago


  • Minecraftkobi Gaming 8 months ago


  • Ocean Engineer 8 months ago

    Soviets doing what?????????

  • RFS Gaming 8 months ago

    wow nice doomfist skin

  • Wiggly Benally 8 months ago

    What friend you are. 😂👎😠

  • - Kene Chukwu Declan 8 months ago

    Toy cat your so dumb jack would have lost his eye not his life

  • Smasher 8 months ago

    can’t watch u hatin on Petra XD, not the same

  • Ravenclaw01 Aj 8 months ago

    you need to shut up in your minecraft story mode streams for no on

  • Rubisco 8 months ago

    Petra is BEST GIRL!

  • Peter Coleman 8 months ago

    did anyone laugh at 1:44:19

  • Logan R 8 months ago

    Viewer’s choice? What a joke

  • Real TooManyTacoz 8 months ago

    I played this 1 hour after him

  • Red is KOOL Gamer 8 months ago

    Toycat is my favorite YouTuber always will be

  • AleXander Boi 8 months ago

    still not on android yet

  • PuR3 PANIC 8 months ago

    Jake only loses his bad eye

  • isaac bristow 8 months ago

    this game is clearly made for big youtubers. think about it. the ability to have people vote to deside your choise. the ability to continue on from your old save.

  • Skyrim Music 8 months ago

    What tha heck toycat stop saying jack is gay, I though you were better than this

  • M.S.5 8 months ago

    You are dead to me😡😡😡

  • Skyrim Music 8 months ago

    you make nad jokes

  • Skyrim Music 8 months ago


  • The Mech Treehouse 8 months ago

    the plural for octopus is octopodes.

  • Skyrim Music 8 months ago

    you will not go to heaven

  • Drygonsbebygons 01 8 months ago

    The guy who voices Jack, voices solder 76, and soldier 76’s real name is Jack.

  • Gamer Diaz 8 months ago

    hello toycat livestream lovers i am a small youtuber and i was wondering if u guys could subscribe to GamerDiaz Plays cause evry sub counts tysm and keep being a catscriber

  • Eddison Hobbs 8 months ago

    TOYCAT if u hav binding armour on, u can get it off by right clicking another piece of armour on ur hotbar

  • IainElla Campbell 8 months ago

    the glove has the curse of binding on it

  • Random HQ 8 months ago

    NO PS3?!?!?!?!?!

  • Red is KOOL Gamer 8 months ago

    I missed the stream 😪 toycat can u add me on xbox plz 0 o

  • JessicatMC 8 months ago

    How did Toycat make the mic disappear??

  • Christian Bunny Games 8 months ago

    How do you download season 2 on Xbox 360

  • Rascallion 8 months ago

    How do you get season 2 on xbox 360

  • Jake Craft 55 8 months ago

    since they can’t take off the gauntlet, it has the curse of binding!

  • TheHuntBegins05 Stogner 8 months ago

    i always put the brightness to 100 too

  • PyroFlame1 Gaming 8 months ago

    The green screen was a terrible idea. Good job thought

  • TheN64man 8 months ago

    3:40 My phone isn’t such a good thinker

  • TheN64man 8 months ago

    Olivia sounds different…

  • Bilou Spen 8 months ago

    Is Jack ave a magic sword?

  • Super Adams Bros 8 months ago

    1:55:19 that is not Jesse

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