• Kunwoo (Roy) Lee 2 weeks ago

    nope its just void go creative break it

  • Daphne Pineda 2 weeks ago

    I wish he saved Fred’s people :/ and I wish Xara is also with them… Xara got betrayed again ://////

  • Ririn Marina 2 weeks ago


  • Alice In Terror Town 2 weeks ago

    just say the potato its PO TA TO xDD

  • HeroBrine 2 weeks ago

    told you its out now

  • Mahpatih Tegaktantang 2 weeks ago

    If you choose luna you can have a bonus armor

  • Daniel Lewis 2 weeks ago

    If you had the LLAMA You Would Have got a golden Armour

  • Daniel Lewis 2 weeks ago

    I watched u live but 8m just watching again Team DanTDM

  • Andrew Paschal 2 weeks ago

    My b day is November 17th and im going to thunder zone and i wanted you to reply plz

  • Nadia Dwi Insani 2 weeks ago

    weird ripcage its the normal enderman texture

  • X slash 300 YT 2 weeks ago


  • Buddah 22 2 weeks ago

    Not a colossal enderman its an ender titian

  • Novit Gaming 2 weeks ago

    U could pick urself

  • PandaBro 2 weeks ago

    Save freds people

  • Karin Elvis 2 weeks ago

    I cant wait for ep5!!!

  • Robert Camarillo24 2 weeks ago

    Hi Dan…..what day will come to unlock the episode 5??? Im waiting on it….sure episode 5 is gonna be cool!!!!right??

  • Jay Bro 2 weeks ago


  • PROF NABIEL 2 weeks ago

    Why the fk do you choose radar he’s just a freaking noob

  • Virgilio III Bonleon 2 weeks ago

    It was Xara

  • Shahmeer Hussain 2 weeks ago

    did the fred people die

  • GTBBenProductions 2 weeks ago

    I was telling you to do it 🙂

  • Cherry Liu 2 weeks ago

    Why does the dirt look round

  • Lee Christy 2 weeks ago

    Play more geomer

  • Lee Christy 2 weeks ago

    Play more geometry dash

  • Suni Ginther 2 weeks ago

    There’s actually nothing underneath the bedrock yet just the void for now

  • Kristina Cua 2 weeks ago

    I love the minecraft story mode dan

  • Grace Baek 2 weeks ago

    Noooooooo Fred’s people!!!!

  • bigdamnhero 2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday dan🎉

  • Chynna Canela 2 weeks ago

    I’m your fan but you are the only one who is the best person in the world

  • kyky75 kyky75 2 weeks ago

    Dont spoil

  • Maria Camille Pagtakhan 2 weeks ago

    Dan why to Pick to Rader

  • Analyn Calabazaron 2 weeks ago

    Save freds people remember dan you promised the girl

  • Jason Cato 2 weeks ago

    Happy birthday Dan

  • MarkCraftGaming 2 weeks ago

    Worst decision ever made by people

  • Megirl6473 y 2 weeks ago


  • noar gaming 2 weeks ago

    Yay u know stranger things im so happy

  • Andrei Last 2 weeks ago

    or lluna threw a party so she can scape

  • Yad .A 2 weeks ago

    The romeburg dudes will give you an iron sword if you trade your diamond one

  • Kyra Duron 2 weeks ago

    That was awesome!

  • Maddie Cs 2 weeks ago


  • Kyle 01 2 weeks ago

    Naruto 🍥

  • Kang, Heon Goo 2 weeks ago

    Why are you still don’t do motopia

  • duc anh pham 2 weeks ago

    Save Fred’s people

  • Zero Mech 2 weeks ago

    “Sama color as my underwear”
    *I DIED XD*

  • Jc DRkWOlF 2 weeks ago

    I thought jesses hair is brown y is it black?

  • Nathan Tuquib 2 weeks ago

    Why didn’t you chose save fred’s peaople it has a good ending

  • Sudipta Chandra 2 weeks ago

    it released actually yesterday

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