• Kris Hutchins 2 weeks ago

    omg 0 dislikes

  • Bounty Hunter0428 2 weeks ago

    Why is it that it’s a girl Jesse Every time in the trailers

  • Nightmare8thBabyWyatt 2894560 2 weeks ago

    18th comment

  • NY Yorty 2 weeks ago

    0:19 The enderman is like “Your humiliating me -_-“

  • Damien DM 2 weeks ago

    that ninja guy. his diamond sword was long !!!!!!!! what the heck. guys i want that long diamond sword as a mod!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michael the ocolot 2 weeks ago

    How did some random kid with a random channel get a early access to this trialer!!!!!

  • Dremcrak 2 weeks ago

    This episode is clearly based on Halloween

  • Minecraft Gaming quadir 20051211 2 weeks ago

    Yess finaly!

  • Robledo Irvin 2 weeks ago

    I can’t wait so pumped

  • Gaming With Joe 2 weeks ago

    Olivia axel where they

  • Geres Daniel Villapando 2 weeks ago

    Why is Jesse girl everytime trailer releases pls change it to boy 😎

  • Josiah Varenkamp 2 weeks ago

    “Your right it was nothing like that.” HAHA!

  • boo123abc000 2 weeks ago

    But where is Lukas

  • zach zoom zoom 2 weeks ago

    Uh boo

  • ExpertAsh 2 weeks ago

    Omggggg Im hypeeee for this oneeeee I cant waitttt. Thanks so much for this! Ur the best!

  • Adrian Lennon 2 weeks ago

    Well talk about Halloween.

  • LilCup 2 weeks ago


  • Jimmy the frog 2 weeks ago

    its on my brithday

  • Fearless Animations 2 weeks ago

    It comes out November 7th 😀 THE HYPE IS REAL

  • David Camarena 2 weeks ago


  • baety istiqomah 2 weeks ago

    I that halloween

  • Proboy0 Rudy 2 weeks ago

    I told a lot of people that’s not Ivor it can be vos or someone else

  • Ajus Petkevičius 2 weeks ago

    😮 yes!!!!!! epizode yes 😏😊😊😊😊😊😀😀😀

  • Dr_Right2 2 weeks ago


  • Nazeer clank fan 2 weeks ago

    AHHH EAT THIS XD radar

  • JoeplayzRoblox 2 weeks ago

    If I saw a giant enderman Ill hide in the closet

  • FlameMasterPro ! 2 weeks ago

    This episode is fully based on 🎃. I recognised that by the music (obviously)!

  • HAIMAS BINTI MOHAMAD - 2 weeks ago


  • DANA AWESOME12 2 weeks ago

    Fucking finally I’ve been waiting for centuries

  • Mordo Plays 2 weeks ago

    OMG BOW and ARROWS i love this weapon

  • Charles Jefferson Cuevas 2 weeks ago

    Best trailer ever

  • Jacob Martin 2 weeks ago

    Is Romeo going to be in here

  • R2DA NEWS 2 weeks ago

    Radar: HAHA, Eat this (ATTACK)
    Me: I’ll go to adoption center.

  • Lukaku Ponce 2 weeks ago

    I can’t wait for this episode

  • TheCrystalLegend12YT 2 weeks ago

    *sees trailer* Im not playing episode 4 now i literally get to watch the full game!!!!

  • ColePlayzGamez // CPG 2 weeks ago

    Admin: /createwarp FirstWorld
    Jesse: /warp FirstWorld
    Jesse: omg where am I

  • Eation Lewis 2 weeks ago

    *come out u freaking episode*

  • River Mullinix 2 weeks ago

    I think the ninja dude IS FRED!!!!!!

  • KyleTDM FNAF 2 weeks ago

    The guy with the pig hat Reuben 😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😩

  • KyleTDM FNAF 2 weeks ago

    Sonic forces coming out the same day bros

  • CadenBlox89 2 weeks ago


  • L͙L͙A͙M͙A͙ L͙I͙M͙I͙T͙ 2 weeks ago

    0:19 “It’s versatile.”.

  • TntBoyGT 2 weeks ago

    You just reuploaded it from telltale -.-

  • James The Gamer 22 2 weeks ago

    0:18 Wut

  • badr sherif 2 weeks ago

    is it so close to come

  • Zxcret 2 weeks ago


  • KizuJansen Villaruz 2 weeks ago

    am SO EXCITED in ep 4 ive been waiting it for long

  • Jacob The hero 2 weeks ago

    This episode is like episode 2 and 3 of this season

  • Miarae Parson 2 weeks ago


    OMG Radar my little hero! X3

  • CliveklickRBLX Adim 2 weeks ago

    0:16 your no help Radar lol

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